Koran-Burning in Rinkeby

The Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby is one of the most culturally enriched neighborhoods in Sweden, possibly second only to Rosengård in Malmö. A group of stalwart Islamophobes were thus acting with great courage when they burned a Koran in Rinkeby a few days ago.

As I understand it, another copy of the eternal uncreated word of Allah has been incinerated in Gothenburg since then, but I haven’t seen any video yet of that particular sacrilege.

I note with interest that the Koran-burners in Rinkeby say they are from Stram Kurs (Hard Line), the Danish party founded by Rasmus Paludan. I assume these guys are Swedish, but my non-Scandinavian ear is unable to determine which language they are speaking.

Many thanks to Kronans Martell (Ullis News) for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Turn here.
00:04   This is Rinkeby Square.
00:07   It is sort of a shopping center.
00:11   The destination is on your left!
00:16   We will make a turn here.
00:47   I am from Stram Kurs and we are here in Rinkeby.
00:52   It is the Koran that burns…
00:55   Vote the Sweden Democrats (SD) or Alternative for Sweden (AfS).
00:59   And support Stram Kurs. Victory!

24 thoughts on “Koran-Burning in Rinkeby

  1. Hmm…

    A roasting of some pork ribs over a pile of Mo’s scribblings would be a a fitting way to commemorate 9-11. Nevertheless my hat is off to the brave souls who had the gonads the size of bowling balls necessary to burn a koran in the heart of darkness of the feminist superpower.

  2. If any book deserves to be burned it is the Koran which is full of burning itself, and not just of books.

    Entering the word “fire” into this Koran search engine produces 172 results, and very few of them refer to camp fires and the like:


    I have never understood how interfaith types can discuss common religious concerns with representatives of a religion whose god promises to burn them forever simply for not believing in him. And it’s worse for Christians – absolutely no chance of a reprieve for them since shirk is the one unforgiveable sin (see 4:48).

    Here is a song on the subject:


    • Still think we are going to academically find our way out of this mess? Protest and they will listen to you? Stamp you feet until they change their ways? Or something far more permanent?

      • I never thought we were going to academically find our way out of this mess. Where did you get that idea?

        I think the West will most likely sink into subjugation or civil war but I have suggested elsewhere what I still consider a possible path between the two, minimising the unavoidable conflict and erosion of civil rights:


        What is your plan, merely calling on others to kick off the bloodshed? In that case perhaps you, and the others here with a similar outlook, need to consider leading from the front rather than from the rear.

        • Oh my friend, conflict is unavoidable and inevitable. As for civil rights? When the conflict comes, all those rights go out the window, civil wars with ethnic and religious tones has a way of doing that. As for leading from the front? That is the only place to be, for this isn’t my first rodeo in warfare and counter insurgency, the USMC/US Government trained me to be the best at causing chaos and mayhem and from what I have been told, I am bloody good at it, so don’t worry about me and my colleges. We are well prepared for what is coming. The question remains my friend? What the heck are you doing to prepare fro the coming conflict? When the fun and festivities arrive, it will touch everyone.

          • But you are not leading from the front at all. If your actions were in line with your rhetoric we would have heard about it on the news.

            “To the barricades – you first” doesn’t really cut it, does it?

            As to what I’m doing to prepare for the coming conflict you might ask the same question of our host. As far as I am aware he limits his activities to spreading information and trying to change minds. No guns involved. In fact the house rules prohibit exhortations to violence. Unfortunately it seems he doesn’t have the time to prevent you and a few others here from regularly flouting those rules.

          • He describes his preparations for the coming conflict, which he views as inevitable, and advises others to do the same. That’s not the same as incitement.

          • “Still think we are going to academically find our way out of this mess? Protest and they will listen to you? Stamp you feet until they change their ways? Or something far more permanent?”

            I call that incitement, same as the following examples from previous comments:

            “If you are not armed up by now, you are nothing more than sheep for the coming slaughter. If armed, prepare to defend you and yours, and your neighbors. Be the Wolf!”

