German Pastor: The Illegal Corona Terror Measures Are World War Three

Jakob Tscharntke is a pastor in the Evangelical Church in Germany. In the following sermon he describes the international regime imposed to fight the Wuhan Coronavirus as “World War Three”.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   We have been engaged in a Third World War since the beginning of the Corona Terror.
00:05   I don’t know if we are all aware of this?
00:08   I say this with all seriousness.
00:11   We have, since the beginning of the Corona Terror,
00:15   Been engaged in World War III.
00:19   Only in contrast to the First and Second World Wars,
00:23   this Third World War is not waged by different peoples against each other.
00:29   It is led by a global elite
00:32   that apparently, in whatever way,
00:36   has almost ALL governments on earth in their hands,
00:41   to use them for waging war against their own peoples.
00:48   This Third World War is being waged by those who rule by injustice,
00:53   from almost all countries on Earth,
00:56   against their own peoples, against people WORLDWIDE.
01:03   With those so forced,
01:06   and through mostly illegal Corona terror measures,
01:10   it damages the health of more or less all people on Earth in body and soul.
01:17   None of the previous world wars had such an extensive effect
01:22   more or less without exception
01:26   on more or less every single person on this earth.
01:32   It is destroying, to an unknown extent,
01:35   the economy and infrastructure of countries
01:39   It destroys companies on a large scale,
01:42   which are driven into bankruptcy, and then one day, for an apple and an egg (or peanuts ),
01:47   are being bought up by international high finance.
01:54   Gigantic takeovers are being prepared for virtually NOTHING.
01:59   If you ask yourself, “Why does this terror go on and on?”
02:08   so that international high finance can sweep up the ruins of this destroyed economy.
02:14   Virtually for FREE.
02:21   This Third World War goes hand in hand with extensive restrictions
02:25   on our travel and freedom of movement
02:28   as the world has probably never known or seen before.
02:32   It goes hand in hand with the abolition
02:35   of almost ALL of our fundamental rights and freedoms.
02:39   Historically, to the same extent,
02:42   this is unique in the world.
02:45   It goes hand in hand with massive data misuse,
02:49   in contrast to the otherwise highly vaunted data protection law.
02:56   People are forced to wear masks,
02:59   to engage in excessive and thus health-endangering misuse
03:03   of disinfectants, and they are forced to practice social distancing.
03:09   This Third World War forces people in almost every imaginable way
03:14   to harm themselves and their own children
03:18   in body and soul.
03:23   This Third World War surpasses in perfidious perversion
03:29   everything that humanity has seen to date.

5 thoughts on “German Pastor: The Illegal Corona Terror Measures Are World War Three

  1. China to the rescue. “Up to a million potential anythings could arrive in UK in the next year under new visa rules, Home Office says”. Sounds like a plan. A veritable pile up off the coast of Euripity Doo Daa Day! Come one come all. Greatest show on earth.

  2. Portugal, stasi communist police state, now involved in terrorising, murdering citizens,
    Using the phony corona pandemic fear as pretext.

    Portugal again now terrorising the citizens, spontaneously locking down people, forbidding travel between different council areas for 5 days!

    30 Oct to 3 November,

    Now they also introduced mandatory wearing of masks in public, streets, everywhere for 3 months!

    This is the Nazis.

    Refuse to comply!

    Get armed, fight back, defend u freedom against these nazi traitor governments and communists.

    The war has begun. Its here. Open u eyes, were being lied to.

    We people must all rise up now, overthrow these council Maoist terrorist fascists, and corrupt governments who are killing us all, using a fake phoney pandemic as there pretext.

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