Geert Wilders: Erdogan is a Tyrant, a Dictator, and a Terrorist

As reported here on Tuesday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is suing Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV) in the Netherlands, for saying unpleasant things about him.

In the following interview, Mr. Wilders answers questions about the Erdogan affair. One of the interesting (and unexpected) aspects of this crisis is the fact that Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte is backing Mr. Wilders.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Mr. Wilders, as the tweet says,
00:04   you called President Erdogan a terrorist. Is it correct, what the tweet says?
00:09   Yes, it is a tweet in which he has a bomb on his head,
00:13   a tweet, a cartoon which was not made by me but by someone else,
00:18   which I found on the internet, where I put “terrorist” because
00:22   he is a tyrant, a dictator, and also a terrorist,
00:27   which is evident from the fact there have been are hundreds of publications,
00:31   and investigations which show that he has supported ISIS and Al Qaeda,
00:35   that jihadists come and go in and out of Turkey to Syria, to Europe.
00:39   Well, I know all he has done to
00:43   support terrorists, and according to my definition, he is one himself.
00:48   It is much clearer that he has openly supported Hamas, so your assertion is correct.
00:53   Yes, he supports Hamas, who are terrorists. He also supports
00:57   the Azeris, Azerbaijan in the fight against Armenia.
01:01   He sits with his finger in the middle wherever
01:05   it leads to misery and terror. From ISIS to Azerbaijan
01:09   against Armenia in Nagorno-Karabagh, to Hamas,
01:13   so the man… Yes, I have only pointed out the fact, and it can be unpleasant,
01:17   and I know that well, and you can hit back, and I can cite works
01:21   if you want to share it, you can also collect… but now he uses the state apparatus in Turkey.
01:27   He files charges and files charges, and [unintelligible]; he just means he’s going to go after someone.
01:31   So I am not positively impressed with that, and I don’t see that it will happen.
01:37   But you have our prime minister behind you in this matter.
01:41   That is so unacceptable, what happened to France.
01:44   Today there was even more from the Turks against a Dutch politician.
01:50   And then we exceed all the limits because that means —
01:54   Mr. Wilders is not afraid that we will limit his freedom of speech. He will continue.
01:58   But that could lead to a feeling in others:
02:01   “Oops, maybe I should limit myself a bit.” That cannot be.
02:04   In a free democratic land, mockery, cartoons,
02:11   And all forms of criticism used in a normal manner in public debate can be expressed.
02:15   And certainly during the week when a French teacher is killed
02:19   in a bestial manner because of his use of a cartoon in his lesson,
02:23   this is completely unacceptable.
02:27   Yes, and that is positive. It should be different, but it is positive,
02:31   but he has to make sure, through a serious effort, that that is off the table
02:35   through [unintelligible] to point out. I don’t know what further
02:39   diplomatic possibilities there are,
02:43   but make sure that is off the table. This is not only about the freedom of speech
02:47   for Parliamentarian Wilders, It is clearly about the freedom of speech for all.
02:51   And the signal that he gives, Mr. Erdogan, is…
02:55   “No criticism of me, no criticism of Islam. If you do that,
02:59   then I will pursue you in your own country, and maybe beyond.”
03:03   And that goes not just for me, but for anyone, also people like you, journalists, other people
03:07   who want to be critical, and we cannot accept that.
03:11   So it is not just about me. It is about freedom of speech.

4 thoughts on “Geert Wilders: Erdogan is a Tyrant, a Dictator, and a Terrorist

  1. When are cowardly politicians, who are in power, start to declare truths about islam and erdogan clearly and frankly.

    When are they going to make difficult decisions to defend their nation and people and not think only about votes at the expense of their native people being butchered.

    The west helped islam jinni out of the bottle: Now it has been spread to all corners of the globe: bravo for some paper tiger elected rulers/ tyrants who were proud of establishing New World Order : ‘a global village’ .

    A village that within hours an infection/ disease / virus will hitchhiked on a jet and arrive in the west 14 hours later from any corner of Asia and Africa.

    Withing 12 hours any jihadi/ wannabe jihadi /rapist and wreak havoc in the west and not be deported: New World Order. Human Rights just for jihadis.

    Amnesty … are you awake to what’s happening to Armenians … did you lose your tongue in the occasion, because you dare not say about the Peaceful Sacred People, you fell under its spell? Turkey and Azerbaijan are using phosphorus bombs, supposedly prohibited, but not by erdogan. Do you dare speak?

    Are you Amnesty aware what Pakistan is doing to minorities: ah they are hindus, sikhs and Christians…. outside your interest.

    The danger coming from muslims in general and erdogan in particular is deadly real. Erdogan has become reckless, defiant, disregards all international laws, if there are any.

    He is preparinf to invade sleepy Europe with the help of jihadis embedded, lefties and anti-christian converts.

    The danger comes from the weakling vore-seeking jellyfish traitors. They don’t know how to resist bitterly to the last and how to live in austerity. Austerity and imposed war on the west is creeping.

    Stop erdogan or www3 and doomsday.

    • Probably the best thing that could happen to Europe would be The Goat Molester of Ankara deciding to try a military invasion of Europe. The danger would become so obvious even a brain-dead elite would be forced to acknowledge it, and would likely be the catalyst for the retaking of Istanbul and resurrection as Constantinople.

      There needs to be some kind of truly horrific and blatant provocation from the islamic world against the West to force the hand of unwilling elites to stand and fight. Likely the elites wouldn’t, but depending on the provocation they might not have a choice or would be replaced by their own subjects with someone who would.

  2. How pathetic Erdogan. Maybe he will lead his followers to a permanent defeat. Break up and dispersal. He seems like one of those tin pot dictators that come and go. Western boots will soon be on the ground – again.

    • I hope that will happen and Constantinople becomes Constantinople and Jews are avoided another holocaust.

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