To Run or Stand, That is the Question

The following essay by Seneca III is based on a comment he made earlier today at The Conservative Woman.

To Run or Stand, That is the Question

An open letter to the stampeding herd and the corporate and political establishments

by Seneca III

To the former I say without malice, “I do not intend to change my way of life just because you are frightened.” To the latter I say with malice, “What you try to take from me and impose upon me — danegeld and subservience — mark you for what you are. I know you by what you do, not by what you say. You peddle nothing but disinformation and puerile lies in your own narrow interests.”

Consequently, those of you of the herd who live in fear are free to stay home indefinitely. You can wear your progressively diseased and suffocating masks and socially distance yourself from me on your permitted occasional outings; you can avoid restaurants and pubs; you can believe the fabricated death numbers and stay away from beaches, parks and other public spaces. I will not join with you, for I am finished with indulging the rule-makers of this malignant game.

No longer am I prepared to be a prisoner of your fear or their threats. I will not vegetate in my house nor be imposed upon by anyone simply because they are scared. I will not wear a mask, and I will not stay six feet away from you anymore because I’m not afraid of you. You the herd are not my enemy, and if I get sick it’s not because of you, it’s because of my age and vulnerabilities, the times in which we live and the luck of the draw.

Millions upon millions of people have already encountered this virus, as you have done with influenza and many others in the past. Now and in the future you will have to confront it if you haven’t already. There is no way around it unless you lock yourself up in your house, and it somehow doesn’t manage to sneak in on the mail or groceries ordered online, but even if does not you will die anyway, some soon, some later, and some of you will die alone of untreated morbidities or suicide induced by cabin fever.

Your fear is being utilized by the establishment as means to disempower us all. Well, it is not my fear, and no one, including that imploding collection of dysfunctional little Stalinists in Westminster has the right to try to destroy my way of life or my future as a free-born Englishman. If you are scared you can continue racing along with the rest of the panicked herd, but just stay away from me and keep your fear confined to yourselves. Do not try to contaminate me, my family or my country with your childish hysteria. Man up, the lot of you, and take your lives back into your own hands however the dice may fall.

And, if you’re one of the avaricious, fear-mongering predators promoting this exercise in socio-political engineering in order to sustain your sinecures and increase your wealth, I would advise you that soon it may not be safe for you go out into the very same darkness you are trying to create.

We gave you the time you asked for to ‘Save the NHS’, for PPE, for ventilators and Nightingale hospitals, so now use them for their intended purpose.

Finally, I would further advise that you reverse course whilst you still can. The personal benefits that you were hoping to accrue now sit fragmenting in one pan of the scales of retribution as a great, angry biomass quietly assembles in the other. If you persist, I shall not weep for your violent passing nor shall I beg mercy for you… you will have crossed the Styx without my help.

— Seneca III, in an increasingly angry Middle England this 12th day of September in the year of our Lord 2020.

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12 thoughts on “To Run or Stand, That is the Question

  1. Quite a few of them that do need some assistance to cross the River Styx. When the time comes I am sure there will be plenty of patriots willing to help them begin their journey.

  2. I am with Seneca on all this except that I see the masks as a cheap and easy risk reduction – 95% effective at .3 micron and better on smaller particles because of an electrostatic effect. Maybe it will reduce the amount of virus I get at one time (viral load). I have my doubts, but it is easy enough to do for my rare outings – I’m in the high risk category, and I’ve experienced the “unable to breath” thing – there are better ways to die.

    I think it’s a mistake to shame people for wearing masks. And to make mask refusal a “virtue signal” – every time some guy beats the crap out of a shop girl for asking them to wear a mask, it makes the right look bad.

    • You should be shamed and mocked. You are a child in a world where adults play. You need to grow up quickly because if you don’t do so soon, you will be completely enslaved by the beast system that is being built around us all. You are either with us or against us. Expect no mercy if you side with them.

    • Cotton masks stop aerosolysed virus the same way cotton underwear stop aerosolysed farts. Tinfoil hats do block some radio waves, so why not wear one just in case?

    • The Mask is the public display of submission ever demanded by the totalitariat. Party arm band. Little Red Book. Informing. Jiheadbag and jihadbeard. Smart phone. Contract Tracing. Mandatory Vaccine. Mark of the Beast. Public haranguing. The San Benito. Summary extra vires incarceration.
      Always, you must grovel, prostrate and abject before the mighty tyrant, or, perhaps before a Dictatorship of the Proletariat. Or a vast ditch in a quiet European wood…
      To submit, even once, is as death.
      Any who try, I shall Tread On Them.
      So should we all.

  3. I think the communists are in a kind of holding pattern until after the election. Until then, I believe it’s most prudent to just be quiet, wear the mask, and pay attention. The communists have already made it clear that they will be pushing for a more intense phase in their insurrection on or after November 3rd, so why tip your hand right now? Let them march blindly into your bayonet, so to speak. This kind of guerilla strategy is what our forefathers used on the battlefield to chase away the British and we can do it again today to chase off the commies.

  4. I wonder what effect the minute fibres we inhale whilst wearing masks have on our lungs… I’ve just got back from a few weeks holiday in Spain – the waitress at my favourite Spanish restaurant put it beautifully: “I don’t know whether it will be the virus or the mask that kills me.”

  5. To stand, you need to know enough others will stand with you or it is just suicide. The way this society goes, you’d expect they rather stab you in the back. Cowards they are they can’t even stand virtue in their midst.

    To run, you need to know where to and whether there will be enough others to stand with. The enemy however has vowed to fill all space eventually, meaning you don’t get to avoid conflict. At best to shove it onto a future generation.

    Whichever form of society wins the battle to reign over any amount of time, it does not away with the bigger problem. The Lord does provide is an illusion as far as this level of existence is concerned. You may hope for the next as a means of tackling fear, but here while on Earth, no individual escapes the maelstrom. If anything, he has provided the mathematical laws one of which says that exponential growth in finite space is unsustainable. Our most preferred philosophies stem from a world populated by less than a billion people. We don’t know the exact number when the limit is reached, but we are already aware that much of our work is dedicated to stretching it. At some point, we will either adapt these philosophies to different conditions, or sacrifice our innocence to realign realities. If the Lord indeed does provide, he has equipped us with the facilities to face such darkness, otherwise a natural occurence needs to do the trick. Some will attribute that to him also, what matters is the result. Nature always wins.

    • Ditto

      I agree completely, and you have put it very eloquently. If more Germans thought like you we wouldn’t be in this desperate situation.

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