The Thug Got What He Deserved

Yesterday a French schoolteacher was beheaded on the street in Paris by a man who shouted “Allahu Akhbar” during the attack (see the New York Post report). The killer, who was shot dead by police, is said to have been outraged that the teacher had shown a Charlie Hebdo Mohammed cartoon to his class, which included Muslims.

The following video, recorded by a prominent French imam, is allegedly what inspired the decapitation of the teacher. If the schoolgirl in the video is correct, the blasphemous image the teacher showed his class depicted the prophet with no clothes on. Assuming that is in fact the case, the picture may have been a panel from the special comic book series published by Charlie Hebdo in 2013, “La Vie de Mahomet”.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Zaina’s father, together with a member of the office of the Council of French Imams,
00:04   on Thursday October 8 2020 went to the Bois d’Aulne high school
00:08   in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine in the Paris region
00:12   Salaam aleikum. We are in front of the high school Bois d’Aulne
00:16   in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, where a disgusting thing happened yet again.
00:20   This week we witnessed, simply,
00:25   the answer of a thug who is a teacher, to this call
00:29   of the President of the Republic to hate Muslims,
00:33   To combat Muslims, to stigmatize Muslims.
00:37   It’s been forty-five minutes that we’ve waited here in the cold,
00:41   because the so called principal, she is in a meeting.
00:45   They didn’t even let us enter the lobby.
00:49   Anyway it’s been forty-five minutes. —Salaam aleikum, Zaina.
00:54   Salaam —Sorry to see you in those circumstances, but could you
00:58   tell us exactly what happened? —We were in the history class
01:02   about Islam and one teacher said
01:06   to raise our hands if we were Muslims. At that point
01:10   my girlfriend and I didn’t understand so we decided to raise our hands.
01:14   We raised our hands, and he said: I’m going to
01:19   show a picture that might shock you, so, if you want, you can leave the room. So right away
01:23   we said that we will do like everybody else, so like everybody else we want to see the picture
01:26   you are going to show. Anyway, I refused to leave the room,
01:31   and he showed the picture. It was the prophet Mohammed without his clothes.
01:35   Without his clothes on, and he showed it to us just like that. So in the class
01:39   we were all shocked, even those who weren’t Muslim were all shocked.
01:43   So we were all shocked and [unintelligible].
01:48   How did it affect you? —Well, he doesn’t have respect.
01:52   For them we aren’t equal to them,
01:56   even though we are exactly like them.
02:00   Since I expressed that, he decided that I was disrupting his class,
02:04   and he excluded me from classes for two days.
02:08   And I’m shocked that we were showed that, a completely naked man, during history class.
02:13   He doesn’t respect us. He doesn’t see us like the others, in fact. Why is he showing
02:18   that precisely about OUR religion? In this way he wants to humiliate us in front of the others.
02:21   Is that what you felt?
02:25   I found out that you didn’t feel like going to school
02:29   anymore after that. —No, I don’t feel like going to that class anymore, if it’s to see
02:33   things like that. I no longer want to, with this teacher.
02:37   Ibrahim, Zaina’s daddy.
02:41   I’m not OK, like everybody else. Voilà,
02:46   I decided to make this video in order to
02:50   tell you straight that my daughter was shocked
02:54   as a result of the behavior of her teacher.
02:58   I don’t even like to use the word “teacher”; he is a thug.
03:02   A “history thug” who is supposed to teach them history and geography.
03:06   So this week he had the audacity to tell them
03:10   to raise their hands if they were Muslim. They raised their hands
03:15   and he told them: voilà, leave the class. My daughter
03:19   refused to leave and she asked him why.
03:23   He said he was going to show a picture that would shock them.
03:27   Some students left, but my daughter didn’t.
03:31   Sure enough, he showed a completely naked man,
03:35   telling them that this was the prophet.
03:39   He said that this was the Muslims’ prophet.
03:44   What was the message that he wanted to send to those children?
03:48   What hate! Why this hate? Why a history teacher is behaving like that?
03:52   In front of 13-year-old students?
03:56   This story is my story of the daughter, of my daughter.
04:00   My daughter is 13 years old, and it’s not only my daughter’s class
04:04   that this is about, but all four grades.
04:08   And in my opinion he has been behaving that way for years.
04:13   So all those who disagree
04:17   with this behavior,
04:21   or all those who had problems, or whose children were sent outside,
