Maskless in Walmart

I paid a visit to Walmart in Charlottesville today.

Walmart has had a mandatory mask policy for quite a while, for both staff and customers, as well as a designated entrance and exit. I saw at least three signs about mask requirements while I was there. My policy, however, is to walk into retail businesses without a mask and see what happens.

Some establishments have employees stationed at the entrance door with a box of masks, watching for unmasked customers. In this case there was a greeter in front of the entrance at Walmart, but she didn’t have any masks. I just strolled on in without looking at her.

The vast majority of customers were masked. However, I saw at least three other unmasked coronadissidents in the course of my perambulations around the store.

Customers and staff seemed unconcerned about masklessness. My sense was that people were just being good citizens and obeying what they know to be the rule, without thinking too much about it. Social distancing wasn’t being observed in any noticeable way. People stopped to chat with each other while standing at a normal conversational distance. Sometimes they had their masks pulled down so they could more easily speak and be understood.

Everything was normal, except for all those hideous masks.

I don’t know the significance of any of this. It’s just what I observed during my expedition to Charlottesville.

3 thoughts on “Maskless in Walmart

  1. You witnessed Herd Acceptance. That will be gradually replaced by Herd Immunity. Mandatory vaccinations will be the next weapon against our freedom. Microchip anyone?

  2. I was pleasantly surprised today that, despite North Carolina’s governor mandating masks, I went maskless in both Home Depot and Lowe’s with no problem. Outside of Home Depot I spoke with a maskless man who turned out to be an employee, and with a smile, he told me there’s I’d have no problem. There were no Karen’s complaining, either. The local grocery chain, Ingles, is also tolerant of the bare-faced.

    Now tomorrow I may have to visit Sam’s Club and I’ve heard that’s a different story altigether.

  3. Very interesting outcome for you; thanks for doing that and then sharing.

    As a rule I avoid Wal-Mart altogether, but my local big-box hardware store is another issue. Lately I’ve had no real reason to visit, but knew I was avoiding going there, at least partly because I’m tired of having to endure the condemning stares and under-mask mutterings of the masses. Still, it would be nice to grab a few things….

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