The Muslim Brotherhood in the Netherlands, Part Four

This is the fourth article in a series on the Muslim Brotherhood in the Netherlands. Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from De Dagelijkse Standaard about a Muslim Brotherhood political candidate:

Kauthar poses with Nazi flag, Kauthar says sorry, and… voilà! Kauthar can stay as Green-Left candidate

by Tim Engelbart
December 9, 2020

Yesterday another row came up around Green-Left candidate for the Tweede Kamer [lower house of Parliament], Kauthar Bouchallikht. Photos surfaced of the Muslim Brotherhood youth administrator with a swastika flag. But whoever thought that meant that Green-Left would finally say good-bye to the young woman is mistaken: Green-Left and Kauthar are married, and do not want to divorce.

The candidate commission of the Green-Left, which drew up the list for the upcoming parliamentary election, is confronted with the facts every week: It was an unbelievably stupid thing to put Kauthar Bouchallikht (in the ninth spot, therefore eligible) on the election list. Not only because she was a youth administrator for the Islamist infiltration movement, Muslim Brotherhood, but also because in the past, she marched in very unsavory demonstrations, in which swastikas were waved to indicate that Israel is a kind of reincarnation of the Third Reich, or something like that.

The end of Kauthar’s political career? No, she may stay because she said “sorry” so sincerely.

“The Green-Left candidate went to the demonstration to stand up against injustice and violence in the Gaza Strip. But also present were flags with swastikas, which were removed before the demonstration could begin on orders from the mayor. Bouchallikht calls that a correct decision. She says that the photo of herself is “unbelievably painful”.

“The comparison between Israel and Nazi Germany is disgusting. I loathe anti-Semitism. It goes against everything I stand for.”

A spokesperson for Green-Left announced that now that Bouchallikht has so “unambiguously distanced herself, there are no further consequences for her position as number 9 on the list for the Tweede Kamer election list.”

Party all around, of course, because everyone once again falls sobbing into each other’s arms — Nazi flags or not. And Green-Left can go back to the order of the day: Promise children €10,000, and then take it away. Always a nice pastime in the high Klaverian [Jesse Klaver, head of Green-Left party] sphere, right?

2 thoughts on “The Muslim Brotherhood in the Netherlands, Part Four

  1. Muslim Brotherhood connection?
    “Destroying Western civilisation from within” should be emphasised. It is the MB aim, as stated in the captured secret “Explanatory Memorandum”.

  2. Photos of her at the swastika-laden protest in the Hague, 2014 (article in Dutch):

    The skeletons keep tumbling out of the closet. It now turns out she liked an anti-Green-Left tweet by dutch muslim party NIDA in 2018. NIDA had publicly compared Israel to ISIS, and Jesse Klaver, leader of Green-Left, had demanded that they retract this statement (article in Dutch):

    She’s now being attacked by the extreme left-wing “Palestina Komitee” (close ties to Green-Left) for being “weak and spineless”. I guess that they too think that Israel is morally equivalent to ISIS.
    Islamist groups like NIDA, Mili Gorüs and the Hidaya Institute have rejected her “progressive” statements as well (article in Dutch):

    This news blog GeenStijl has about a dozen articles on her now.

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