04:25   because my daughter, since she refused leaving the room, the teacher
04:29   made her leave the room by giving another reason.
04:33   If you want us to be together and that we say: “Stop!
04:37   don’t touch our children!” — send a message to me at 06 60 53 02 62.
04:46   This thug cannot stay in the national education system, he cannot continue educating children.
04:50   He has to go educate himself. Thank you for sharing
04:54   as much as possible. I think this is about all of you. I’m speaking in the name of my daughter,
04:57   but your children as well; the same thing is done to them in class.
05:02   We went with Ibrahim, with the father of little Zaina,
05:06   and myself, in the name of the Council of French Imams,
05:10   To the administration of the high school. So, as I already said in front of
05:15   To the [administration of] the high school that it really was a lack of respect,
05:20   already at the beginning, to make us wait for one hour in the cold and the wind.
05:23   Once we were allowed inside, we explained
05:27   the seriousness of the case, but it didn’t seem to shock [the school administration]
05:31   except for the [female] school principal, but very little. Apparently they
05:35   knew already, and this had previously been done for about 5 or 6 years.
05:39   It’s been 5 or 6 years that children of 12 and 13 years,
05:44   Muslims, have been shocked, have been attacked, have been humiliated
05:48   in front of their fellow students, because that’s what they told us,
05:52   those with whom we talked, and this doesn’t seem to be a problem whatsoever.
05:56   So we expressed our disagreement
06:00   and our stupefaction, to find out that the administration could
06:04   have known this and tolerated it. They even told us what it was on their internet page
06:09   in the school program. So we let her know one thing, that we,
06:13   the Council of French Imams and the Muslims,
06:17   flatly refuse this type of irresponsible and aggressive behavior.
06:21   And that they don’t respect the rights of those children
06:25   to keep their psychological integrity. So we said that
06:29   we demanded the immediate suspension of that thug
06:34   because he was not a teacher. A teacher is something else.
06:38   And this is a function that has a lot of nobility, greatness; by the way, it’s the case
06:42   with the majority of teachers, who respect their work, who respect
06:46   the goal of their work. At the end of our conversation
06:50   we understood that nothing was going to happen with this institution.
06:55   They let us know that. But she told us that she was going to follow through on
06:59   the information. Indeed we left there with a strong resolve to mobilize
07:03   for an action before this institution and before
07:07   the Academic Inspectorate. But in the afternoon the Academic Inspectorate contacted
07:11   the parent of the student and also expressed to him
07:15   their surprise that this happened in the class of that thug,
07:19   and that they were going to crack down, and that they were going to act
07:24   in this direction, and that they were going to send inspectors to see that thug.
07:28   So , what am I telling you? I’m simply telling you
07:32   that there we are in a straight line.
07:36   Indeed, we can see the development,
07:40   this machine that is starting to work, and perhaps tomorrow,
07:45   if we accept that [this type of treatment/behavior], tomorrow we might
07:49   experience what happened in Srebrenica, what happened in Yugoslavia.
07:53   Because those were people who lived very well, who lived together, who intermarried,
07:57   and at the end they were… they arrived at… they didn’t know,
08:01   just like today we don’t know. But when we hear a heinous discourse
08:05   By the President of the Republic towards the Muslims, this lets us
08:10   predict dark days. So, I’m asking everybody to stay vigilant.
08:14   We are expecting in the coming days the decision of the Academic Inspectorate,
08:18   and that’s when we are going to react. And I’m asking all the parents,
08:22   everywhere in France, to be very, very, very, very vigilant about
08:26   what their children hear in the classes. So if there is a tiniest attempt at —
08:30   because the problem is that the children, when… as in the current case: in the current case
08:36   Zaina didn’t dare to talk to her parents on the first day. Because she was ashamed to talk.
08:39   She was really even feeling guilty for having seen it, so you see the extent to which
08:47   they are inflicting on those 13-year-old children
08:51   very, very, very, very damaging psychological violence. This is why
08:55   we have to — absolutely, absolutely — stay very, very, very, very vigilant
09:00   and mobilized, in order to be able to rapidly act against these
09:04   violations of the rights of children, as well, because that’s what it’s about.

