Hizb ut-Tahrir in Denmark: We Will Never Surrender to Your False and Deceptive Freedom of Speech

Hizb ut-Tahrir is a devout Islamic organization whose stated goal is the establishment of a worldwide Caliphate. Its representatives openly and unabashedly proclaim their supremacist ambitions. It has been banned in a number of “moderate” Islamic countries, but is still legal in most of the West. Its largest public gatherings are held in Denmark, Canada, Australia, and the United States.

The following video shows excerpts from a recent HuT rally in front of the national legislature, in which the faithful proclaim their fervent support for their brethren in France who are being oppressed by the authorities in reaction to the beheading of Samuel Paty.

Many thanks to Tania Groth for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Yet again we are experiencing an attack on our [unintelligible].
00:05   Again we experience an attack on our convictions.
00:12   Yet again we are witnessing an attack on our Islam.
00:17   Yet again we are witnessing mockery and insults.
00:22   But our prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)…
00:30   Yet again the leader of France together with the rest of Western leaders
00:37   would have us surrender Mohammed to their false and deceptive freedom of speech
00:44   so that he can be a target of their attacks.
00:49   But thanks to Allah,
00:53   may their wishes and expectations perish.
01:00   We will never… never ever… right down to the fingernails…
01:06   Allah [blah blah Islamic chanting]
01:17   Our lives, our property, our fathers, our mothers,
01:23   our siblings, our wives and our children…
01:28   May they all be sacrificed in the name of Allah.
01:40   We are not gathered here today to protect Mohammed — may peace be upon him.
01:47   We are not here to protect him. Allah [unintelligible, possibly Arabic]…
01:52   Allah has taken up the task of protecting him.
01:56   Allah says [unintelligible Arabic].
02:03   Verily, verily we are adequate protectors for you and Mohammed
02:08   against those who insult you… [unintelligible]… and he is verily the best protector.
02:16   We are here to tell the country of France, and whoever fights against Islam:
02:24   your mockery, your insults, your attacks, and your fight
02:30   against Islam will never stop the advance of Islam.
02:36   Islam will continue, and the torch of Islam,
02:40   and its light, will soon reach all corners of the world.
02:44   [Islamic chanting]
02:53   Last but not least, I am here to emphasize
02:57   that these systematic insults of Muslims are part of a desperate politics
03:04   where Western governments try to force Muslims to accept their culture
03:12   and their false values, while you [unintelligible], while you [unintelligible] a crisis
03:21   that is in the process of free fall, and you are in the process of losing your own people
03:26   because of this crisis.
03:29   We are here today to show a clear Islamic viewpoint.
03:35   and we will always… ALWAYS… take the side of the prophet in this case [re freedom of speech]
03:41   and any other case. TAKBIR! ALLAHU AKHBAR! TAKBIR! ALLAHU AKHBAR!

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  2. These European bigots refuse to take your mucho lovely prophet seriously and in the process they deprive themselves of all the innovations and freedoms Muslim countries enjoy. If you want to punish these Europeans go back to your countries and don’t let Europeans ever discover Islam, keep your source of superiority secret. They will remain in their barbarism and you will enjoy your advanced societies.

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    Get out of our country’s, we don’t want u nazi Islam Satan ideology here, killing, raping, murdering Europeans.

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