She Was Asking For It!

No sarcastic remarks that I might make would do justice to this tale of cultural enrichment from Sweden.

The only thing I would like to point out is that the court threw the book at the perpetrator: ten months for sexually abusing his 13-year-old daughter. That’s bound to make him see the error of his ways.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Fria Tider:

Sexually abused his daughter to “check if she was Muslim”

January 25, 2021

An Afghan man aged 45 in Dalarna has been sentenced to prison but avoids deportation for sexually abusing his daughter on a number of occasions. He blamed the abuse on his daughter and said that she should pray to Allah for forgiveness, according to the judgment.

The man came to Sweden in 2015 from Afghanistan with his daughter. The abuse against his daughter was committed while the daughter, according to the Swedish population register, was about 14 or younger, until May of 2020.

On a number of occasions, he lay down beside his daughter in her bed, kissed her and caressed her breast as he masturbated or pressed his sex organ against her and made intercourse-like movements.

The girl testified in court that the father, after the first occasion, explained to her that what happened was her fault and they should pray together for Allah’s forgiveness.

When they lived with a Swedish couple, he would lie next to her in the mornings, scratch himself against her, and “said that he was checking if she was a Muslim,” according to the judgment.

According to the daughter’s passport, issued in Afghanistan, she was born in 2005. There has since emerged information, which the girl received from her mother, that she was really born in 2007, and that she is thus 13 years old now.

The abuse was discovered in the spring of 2020 when the Afghan beat his daughter in front of their neighbors after she lost a cell phone. The girl told the Swedish couple what she had been exposed to.

The father, who has several other children in Afghanistan, denied the crime and claimed that he “had only shown his love for his daughter when he lay next to her in bed. He also claimed that he “had problems with his penis” with an itchy rash and that it was “hard to control the itching.”

The court in Mora has now sentenced the man to ten months in prison for four counts of sexual abuse against a child and one count of physical abuse. He is allowed to stay in Sweden, however.

9 thoughts on “She Was Asking For It!

  1. Is not committing sexual abuse more of a courtesy in Sweden? How is she still alive after she shamed her family?

    • And 8,000 illegal migrants are granted citizenship
      Every month by Sweden.
      The Government has given up on the pretence
      That they are all neurologists and rocket scientists,
      More likely to be illiterate with a criminal past
      In their “unsafe” ex homeland.

      Sad to see the inexorable national suicide of a
      Once beautiful nation unfolding before our
      Very eyes with barely a whimper

      • Well I will ask, what are you going to do about it other than wring your hands in fear and helplessness? Have you and yours taken steps to protect you and yours from these sub human savages? You had better, because the cold, hard, brutal, ugly truth is thus, it is them or you. So [redacted].

  2. I remember that once upon a time schoolboys ” scratched ” their private parts in order to check if they were good catholics! And yes, some of it was to control the itching, others called it w…
    sarc off

  3. I know these people are scum. And I don’t care in the slightest what they do to each other. What I do care about is the scum that invited this scum to live amingst us. Now this scum deserve the fiercest of punishments – being broken on the wheel is the most appropriate.

    • You saying the are scum..Perhaps..
      How you will call all Scandinavian and Dutch people going as a ” tourist” to rape in Asia 8-14 old children ???
      Baron,point this out, because memory of Western European people is so selective for my test..
      Regards from Poland..

  4. I ten months the creep will be forced to honor kill his daughter for force him to abuse her and then helping to send him to prison. He might get five months for that.

    Hopefully, they will get this young woman (and any other children he might have) to someplace safe where she will never have to see him again.

  5. Hmmmm Incest was wide spread in Scandinavian culture until not long ago..Stop being Hypocrites .Look in the mirror !! You will see what you avoiding to, so many centuries..Only being Truthful to yourself help you to become Free man..
    Regards from Catholic Poland..Freshly after the Sacrament of Confession..

  6. Hmmm What about those Dutch,Scandinavian people ,who go to Asia to have fun with children from 8 to 14 years old ?

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