Vehicular Jihad in Berlin

On Tuesday night a culture-enriching Iraqi motorist in Berlin decided to use his vehicle to run over various people riding motorcycles and scooters. Authorities believe the alleged perpetrator suffers from psychiatric problems. The disturbed Iraqi allegedly shouted “Allahu Akhbar” during his vehicular rampage.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating this news report, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Shortly after half past six, in the districts of Wilmersdorf, Schöneberg and Tempelhof,
00:04   a man injured six people in traffic accidents. Three of them seriously.
00:08   At the Innsbruckerplatz the man driving a black Opel Astra crashed into someone on a scooter.
00:12   Near Detmolder Straße he ran over another person on a motorcycle,
00:15   and near Alboinstraße he hit two more.
00:18   The person responsible for these traffic accidents
00:21   then came to a halt in his vehicle. He left his vehicle,
00:24   and placed an ammunition box on the vehicle and claimed that it was a dangerous object.
00:31   Officers who rushed to the scene of the accident
00:35   immediately arrested him and alerted a forensics team accordingly.
00:39   Following his arrest, the man was taken to a local prison in Tempelhofer-Damm.
00:44   The motorway was closed off for safety reasons. Explosives experts
00:48   from the LKA [State Criminal Police] are investigating the Iraqi’s car and the metal case.
00:52   Our forensic department x-rayed the suspicious object
00:58   here on location and found only tools.
01:02   Due to the situation, to be on the safe side we shot it with a water cannon.
01:08   This confirmed the fact that only tools were found in this object.
01:14   The national security department has now taken over the investigation.
01:17   They are checking on whether the Iraqi, who appeared to have psychological issues,
01:21   has an Islamist background.
01:24   My colleague Peter Wilke is on the line with me now.
01:27   Peter, as we just heard, several people have been seriously injured.
01:30   Is there any new information on how the victims are doing?
01:34   Yes, a total of six people were injured, three of them seriously.
01:39   One of them is said to be a firefighter who was on his way home.
01:42   He had an emergency operation last night, and suffered severe head injuries.
01:45   In addition, one of the victims, a motorcyclist on a scooter who was hit by the car
01:51   at Innsbruckerplatz, had to be resuscitated at the scene, according to our information.
01:58   Right now, we can see behind you that the forensics team is still at work.
02:02   What is happening right now?
02:05   Yes exactly, as you can see behind me, and behind the police car, is the crashed car.
02:13   In front of the car, you can still see the last motorcycle he crashed into.
02:18   The police have been here for over twelve hours now, collecting evidence.
02:23   We can also see the officers using yellow chalk to mark on the road where the vehicle drove.
02:32   Police are collecting evidence and are now using a drone. It was already in the air.
02:38   It was used to record the entire scene with an aerial recording.
02:43   This is very useful for the police investigation to comprehend what is happening here.
02:48   We have already heard the amok driver was arrested. What is currently known about him?
02:54   Yes, he is said to be a 30-year-old Iraqi and, as the DPA has now learned from investigators,
03:02   his actions were due to a political motivation.
03:05   The public prosecutor will inform the legal committee
03:09   of this fact this afternoon. So we will have to wait to find out anything further about his motive.
03:16   However, it is becoming more apparent, especially since he is said to have screamed “Allahu Akhbar”
03:23   and put an ammunition box on the car while saying: “If you come any closer you will all die!”
03:28   This incident appears to have political motivation, presumably a religious or Islamist motivation.
03:35   Is that the reason why an investigation has been launched by national security?
03:41   Yes, exactly. This is the reason why the national security is investigating.

3 thoughts on “Vehicular Jihad in Berlin

  1. What a fake news !! Mentally sick again and again and again, how long Germans will keep up with this lies and humiliations from Merkel and this all traitors in Bundestag??, Germany is falling to the Islam in a speedy way !!, feel sorry for this innocent victims , I’m speechless Germany , what kind of [offal] you allow to get in to .. 😢

  2. Every website that reports this uses the word “accident”. To me it was a “deliberate”.

  3. “presumably a religious or Islamist motivation”, said the police.

    This is an encouraging sign (apart from the psychiatric state red herring) that police are beginning to climb the Learning Curve.
    Here is a memo to them:

    Allah does NOT LOVE the non-muslims. 30:45
    Allah is the ENEMY of non-muslims. 2:98
    animosity and hatred forever 60:4
    KILL non-muslims 9:5

    Those are all part of Islamic law.
    The arrested man proclaimed, “Allahu Ackbar”, meaning “Allah is greater!”.
    He has been taught about Allah.

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