The Magnificent Nineteen… Years

It’s now been nineteen years since “The Magnificent Nineteen” flew their jetliners into various American targets, including the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

I don’t have much to say beyond what I’ve said in all my previous September 11th posts.

The brief national unity induced by 9-11 has now faded almost beyond recall. If we were to face some comparable atrocity today, there would no unity at all, not even for a nanosecond. Half the country would be cheering on whatever entity caused the slaughter, because Orange Man Bad, and it’s all his fault.

The long-term effects of the 9-11 attacks were:

1.   The Department of Homeland Security;
2.   Massive, universal electronic surveillance of everyone;
3.   Outreach to Islam to prevent “radicalization”; and
4.   The cultural taboo against any criticism of Islam in the public square.

Oh, and I almost forgot #5 — this shirt:

It will be interesting to see how the Biden administration observes the twentieth anniversary next year.

Or the Harris administration, as the case may be.

10 thoughts on “The Magnificent Nineteen… Years

  1. Respect to America for even remembering their terrorist attacks and the victims of Jihadi violence in general, whereas here it’s forgotten the moment it disappears from headlines.

    • We will ALWAYS remember the muslim attack on our country and george w. bush part in destroying our country.

  2. Somewhat selfishly, I regret that 9-11 and Richard Reid took any residual fun out of flying. Younger people will never know the joy of having your loved ones greet you as you stepped off the plane. Mostly, the process was much easier and more forgiving.

    Nowadays, I’ll drive anywhere up to 700-800 miles or so rather than fly.

    My inconvenience pales in comparison to what happened to the direct victims of 9-11, of course, but in a sense, we are all victims.

    • What is baffling for some is that after 911 Jorge Butch reassured the Saudi perpetrators that Muslim ideology is an ideology of peace. Then opened the doors wide to massed followers of the merchant of as grisly as possible death and destruction to all the religions and libraries of the world. The only free the Muslim support is beneficial.

      • yeah, after 9/11 old George kissed the saudi king on the lips, held his hands as if they were long lost friends and he announced ‘Islam is Peace’. What an [epithet] bush was. his whole family were globalists.

  3. If it comes to a Harris administration, likely when she isn’t on her knees seeking donations she will have her hands full with rebellions and large scale disobedience to government edicts from state governors on down. Commemorating 11 Sep will probably be banned or heavily repressed in Democrat-controlled states.

  4. Never forget. Never forgive.

    America today treats 9/11 the way we treat a natural disaster. I will never forget that Islam was the imprimatur for the attack. I will never forget that the Saudis supported the attack. I will never forget that “moderate” Muslims celebrated the attack.

    We don’t hear as much news of Jihad in the US these days. Of course the MSM never reported on it, but that’s not where I get my information. Could that possibly have anything to do with the orange man?

    • I should have tagged that [orange man reference] as sarcasm. Reading it again I’m reminded that sarcasm is invisible on the interweb thingy.

  5. National self harming. How can BLM persons show up at their old integrated employ-
    ment without experiencing or creating or both fear and trepidation of one kind or another? Every day it’s getting closer. To what? Who knows.

  6. “Biden administration… Harris administration, as the case may be.”
    That is NOT going to happen.

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