Immigration? What Immigration?

Massive numbers of migrants are being imported into Sweden, and the government is granting them citizenship at the rate of 8,000 per month.

The following video discusses these facts, and also the fact that the government and the media refuse to talk about what is happening. The latter aspect of the issue is not surprising, given that all Swedish media are either government-owned or dependent on state subsidies for their operations.

Many thanks to Kronans Martell (Ullis News) for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

02:56   The second subject: Immigration.
02:59   Published figures indicate a continuing sky-high increase of immigration to Sweden.
03:03   Last year, Swedish authorities granted 88,000 residency permits.
03:09   At the same time, the government tries to pretend that asylum-immigration is very low.
03:12   Do you have a comment? —In addition to those 88,000 residency permits,
03:19   the authorities handed out more than 80,000 Swedish citizenships in 2020.
03:25   That is almost 8,000 persons receiving Swedish citizenship every single month on average.
03:30   On one hand, PM Stefan Löfven and Morgan Johansson allege that
03:34   “immigration decreases”, “we are taking vigorous action,” and “we’re controlling immigration.”
03:42   One the other hand, we see those figures emerge!
03:45   The Minister of Justice always speaks of “a decreasing number of asylum-immigrants”,
03:48   but is keen to avoid mentioning “chain immigration”,
03:51   which still keeps immigration statistics very high.
03:54   But this is not a subject they want to shed light on, but rather strive to distract the public.
03:58   Also, they want to employ the rhetoric of “restricted immigration policies”, but, practically,
04:01   they don’t do it! —Morgan Johansson [Minister of Justice] is constantly using Twitter
04:08   to “redefine” words and expressions to “make evident” that they are “limiting” immigration.
04:14   Then all of a sudden, the Swedish Migration Agency publishes these figures!
04:17   More than 88,000 granted residency permits and 80,000 granted citizenship just during ONE year.
04:24   This isn’t reported by the [MSM] but published on the Migration Agency’s website.
04:29   This is a record high figure! — But still, nobody is reporting it!
04:35   —Mass media are totally silent!

7 thoughts on “Immigration? What Immigration?

  1. “given that all Swedish media are either government-owned or dependent on state subsidies for their operations”

    Sounds pretty much like what Canada would be without Rebel Media, TNC and Post-Millenial.

    Here, the “official media” are basically just a propaganda department.

    Sometimes, we find out more about Canada by looking at foreign media. Sick.

  2. Swedes .. godless. . . mindless . . . sheep shepherded by Muslims.

    Do they consider themselves the most civilized and most educated people on earth. ?

    Swede is burning do they have brain to know why?

  3. Good bye Sweden, you are still a lovely country but goverened by those who do not have your best interests of the national Swedish person at heart. Immigration legal or otherwise that comes from countries in particular from Africa/ Middle East/or Indian Sub Continent will eventually destroy Sweden and its culture and gradually impose a change in the nations white race through inter breeding. This change is happening not only in Sweden but in other European countries including the United Kingdom.

  4. What gives me great pleasure is to see that both interviewer and interviewees are young and female – one of them even non-ethnic Swede! There may still be hope for Sweden, but they’ll have to take action immediately!!! Which is sadly not on the cards.

    • The 3rd worlder is not a Swede and never will be, a dog born in a barn doesn’t make it a horse.

  5. Maybe a few Pakistani nukes with a well of targets across the FUKEU will cause creation of the denial needed for another open door heresy.

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