Culturally Enriched Inferno in Moria

On Wednesday some of the residents of the Moria migrant camp on the Greek island of Lesbos set fire to the facility, apparently because they didn’t want to be quarantined for COVID-19. Conditions were dry, and the entire camp was all but destroyed.

The EU has promised to take responsibility for resettling the 400 puir wee bairns that lived in the camp.

The following news video from Spain describes what happened at the Moria camp. Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Below are brief clips from three articles about the inferno in the Moria camp. First, from Greek City Times:

Illegal Immigrants Caught on Video Starting Fire in Greece’s Largest Migrant Camp

Although it is well established that illegal immigrants are responsible for starting fires that destroyed the infamous Moria migrant camp on Lesvos island, a video has emerged that catches fire starters in action.

At approximately 2pm local time today, STAR television caught the moment that illegal immigrants deliberately started a fire in Moria camp.

From RMX News:

Video: Fire Engulfs Moria Migrant Camp on the Greek Island of Lesbos

A large fire destroyed the overcrowded Moria migrant camp on the Greek island of Lesbos in the early hours of Wednesday and its 12,000 occupants have been evacuated.

The camp, originally designed for 2,800 migrants, housed as many as 19,000 in January and 12,600 at the time the fire broke out, According to as yet unconfirmed reports by Greek news agency ANA, several fires broke out in the camp, where last week 35 residents tested positive for coronavirus.

Another from Greek City Times:

Fed Up Moria Locals Block Road to Prevent Reconstruction of Migrant Camp

Residents of Moria have placed their vehicles and other items in the middle of the road to prevent the passage of machinery to the recently burnt down migrant camp that had brought untold vandalism, theft, rape and murder to the once peaceful region on Lesvos island.

Video transcript:

00:01   The Moria refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos, which houses about
00:05   13,000 people, was practically destroyed in a fire started
00:09   this early morning after confrontations among the immigrants.
00:14   Up to this point there is no information as to victims, but the firefighters have not yet been able
00:17   to get to the tents and housing containers. According to the investigations, the fire broke out
00:22   after 35 persons who had tested positive for coronavirus
00:26   refused to be moved to an isolation center. At that moment confrontations began
00:31   among the refugees themselves, and some began to set fires,
00:35   both in the enclosed area as well as the olive grove that surrounds the camp,
00:39   in which thousands of migrants live. Due to strong winds, the flames
00:43   spread rapidly and razed practically everything, especially
00:47   the containers and tents. As the flames spread, the camp was completely evacuated,
00:52   and now the challenge is to look for lodging for the 13,000 who live there.
00:56   The fire occurred a week after the appearance of the first case of Covid-19
01:00   at Moria and one day after the health authorities confirmed
01:04   that among the 2,000 persons who had contact with the patient,
01:08   35 tested positive and had to be isolated.
01:11   The European Commission has already announced that it will finance the transfer and lodging
01:15   in the mainland part of Greece of the 400 unaccompanied minors
01:19   in the refugee camp after the fire this early morning.

Hat tips for the articles: Reader from Chicago.

11 thoughts on “Culturally Enriched Inferno in Moria

  1. Such ungratefulness.

    Maybe the locals can continue to block the roads so no food gets delivered as well and thereby starve the orcs out…

      • Ultimately that would be the desired outcome. Starving them has the advantage that some of them might eat each other and therefore be fewer of them to have to force back into the sea.

  2. No surprise if the assorted doses of Afro Islamo Muslimbs start burning down luxury hotels in UK and Ireland because of bad service. “Oh so sorry sir! Let me take care of that right away. You are the boss man.” We don’t want you burning the property down for fun- do we?. JC wept. This is not what He meant. No surprise if there is “another day of infamy” compliments of the west on the way. It’s been building for a long long time.

  3. The Moria refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos- and so the EU have declared that they will take care of around 400 children? Quite apart from wether the EU has actually consulted its 27 nations in the Union on the matter, what on earth will the EU do with those children=break them away from the parents? Endeavour to push them into other homes in Lesbos and will they be co-religionous homes or be shoved elsewhere in Greece, who do not want these Islamic individuals in their country-and one could not blame them, having noted the terrible disgusting experiences from such immigrants over most of Europe. If ever there was someone to blame for the invasion of Islam upon Europe it is the present Chancellor of Germany A. Merkel. She opened the doors to 800,000 immigrants in the first phase, that number has increased massively. Europe is in trouble.

  4. If they burn their camps let them live with no shelter and starve – or go back home! I’m sure the long-suffering taxpayers would agree to any levy to get rid of them.

    What sort of people insist on gate-crashing foreign nations to live an easy life on welfare when they KNOW they are unwanted invaders? What sort of governments cave in to such people?

    • What kind of nation puts up with these radicalised criminals invaders like this. If only we would fight to defend our countries like these maggots do “their benefits”. If not already WE will soon resemble dogs who have been beaten far too much. We have a bunch of equality freaks in government. Threaten a local and you get shot dead is coming.

  5. Send them to merkel.germas are so brainwashed that will bring them in their houses and marry with their daughters.i am looking forward to the destruction of German society .The irresponsibility of germas brought this plague to Europe.they forced the other Eu nations to submit.eastern Europe escaped barely.germans tried to destroy Europe twice, now he third time.they need to be [intemperate recommendation redacted].

    • Germans as a people didn’t vote for this abomination! That commie Merkel and her cronies did ! The bloody Germans should have won the damn war and we wouldn’t have these bloody 3rd world savages in our midst in the first place! Say what you want about the old Germans, they sure as heck would have never in a million years allowed the 3rd world into Europe! Blame your own bloody politicians! They are doing the same bloody thing!

  6. I once talked to old people who were children during World War II. They were Germans and had been send to various rural areas away from allied fighter Bombers who shot at anything that was moving.

    They were sent to a farmer and they did not live in the house of the farmer or the stable, where the horses, cows, pigs were kept. Only pregnant woman, just born children were allowed to sleep in the stable. All others had to sleep outside the stable below the overhanging roof of the stable. The farmer gave them a few horse blankets so that they could use them as windbreakers but that was all. And they had to work in the fields.
    So, no 5 star hotel or free food. Only hard work from sunrise till sunset.

    We should do this to those of Moria and their predecessors.

    On the other Hand: Mr Poretto of bastionofliberty.blogspot published some time ago a three piece fiction of how they should be interned. I liked that very much.

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