“Italians, We Will Cut Your Throats”

The following brief article describes the situation in the CAS migrant reception center at Monastir in Sardinia. Gary Fouse, who translated the report, notes that the Monastir center (populated mostly by Algerians) is a powder keg waiting to blow. He says that there are videos of rap “songs” that threaten to murder Italians, but they seem to be in some variant of North African French, and he can’t make sense of the lyrics.

The translated article from the Milan daily Libero Quotidiano:

Migrants in a reception center in Sardinia

Songs, dances, and music videos: “Italians, we will cut your throats”

November 21, 2020

North African immigrants in a reception center in Sardinia sing, dance, make music videos, and threaten to cut the throats of Italians. And someone on the left defends them invoking “cultural difference” or perhaps, linguistic specificity of street hip hop. The video of these immigrants awaiting recognition of their status is making the rounds on the internet, posted also on Radio Savana on Twitter, which wrings its hands against the “illegal Africans” who evade, rob, harass minors, brawl, get drunk, attack police, and more. Strong words, which, however, express the sense of anger and frustration of many Italians. In a word, injustice.

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  1. This whole thing “ immigration “ is beyond me , European Union must be solved for safety of all Europeans Christians , it can’t go on like this any longer, this is crime against European people, period , Soros, Merkel&CO, and on and on , should end up in Nürnberg trial , this is serious threat , Edrogan is releasing ISIS fighters from jails in Turkey, and sending them straight to Europe ( Germany) .. God help Us all , …

  2. By uttering those words, the passengers have made their lives worthless.
    There’s no reason not to sink the boats. NONE!

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