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  1. This Muslim are liars period, don’t trust any Muslim for any reason , they make up your story upside down..

  2. Muslims must be removed by force from France and Europe, and mosques torn down, Muslims and Islam is a death cult, this man in video is a racist, a devil worshipper, and is exciting murder, he must be arrested, and locked up. Then after 20 years in jail, deported to Middle East.

    Who are the people who has allowed these Muslims into Europe?

    We must arrest them now!

    • Look at the clowns in charge across Europe. Further afield in places like Qatar ex heads of state and other sell outs cavorting with who knows who for God knows what. The
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    • Merkel&CO, Macron..biggest traitors, Another’s are Obama – Merkel, Soros , and whole EU. Mafia !!,they destroyed whole continent..

  3. I would guess a 13 year old could see much more shocking things on French TV than looking at the cartoon image of a naked man in history class.

  4. So does this imam realize that his prophet did indeed get naked with a 6 year old? And as a consequence to that underage girls in the islamic world have been forced to get married to men who are old enough to be their grandfathers? What about the psychological damages of that? Shame on the French for allowing these islamic thugs to get way with murder and justification of that, and shame of France for having such a sizable muslim population.

    • What was it that the muslims in Algeria told the Frenchies in the 60’s? Oh yes, they told the Frenchies living in Algeria the suitcase or the coffin and they made good on their threats in the most horrific of thousands of examples and the French left. The French need to start doing the same thing to the plague of 3rd worlders living in France. All is fair in love and war.

      • Totally with France on the issue of fighting and eradicating Islamic terrorism. The recent beheading was absolutely barbaric. But let’s not excuse, indirectly as you are doing, French colonialism, whether in Algeria, Ivory Coast, Cameroon or Haiti. Colonialism is totally unacceptable and repulsive in the 20th and 21st centuries. And yes, the same goes for British colonialism, Belgian, Dutch, Portuguese and Spanish.

        • Colonialism brought the 1st world to these places and built the roads, railways and cities. Say what you want about colonialism, it brought civilization to the savages and keep the savages at bay and under control. Now the bloody 3rd world is trying to colonize us, and it will lead to massive bloodshed as a result.

          • Fair enough. The various Muslim elements in particular and the rest in general will be discovering “The Black Swan”.

        • Islam is an imperialist construct, and always has been. Most nations that like under the Islamic yoke do so as a result of conquest, so whither your indignation? Or are some forms of colonialism acceptable and some not? Or are you simply apologising for yet further Islamic barbarism on the streets of Europe?

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    • A thinly disguised call to arms. Yet again syrupy
      Platitudes, balloons and candles, totally useless
      (After the brutal beheading) from the French public
      Whilst other “woke” citizens counter demonstrate
      For illegal immigrants to be granted citizenship.

      France is lost to the third world and Islam.

  6. In the wake of the butchery of a servant of the French Republic, Samuel Paty, a teacher who was simply carrying out one of the principles of the French Republic and teaching critical thought, we have had the usual flower arrangements, flickering candles and calls for solidarity which we always do in the aftermath of these Islamic attacks; perhaps for once we should not forgive, we should not forget, we should not lay flowers, we should not light candles, the time for such vapid, weak willed gestures is over, instead it is time to stand up, literally and figuratively in this fight for the soul of France and by extension the soul of the West. Islam is our enemy and always has been.

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