All the Self-Righteousness and Twice the Repression!

It’s time to take a break from all the madness and watch a brief satirical video from Germany.

Actually, it doesn’t really provide a break from the insanity. But at least we get to laugh at it.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:02   Tired of people still enjoying life?
00:05   That other people meet friends, but nobody wants to be your social contact?
00:09   Are you tired of distrusting the government and corporations,
00:13   seeing everything critically, and always from two sides?
00:16   Do you also want to give free rein to your deference to authority, and to belong to the majority?
00:21   Then we now have exactly the right thing for you:
00:28   A three-month membership in the Corona Cult can eliminate complaints
00:32   related to THINKING FOR YOURSELF, nonconformism,
00:37   critical rationalism, placing numbers in context,
00:41   love of freedom or awareness of history.
00:44   The Corona Cult guarantees you an uninhibited block warden mentality,
00:49   the expressing of your need for denunciation,
00:52   the opportunity to look down on others,
00:55   and at the same time to feel yourself to be on the morally right side, and much, much more.
01:00   Finally relive the delights of faith in science again,
01:03   the sacrifice for public health and the rectum of your government.
01:08   Have you got a hard on in your pants when they once again say: “Only Believe Official Sources”?
01:13   “These rules must never be questioned”
01:17   You, too, can become a denier of fundamental rights and trivialize collateral damage.
01:21   Do you finally feel part of the herd again?
01:24   When has that ever been problematic?
01:27   Contribute to the traumatization of your own children
01:30   and reap the admiring looks of your fellow Coronazis in return.
01:34   At last you can hear music from Wolfgang Niedecken and the “Ärzten” [the doctors] again.
01:39   The “science” has proven that Corona cult followers
01:42   contribute significantly to the division of society,
01:45   but can label themselves “considerate” and “in solidarity” at any time.
01:51   But don’t believe my words; just listen to what convinced Corona Cult supporters have to say.
01:56   Here is Gunnar before 2020:
01:59   “Science means above all the constant questioning of false certainties
02:04   and an open, factual discourse.”
02:07   “We have to be careful that we don’t give up basic rights too quickly
02:11   if we want to continue calling ourselves more liberal than China.”
02:15   “Whoever sacrifices security for freedom does not deserve either”
02:18   And here is Gunnar after only half a year with the Corona Cult:
02:22   “Pull the mask over your nose you Nazi kid, or do you want grandma to die?”
02:26   “Hello, police? Yes, I would like to report children who are sledding.”
02:30   “I also knew a Corona victim once. That makes me a better person
02:33   and automatically proves that I’m right about everything.”
02:36   “It’s just a small jab.” So what are you waiting for?
02:40   Follow the “science” and contribute to the total economic recession,
02:45   unemployment, the rise of depression and suicides
02:49   by simply slough off… everything. Say goodbye to
02:52   an awake inquisitive mind and become a Corona Cult follower…
02:56   …NOW…! The Corona Cult is also recommended
02:59   by great minds such as Richard David Precht [philosopher and TV host]
03:02   and the ex-journalist Gert Scobel. Corona Cult,
03:05   for everyone who would have raised their arm before ’33.
03:09   Ask your historian and totalitarian researcher about risks and side effects…
03:13   … NOT…! Better ask your government and the pharmaceutical industry.

2 thoughts on “All the Self-Righteousness and Twice the Repression!

  1. “Primarily based on your lifelong Frankenstein Radio Controls,
    especially your Eyesight TV sight-and-sound recorded by your
    brain, your moon-brain of the Computer God activates your
    Frankenstein threshold Brainwash Radio — lifelong inculcating
    conformist propaganda. Even frightening you and mixing you
    up and the usual “Don’t worry about it” for your setbacks,
    mistakes — even when you receive deadly injuries! THIS is
    the Worldwide Computer God Secret Containment Policy!”

    — Francis E. Dec, Esq.

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