Mocking the Rainbow Fish Will Get You Cancelled

I posted a video last night that described the cancellation by leftists of Lucy Eckhart, an Austrian cabaret artist who has worked for German TV. She has recently been the target of vicious attacks by Antifa and other German progressives.

Oz-Rita, who translated the clip below for subtitling, sends this introductory note:

This is possibly a companion piece to a video by a young German vlogger named “Neverforgetniki” that Vlad subtitled yesterday. It will show what cannot be said in Merkel’s Germany any longer, because her black-shirts (yes, Antifa is being OFFICIALLY paid by Merkel’s government) do not like it.

Lisa Eckhart (who really reminds me of the Berlin cabaret scene in the 1920s) came from the “Poetry Slam Szene”. I like her; she is sharp and subtle to the point that I wonder how the Antifa managed to get onto her. This little video is interesting even without the scandal that seems to be happening around her.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:01   Do you know what is the worst children’s book of all time?
00:05   The Rainbow Fish.
00:09   I see some of you know… never mind.
00:13   it’s an easy story, quickly told.
00:17   The rainbow fish is something very special.
00:21   He wears a multicoloured shiny scale dress.
00:25   He is the most beautiful fish in the whole ocean.
00:29   Clearly, for the others he is a conceited swine
00:33   who has to be mobbed away. They isolate him like a plague sufferer.
00:37   Let him become completely lonely, and then they send him
00:41   a little fish that tells him:
00:45   “Beauty alone will not make you happy…
00:49   so give it to us.”
00:53   And the rainbow fish tears off his colourful scales
00:57   causing the most horrible pain, which is not described in the book.
01:01   But it must be so. He tears them off and gives one to each
01:05   of the other fish until all of them
01:09   become a colourful, conformist puke. HAPPY ENDING!
01:13   And the moral of the story?
01:17   Being special today is only allowed if everyone
01:21   is equally special. Because all people
01:25   are equal and everyone is special.
01:29   And anyone among all these special people who is really
01:33   nothing special is thus no longer equal,
01:37   which makes him — again — very special.
01:41   And you have to lift these up especially to show
01:45   how equal they are. Because after all, nobody is better than
01:49   anybody else. Because everyone is — in everything —
01:53   THE BEST.
01:57   YES! this is
02:01   definitively
02:05   a progression…
02:09   into insanity. But hey, we gotta move towards
02:13   somewhere. And who’s to say that the ultimate goal of humanity
02:17   is not a poor lunatic with a bucket on his head?
02:21   Who bangs his cooking spoon against it
02:25   and screams: “I see something that I don’t see!”
02:29   Maybe THIS is the “Weltgeist”.
02:33   Thank you.

5 thoughts on “Mocking the Rainbow Fish Will Get You Cancelled

  1. I’d like to see more videos of that Austrian guy who comments on current events. He’s funny.

  2. Let me criticize this piece of criticism.

    It is telling that it is a ZDF (German public-service television broadcaster) production. This puts the whole show into a different light. It goes to show that the function of this show is probably that of a pressure relief valve. Let me explain.

    I know this political game from the old communist Hungary, before 1990. There were some special status humorists whom the leadership of the country approved. These humorists were allowed to exist, get on stage and say some tentative critic of the System. This was the way the soft dictatorship intended to let out the pressure from the society.

    Back to the Lisa Eckhar show. This is actually only a very soft version of the way Hungarians think about this communist subversive cultural thuggery called LGBT+. And probably some Germans think the same harsh things about it all, behind closed doors.

    So in my opinion Ms. Eckhart actually speaks in very soft terms about something that is in reality a hybrid war weapon against the Western society. She almost approves the “New Normal” by being part of it. Her words seem to be sophisticated but in reality they only reinforce the System because they do not undermine it.

    I am not an expert on Germany, and this is the first show I saw by Lisa Eckhart, so I may be wrong. But this is not the way real resistance looks like. This seems to be a pseudo-resistance fed to the masses by the communist State TV, to calm down any thoughts of real revolution by presenting pseudo-revolution in a pseudo-democracy that plays pseudo-freedom to pseudo-people. But it is all but communist dictatorship. I had seen it and lived it before in Hungary.

    So this how I see this one show by Ms. Eckhart on ZDF, from Hungary. I would be interested in the opinion of Germans.

    • I am not impartial concerning Lisa Eckhart, because I do not like her at all, but on the whole, I agree with you. If Lisa Eckhart – she is Austrian, btw, and in Austria all this nonsense of our Brave New World took a bit longer to be established as “mainstream” than here in Germany – really was a dissident voice, she wouldn’t be on ZDF or similar channels. In my opinion people like her are used as fig leaves, as some sort of pseudo dissidents.

      But still, it’s interesting that Antifa have started to go after these people, too.

      • Thank you for your opinion, Lavinia, which made me speculate further: the case of L. Eckhart may have been an incident of “public execution” to educate the people.

        “But still, it’s interesting that Antifa have started to go after these people, too.”

        As I read here in GoV, Antifa is supported by the German government. So if I put together the pieces of the picture, it is a mafia-like leadership in Germany: “smile in the face, stab in the back”. – where L. Eckhart is the smile, and Antifa is the stabber. Mutti Mürkül gets the dirty jobs done in a discreet manner…

        The fact that L. Eckhart is in fact Austrian, reinforces my idea: her function is / was to utter what a real German could not say publicly. After all, she is just an Austrian clown and should not be taken seriously by decent German citizens. And the one that should not be taken seriously can be violently cancelled, and nobody will raise objections. No contradiction here.

        Moreover, could it have been a government tactics to show the people the electric fence that protects virtual borders of the The New Normal? Like a public execution in the city center. I mean this whole strategy can be deliberate: “let her speak on the State TV, then let us erase her” – “and this will send the message to the masses about what is right and wrong here”. In other words the German government may have deliberately set an example by Eckhart.

        But of course the situation is very turbulent, so not everything can be pre-planned. But if there are other similar cases of “public execution” in Germany, than it is indeed a pattern and a tactic of the state.

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