The Beheading Plot Thickens

In the last few days there has been interesting news about the beheading of a French schoolteacher by a Chechen mujahid last Friday. It seems that the schoolteacher, Samuel Paty, was reported to the police for distributing pornographic images after he showed a Charlie Hebdo cartoon of Mohammed to his middle-school class.

But it gets even more interesting: the girl who told her father what happened in class to wasn’t even present the day the Motoon was shown. She simply passed on rumors of the event, which she claimed to have witnessed.

The video below is a news report on the police interrogation of Samuel Paty. Many thanks to Oz-Rita and MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   He taught history, geography and freedom of expression.
00:05   A few days after a short presentation in front of his eighth-grade students, Samuel Paty
00:09   was summoned to the police station in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine.
00:12   A parent had filed a complaint against him for distributing pornographic images.
00:17   The teacher defended himself: “My suggestion to the students was to decide
00:21   if they wanted to see one of the cartoons from Charlie Hebdo or not,
00:25   according their own sensibilities. I suggested to my students to look away for a few seconds, if they
00:29   thought they would be shocked for any reason…
00:32   After filing the complaint, the student’s parent took to social networks to accuse the teacher
00:38   of asking Muslims to leave the class. “The Muslims raised their hands and he told them to go out.”
00:44   During police questioning, the teacher strongly rejected any form of stigmatization:
00:50   “At no time did I tell the Muslims students to go out because the image would shock them,
00:55   and I did not ask which students were Muslim. My goal in asking them to look away was to
01:01   prevent them from feeling offended. I have not committed any offense in the course of my duties.
01:07   The teacher also provided a detail that has since been confirmed by the forensic investigator.
01:12   The daughter of the parent in the video was not actually present in class that day.
01:20   In addition, she was absent and wasn’t in class. She made up a story based on rumors
01:24   from other students. This is a false statement with the aim of damaging my image as teacher,
01:28   along with the school and institution I represent. —On the very day of his questioning,
01:33   Samuel Paty filed a formal complaint of public slander.
01:36   Four days later he was beheaded while walking home.

7 thoughts on “The Beheading Plot Thickens

  1. The case for public slander and defamation seems clear. The murdered teacher’s widow should press the case for damages against the girl’s father. Maybe some patriot could help to organise this and establish a go-fund-me page.

    • Warfare always beats lawfare. Had that happened to one of my family, ole Saint Vlad the Impaler Tepes would have looked on with envy and blushed with pride at what I would do, including to these 3rd worlders devils spawn.

  2. Yes Yes. It was in the name of “Freedom, equality, brotherhood” they cut their heads, seized the hospital (maternity) in Budenovsk, the school in Beslan and the theater “On Dubrovka”. Today, by the way, is the anniversary of this terrorist attack.

    The Assembly of European Chechens writes:
    (Google translated from French to English)

    Reply to M. Melenchon
    Mr. Deputy,
    We acknowledge your apologies and appreciate your gesture. But we also draw your attention to the fact that the damage has already been done. In the meantime, several complaints from our compatriots have been filed and it will therefore be up to the courts to qualify your comments which are unacceptable in a democratic society.
    We emphasize that our community has been doubly affected by these events: on the one hand, by the shocking crime that was committed by a person of Chechen origin, on the other hand because of the accusations leveled at our community at political recovery purposes.
    We are often the object of unjust and easy accusations on behalf of certain politicians, because unfortunately our reputation, our image has been thrown in the pasture by a world power which makes us undergo perpetual persecutions for four centuries.
    We would like to recall that the Chechen people have never been “in favor of a civil war”. We have a sovereign and independent state, which is currently under Russian occupation, recognized de facto by Russia itself. We have only defended ourselves against the aggression of the Russian state and its imperialism.
    We share the same values ​​as the French people (Liberty, Equality, Fraternity) and live peacefully in France with a vocation to respect its laws and to succeed legally.
    We address to politicians our most solemn request not to give in to the amalgamation by designating a whole community or a confession as responsible for the actions of a few.
    With our sincere greetings.
    Communication Service of the Assembly of Chechens in Europe

  3. Any news is better than none, I guess.

    A career criminal dies being arrested in America, and worldwide outrage and a political movement are the result.

    A teacher is murdered and beheaded as a result of courteously exemplifying traditional Millian liberal values, and the media present it as just another of those bad things that happen…

  4. Muslims make it up as they go along. Their conflict and massacre seeking ideology is about force. It is making our once functioning societies very sick – and tired. Better start drawing very clear lines everywhere and follow up with action.

    • True, they improvise the things they say, but their behavior has remained consistently focused on destruction. They are living rust, eating away at anything good in the world.

      Maybe I’m getting old, but I think the whole world has gotten mean as hell in the past 20 or 30 years. Maybe we need another big war, or maybe we just need to put all the different races back where they were 200-300 years ago. Separate everybody so there can be some peace for a time.

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