A Smorgasbord of Coronamadness

News on the Wuhan Coronavirus — or, more accurately, on the increasingly arbitrary and totalitarian government responses to the disease — is coming in so thick and fast that I have a hard time keeping up with posting it. I’ve collected five videos and a translated article below.

The first four videos were translated from the German. Many thanks to MissPiggy and Hellequin GB for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

Video #1: Decorative Christmas masks

The first clip is a bright, cheery plug for various Christmas-themed mask designs on German TV. It really gives me the creeps:

Video #2: Dr. Bodo Schiffmann’s practice raided by the CoPo

Bodo Schiffmann is a German otorhinolaryngologist. He has become well-known as an outspoken critic of the government’s policy on mask-wearing in response to COVID-19. Earlier this month I reported on an incident when the Corona Police visited Dr. Schiffmann’s birthday party, which was cut short. In the following video he receives another visit from the CoPo, this time at his practice:

Video #3: Card-players busted by the CoPo

In this clip from Germany, a group of people playing cards in an apartment are visited by the police. Being too noisy seems to have been their original offense, but it’s not clear why those who don’t live in the apartment are forced to leave. Evidently there has been some kind of violation of Corona regulations:

Video #4: PCR testing of children in German schools

This video from German TV says that the testing of schoolchildren will be “encouraged” rather than mandated. It’s not clear whether parents will have a say in whether their children are tested:

Video #5: Paul Weston discusses the COVID lies of the British government

In this video from Britain, Paul Weston uses the medical statistics of Her Majesty’s Government to show that the media and political leaders have repeatedly lied in order to frighten the populace and justify their new dictatorial powers:

The following article from the German news site TagNews.de reports on a decision by the Austrian Constitutional Court (Der Österreichische Verfassungsgerichtshof, VfGH) that nullified some of the Corona regulations imposed by the government.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation:

Austrian Constitutional Court: Lockdown “Subsequent Regulations” as unconstitutional!

Dr. Michael Brunner, Attorneys for Fundamental Rights (Austria) with a sensational report.

With the judgment from October 1, 2020, delivered yesterday on October 29, 2020, the Austrian Constitutional Court declared several measures of the first lockdown (specifically, provisions of the “Subsequent Regulation” (= the so-called “Loosened Regulation”) to be unconstitutional. The reason: the decision-making basis for these “zero-option” measures was insufficiently documented and not verifiable. They were overturned retroactively, and the decision is legally binding:

1.   Prohibition from entering restaurants and independent (not connected to a gas station) car washes
2.   Restrictions on the admission of groups of visitors to restaurants (maximum four adults if there is no common household)
3.   Prohibition of events with more than ten people (which concerned discotheques, for example)
4.   Obligation to wear masks in public places in closed rooms (offices, etc.)

The VfGH also repealed a provision of the COVID-19 Loosened Regulations (now COVID-19 Measures Ordinance), which was still in force and which required the obligatory observance of a minimum distance between the places served in restaurants (§ 6 Abs.)

Video transcript #1:

