OK, Kiddies: Time to Squat and Clap!

In the following video German Chancellor Angela Merkel has some helpful suggestions for shivering children in their icy classrooms: bundle up, clap your hands, and do a few squats!

From the notes accompanying the video at PolitikStube:

Unbelievable: Merkel suggests squats to counter freezing temperature classrooms

Chancellor Angela Merkel has given students super tips how they can stay warm in well aired out classrooms during the corona crisis. “Maybe one could do a couple of squats or clap one’s hands”, says Merkel. And furthermore the kids might want to bring some warmer clothes to put on.

It is a crime what is being done to our children.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Afterword from the translator:

Now, we already know that Germans have lost immense amounts of income because of the corona insanity. Who can afford these expensive winter clothes for their kids?

From my own experience I know how expensive winter clothes are in those countries, and how hard they are to come by at donation places. Even places like Salvation Army etc, are hopelessly overwhelmed with the needs of people.

Also, I’m thinking that a lot of people who come from the Middle East and North Africa are probably even less prepared to provide their kids with warm clothes so they don’t freeze their little butts off.

And that last little quip about “by the way the kids wear the mask voluntarily” annoys me no end. These kids lost their free will a long time ago when the wear-mask-or-else insanity started. OF COURSE kids wear them without being told! They’re obedient subjects.

These kids are being deliberately marred by these measures. I haven’t quite put my finger on why exactly, except to make them soulless, mindless subjects of Global Communism.

Video transcript:

00:00   …And Madam Chancellor recommends doing squats!
00:03   Tina Schippe starts the day with teaching her class 2A.
00:06   But not before everyone really bundles up because it is pretty cold.
00:10   The thermometer says the temperature is at 16.7° Celsius [62°F],
00:13   even though the windows are closed at the moment.
00:16   Yeah, I am cold.
00:19   I’ve brought an extra thick blanket,
00:22   and then I put on a heavy…
00:25   I put on a heavy coat.
00:28   I think it would be a lot better if the windows weren’t this wide open all the time.
00:31   …the matter with the ventilation. This may sound a bit odd,
00:34   but letting in fresh air
00:37   is the best thing to do.
00:40   And that is why we now have a special winter,
00:43   and one maybe really should bring something warmer
00:46   to put on, maybe one should do
00:49   a couple of small squats, or something, or uhhh…
00:52   clap one’s hands so one can warm up a little,
00:55   Anyway, it is an unusual winter,
00:58   but it is very expensive for all class rooms
01:01   to have air filtration. Whoever has some, great,
01:04   but then one shall not forget to air out the room as well.”
01:08   And that is why: wrap up and mask up,
01:11   Which, by the way, the kids are wearing voluntarily.

7 thoughts on “OK, Kiddies: Time to Squat and Clap!

  1. That criminal Merkel don’t have kids , that’s the problem, she doesn’t give a damm , about my children and your children or any children, she is globalist communist rug , Who destroyed Germany and Europe that’s all ..

  2. I am asking just one question:

    Which drugs did she take?
    She must be skyhigh beyond cloud 9 in another galaxy

    Or the satire approach: Can I have a dose of this stuff too?
    (Remember the scene in Harry and Sally, where Sally shows, ah the highest of female emotions and then a woman at the next desk calls the waiter and says; I dont know what she just ate, but I want it too.)

  3. They won’t get COVID, which hardly affects children anyway, but the cold air will likely make hem more susceptible to other viruses that do hurt chikdren. Oh well, COVID is now the sole measure of all things.

    • True this is unnecessary punishment because they can.the real spreaders are Muslims and Africans who can’t or won’t follow rules. That’s what happened in Australia.

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