Three Girls Raided by the Corona Stasi

The following video gives an account of a police raid on three young ladies in an apartment in Bavaria. Evidently this was a COVID-related operation, and the girls’ “crime” was that people from three different households had gathered in a single domicile. It took a task force of twenty police officers to subdue these dangerous criminals.

It’s hard to tell for certain, because their faces are blurred, but I think the story is being told by at least two of the three victims of the raid.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   I want to explain something about last night,
00:04   because… I’ve been asked so many questions,
00:07   and I’d like to know about something like this, too:
00:13   How it is at your place? Or if something like this had happened to someone else…
00:18   It was of course not the fine English way I expressed myself last night,
00:22   I am also aware of that, BUT I was so shocked
00:27   and so upset about it, what went on yesterday within my four walls,
00:34   that I had to get rid of this anger somehow.
00:38   And… it was that there were three of us.
00:42   We’ve been cooking and had been quite relaxed
00:46   Yeah, all right, it was three of us… um…
00:52   It wasn’t necessary. And two of us even have a current negative Corona test,
00:58   and… however… Anyway, at 1am
01:03   someone knocked so hard on the door,
01:07   that I thought, “What the f***?”
01:11   What is that?
01:14   and then wanted to see through the spy-hole, but it was already taped up
01:18   and then they shouted straight away, “Open your door, this is the police,
01:22   or we’ll force our way in.” And I was like, wow… OK…
01:27   as if I kept a terrorist hidden in my apartment.
01:30   um… at least that’s how I felt, and then they [police] came in.
01:35   At first it was two policemen, and by the end there were twenty,
01:39   including six large squad transporters at my doorstep.
01:43   The whole area was cordoned off
01:47   and surrounded, and immediately, the first words were; “From now on everything will be recorded,”
01:53   and then it started. We were all checked.
01:58   First papers… etc. etc.
02:01   and what was then really shocking,
02:05   apart from the fact that there were twenty police officers standing around in my apartment,
02:10   and then, for me personally, the absolute top shocker happened,
02:15   and one of the three of us
02:19   does not have German citizenship, and of all things, or purely by chance,
02:26   then in my kitchen exactly this person
02:30   was frisked completely, completely checked,
02:33   including a drug test.
02:37   They checked her purse,
02:40   questioned whether she has drugs on her.
02:44   Have you got weapons with you? All the way to pfffffft.
02:50   Hello! We are three girls. You’re standing here with twenty people.
02:54   What do you think we’re going to do? At any moment take a Kalashnikov out of the drawer?
02:58   This I also found pretty blatant again.
03:04   And I just ask myself,
03:07   whether you really have to crack down on people like that,
03:11   heavily armed, with cameras, with all the trimmings.
03:16   [Unintelligible] Have the Bavarian police so much money, or so much time, or…
03:21   what is actually happening here?
03:25   I find it frightening, the direction in which the whole thing
03:29   is actively moving.
03:32   There is so much fear and horror spread through the media,
03:35   that neighbours spy and report on each other.
03:39   According to Mrs. Merkel it might be a “Lockdown Lite”,
03:43   but it feels, for someone who didn’t know the old GDR,
03:48   excessively extreme.
03:51   These controls, but now I don’t want to compare this with the GDR,
03:55   otherwise there’ll be some after talk again… but …
04:00   It is already extreme… and …
04:07   And then you ask yourself: “Where are my rights, actually?”
04:10   Without a search warrant, just because of a “suspicion”,
04:14   to invade your home, tells us something.
04:21   OK, this was now the story
04:24   and… um… until 6 o’clock this morning they were standing in front of the door with two squad cars,
04:30   and made sure that everyone went to their own home… and…
04:37   And the moral of the story is: never celebrate with policemen this…
04:43   I don’t know, I just find it sad and I…
04:49   …I hope that [?] and I hope simply that
04:53   it doesn’t turn out to be even more extreme.
04:57   Namaste and Shalom and… that was it…

3 thoughts on “Three Girls Raided by the Corona Stasi

  1. Reminds me of a comment once made on social media a while ago. The cops always struggle to scrounge up a pair of officers to investigate a burglary, but have no problem deploying a whole bunch of them to deal with a corona violation.

  2. I don’t know. I’m a Pole born in Germany, “half” Jewish (father), half Christian. My Grandparents knew police raids in Poland by the Gestapo and Wehrmacht and I know my today’s fellow Germans very well – but I don’t trust her. This stinks.
    She’s too confident. No question that German police makes raids and that they have all gone crazy here in Deutschland. But I’m sure she’s a liar. She’s too relaxed, too cool. Twenty police officers in her apartment? – yeah, for sure… (and probably three in her bed, right?).
    This is a hoax.

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