Cracking Down on the Deplorables of Ham Radio

Three days before the Great American Dystopia was officially invested, amateur (“ham”) radio operators were sent a stern warning by the Federal Communications Commission not to take part in any “criminal” actions that might be carried out by supporters of Donald Trump, who were presumably angry about the results of last November’s election:

The fellow who made the video seems puzzled by the FCC’s message, and wonders why they chose to send it out on a Sunday without any preliminary discussion. But it makes complete sense to me, given the extraordinary efforts made by Big Tech during the run-up to the Investiture to stifle any messages that might pass between groups of Deplorables with “misinformation” about the election of Joe Biden.

Stopping subversive communications is the number one priority of the Federal Government and its syndicalist associates, all of whom have our best interests at heart. It’s not enough to suppress Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and other online platforms. Every form of communication must be cleansed of extremists and white supremacists.

It was only a matter of time before they got around to ham radio operators, who, after all, have licenses that can be pulled by FedGov if necessary.

What’s next? Semaphore? Smoke signals?

Does the use of carrier pigeons require an FCC license?

Hat tip: Green Infidel.

6 thoughts on “Cracking Down on the Deplorables of Ham Radio

  1. The host of this video, to his credit, displays the text of government instructions he has received. But he misreads his text. At 4:10, he says, “But, it continued in bold font, the following: ‘Amateur Radio Public Service, however, may not be used to facilitate crimes.'” But what the bolded text says is, “Amateur and Personal Radio Services, however, may not be used to commit or facilitate crimes.” Why the discrepancy?

  2. what you need to take away is not the minor discrepancy in reading vs the email notification/threat…. it’s that the big bad wolf is huffing&puffing …. and very concerned that the little folks might be thinking wrong thoughts… maybe doing some secure exchanging of bad nasty treacherous ideas….

  3. By the looks of it, the next victim of “Censorship” will be the good old-fashioned Letters send over the Postal Service.

  4. Ham radio is quite a specialist subject. with only dedicated people getting into it… Therefore, it’s likely to be responsible for only a small percentage of “deplorable” content. And hence, it only makes sense to crack down on it, if there are simultaneous, similar crackdowns on the more major forms of communications – such as social media, email lists and blogs.

    Which begs the question – what is being planned, to counter “the problem” (us)? And who will survive it?

  5. Quite a few preppers are Ham’s and quite a few Ham stations are portable, that is what they don’t like. I think that the false potus and his ilk are looking to close all avenues of communication available to ‘deplorables’ when the SHTF, although it has been ‘law’ not to use it for criminal activities since the hobby became popular. In the UK we have a similar scenario on Ham bands too. We have also got the added problem of mosks broadcasting ‘services’ on DMR sets that can be heard for quite a distance with suitable equipment. As these broadcasts are in Arabic the indigenous peeps would have no idea they are about to be attacked if islimes so desired.

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