            “Sorry but the government will not do a bloody thing to stop this insanity, it will be you and others that think the same that will have to put a stop to it. Once they fear you, they will respect you. Be the Wolf, not eh sheep.”

            “Just keep pushing the muslim savages to violence, I mean it’s not hard to do, just burn a Koran and watch them froth at the mouth. All you have to do now is arm up and they will come to you. Don’t forget to spray paint red and black crosses everywhere muslims gather, it adds to the fun and festivities.”

          • I’m glad that you have your own blog where you can enforce your standards. That allows you to avoid sites like this that don’t live up to your standards.

          • Baron – what a remarkably dishonest response. It’s not my standards you are not living up to but your own purported ones.

            Since Dymphna died I have noticed the proliferation of commentators who seem only to want to broadcast their violent fantasies and the near disappearance of the real discussion which made your comments sections worth a visit. I suspect they two things are related.

            I won’t trouble you again. So long and best wishes.

          • Dymphna was definitely tougher than I am on commenters. However, you are not talking about violations of my standards, but about violations of your interpretation of my standards, which is not the same thing.

            See you later. We will miss you.

        • ECAW, What I do enjoy about you crumpet eating tea drinkers in Britain is that you actually truly think you can deal with uncivilized 3 rd world savages with 1st world civilized means. History proves you wrong at every turn and thinking that you will actually change the current course of the west with dialogue, appeasement and offering yourself for sacrifice to claim that high moral ground will only get you buried in it. [Epithets] like you always pay in blood because you refuse to see what is in front of you and ignore histories lessons from the past. So yeah, I do say and truly believe in being the Wolf. People of your sort, richly deserve the coming Balkans on steroids. I have lost any sympathy and empathy for people who let the coming 3rd world tide overwhelm them.

          • At one point Her Majesty’s Empire dealt with savages through the verbosity of Martini-Henry & Maxim.

            Definitely a case nowadays of how progress doesn’t always equal better.

  3. » A group of stalwart Islamophobes«

    This misses the point. It’s not about islam per se; it,s about freedom of speech. I guess Paludan etc. are agnostics or atheists — as most people in Scandinavia are. There is no law against heresy in Sweden; nothing that forbids to burn you own copy (in a save way) after urinating on it and sprinkling it with pig blood. But there are laws that forbid to become violent when somebody does so. From what I saw that’s also how the majority of Swedes think about that. Paludan said in an interview: if the Swedish ornithological society threatened those who burn bird books, they would come to Sweden and burn bird books.

    Paludan has been forbidden by police to enter Sweden for two years; he is taking legal steps against this. Korans have also be burned in Rosengård and Trollhättan and perhaps some other ghetto. He announced they would continue until “these fools have learned how to behave”.

    Me seems Paludan made an excellent choice in timing the actions: tone and topics in public discussion of immigration have changed a lot this year. The death of a 12-year old girl by a stray bullet some weeks ago (GoV reported about it) and some muslim clan establishing road controls at the entrances of “their” quarter in Gothenburg were triggers.

    • I guess you couldn’t detect the irony in my use of the word “Islamophobes”. I should have put it in quote marks.

  4. Rasmus Paludan has both Danish and Swedish citizenships. After the initial Koran burning in Malmö he was declared persona non grata and denied entry into Sweden, but it seems he and his group managed to fool police on several levels and enact a whole string of further Koran burnings. He vows to continue “until there is no more Islam in Sweden.” Here is an interview with him in Swedish:

  5. A member of the “Arab Party of Sweden” (these are those who called on the Swedes dissatisfied with multiculturalism to leave the country) burns the Danish flag and a set of laws.

    A brief chronicle of the burned Korans in Sweden. Watch faster before this account gets blocked


  6. I use my copy of Koran as back up toilet paper. Especially the latter Medina Surahs. Those wipe real well.

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