00:00   As we just heard, several Christmas markets have been cancelled already. —Yes.
00:04   Others are considering it, but to get that Christmas spirit you can do something else
00:08   in this extraordinary year. —Yes, well, Corona masks have become an “IT” piece. Something that
00:12   has become fashionable. Here’s the Santa Clause version, for example.
00:16   This way you’re dressed up and protected in no time.
00:19   Or you can be protected, stay warm and dress up as Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer.
00:25   A “3 in 1 all-rounder” mask. —This is a more discreet variation.
00:31   I’m hearing just now that this white mask lights up. Ah! It also comes with lights.
00:35   Very nice, and there are more masks that blink. —Oh, man! You could just put the masks
00:39   directly on the Christmas tree. —Yes, exactly. —A twofer deal.
00:44   Look at this, there are discreet versions (pentagram). A more delicate version.
00:47   So, there you go. —With real diamonds. —We’re permitted to celebrate Christmas a little.
00:50   At least on our face, which is really nice.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   So, hello and good evening everyone. Today I had a visit from three nice officers at my practice,
00:06   who had a search warrant with them.
00:09   The accusation is that I had issued unauthorized Medical Exemption certificates.
00:13   One certificate was a forgery, you could see that clearly on the certificate.
00:19   With two others we could not determine whether the patients had been visiting us.
00:23   Thirdly, the patient’s file was photographed by the police.
00:28   All in all, very nice and insightful police officers.
00:32   Wasn’t a big problem, thank you very much for that.
00:35   And … um … now I have ask myself, how it is possible
00:39   to issue incorrect medical certificates if there is
00:42   no medical reason for someone to carry a certificate?
00:45   So from my point of view, everyone has the RIGHT to a medical certificate,
00:50   and every doctor who refuses to do so violates the medical code,
00:55   because these masks demonstrably — now also in the police report,
01:00   in addition to the known report
01:03   of the Federal Office for Medicines
01:06   and in the Federal Office of Public Health — do not help against viruses,
01:09   and they also do not protect against them. And there are actually an overwhelming number
01:15   of medical records out there that confirm that one is harmed by the masks,
01:19   that they are of no use, and that more and more people are suffering
01:22   from respiratory diseases since the introduction of the mask requirement,
01:26   and from mycosis, lung congestion and the like.
01:29   So these masks endanger human lives, probably kill people, too.
01:34   And from my point of view, every doctor who does not issue a certificate,
01:37   regardless, for whatever reason, is making a mistake from my point of view.
01:43   Personally, I don’t really care.
01:47   I can look at myself in the mirror, and I stand by the fact,
01:51   that I advise everyone against wearing a mask because it endangers his health,
01:56   and this PROVEN… Have a nice evening.

Video transcript #3:

00:02   Good morning. —Good morning. The police are here once again, and why?
00:07   I don’t know. —Well, I know, because you’re too loud.
00:11   Please come in. —Is it going to stop or what? —You don’t need to shout. —We don’t want
00:16   a discussion. You’re either going to be quiet or you come with us. —We’re playing cards!
00:19   I’m not interested in what you’re doing. Understand!? —Yes. Understood.
00:23   So are you going to be quiet now or not? —I don’t know what you’re talking about. It is quiet here.
00:28   I don’t want to discuss such s***. —Me neither. —Do you want us to take you in? —No.
00:33   What is your answer to my question? —No. —Are you going to be quiet or not?
00:39   We are being quiet. —Is there going to be quiet for the rest of the night?
00:42   We are being quiet. Please come in.
00:45   You all are really getting on my nerves. Extremely on my nerves!
00:51   You can also come in. —Who lives here? —My wife (girlfriend).
00:55   Get out! Right now! I’m not going to say it again. Trust me.
01:00   If you don’t leave here immediately, then you are coming with us. —I’m going to turn the light on.
01:05   That’s my girlfriend. —I don’t care one bit. Get out! —Where should we go?
01:08   I don’t care about that either! —If you don’t live here. —OK.
01:12   Do I need to live with my girlfriend, or what?
01:15   Out! —May I put my shoes on? —Please do! —OK. Please keep your distance.
01:22   [On the phone] It’s still about disturbing the peace. —Just get dressed! —OK! Excuse me.
01:27   Would you please stand up? —Yes, just a moment. Just a moment.
01:31   What do you still need to do? —Nothing. I just have to shut off my phone.
01:34   Do you have your keys with you? —Yes, sure.
01:43   May I ask why? —That was just explained to you.
01:55   My patience has come to an end. I told you to get out and that means out.

Video transcript #4:

00:00   Many parents and students are happy that schools and day care centers will remain open.
00:05   What about testing children? Will that be done? Even more? —Yes.
00:09   In contrast to this past spring, we are actually seeing infected children.
00:14   We hardly saw any cases (in children) up until summer.
00:18   However, just this week nearly 10% of our tests, positive tests, were children.
00:23   That’s quite shocking. Children propagate these viruses without becoming severely sick.
00:30   That’s very dangerous, because they appear healthy,
00:34   but they are propagating the virus. In order to identify this cohort,
00:38   and to avoid school closings, because the virus spreads, these project are being
00:44   conducted at the University of Cologne. —Test are to be conducted in schools?
00:50   Tests will be conducted in schools and in day care centers.
00:54   This project is being encouraged nationally. —And is very promising.

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