The Sick Lifestyle of a Culture-Enricher in Hjällbo

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Nyheter Idag

Social media figure acquitted of murder— beaten in suburb: “Once again, we see you here”

[Photo caption: Abbe “Blattelito” Alsaadi confirms beating in an Instagram post.]

Gothenburg: The social media figure Abbe “Blattelito” Alsaadi was beaten up in the Gothenburg suburb of Hjällbo. A video that shows the beating is being disseminated on social media, and is dedicated to Alsaadi’s ex-girlfriend, Annie Andersson, whom Alsaadi was acquitted of murdering. Alsaadi was instead sentenced to a short prison term for violation of a woman’s freedom, and assault, and after his acquittal, promised to continue his “sick lifestyle”.

The social media figure Abbe “Blattelito” Alsaadi was sentenced in April 2019 to 18 years in prison for murdering his ex-girlfriend by drugging her and laying her in a bathtub. The motive, according to the prosecutor, was that Alsaadi wanted to protect his reputation as a social media figure.

But the appeals court overturned the judgment and sentenced him instead to 3½ years in prison for, among other things, aggregated violation of a woman’s freedom and assault.

In November of 2020, Expressen reported that Alsaadi was released on parole. “I will continue with my sick lifestyle every day and lay it all out to hurt your eyes. I am not afraid of anyone; you are all little cockroaches!” wrote Alsaadi in a Facebook post in connection with his release.

Now Alsaadi has been beaten in the Gothenburg suburb of Hjällbo. In a video disseminated on social media, one sees a man chased by a group of men from a parking lot. The man falls and is beaten in the snow. “Once again, we see you here,” a person says in the clip while others shout the name of the location, Hjällbo.

According to the video, which is dedicated to the deceased ex-girlfriend, Annie Andersson, it is Alsaadi who is being beaten. That is also confirmed by Alsaadi in an Instagram post.

In the post, Alsaadi claims that he has been showered with love, and that people are worried about him. He denies rumors that he was “pissed off”, but since then says that the video is genuine.

After a long harangue, in which he dares to go wherever he wants, says that he is protected by a large group of “guys”, and that “nobody dares open his mouth” against him personally, Alsaadi says that he was beaten. According to him, he was attacked by “more than 15 persons”.

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  1. Under the impact of the beatings, the culture enricher must have underestimated the number of assailants: doesn’t it take an entire platoon of navy seals to keep up with one single determined arab fighter?
    Is the treatment of megalomania covered by swedish health insurances?

  2. Sweden is a one sick country, I must tell You , if this parasite get away with a murder, then I don’t know anything anymore..

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