Last month I posted a video about an African culture-enricher in Italy who killed, cooked, and ate a cat in a public square next to the railway station. In the following video you’ll see that the invaders also have a taste for dog meat.

This clip features an interview with a lady farmer [I wish the English language gendered the word “farmer”. German does, and I’m sure that Italian must also make the distinction. But we’re reduced to cumbersome circumlocutions] who lives on the island of Lampedusa. Her farm has been overrun by migrants, who leave trash and defecate everywhere, and have eaten all her animals except for the pigs.

The report notes that although the culture-enrichers are mostly Muslims, they drink a lot of alcohol. And, strangely enough, they eat dogs, but seem to draw the line at pigs for some reason.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   …they hear me. You’ll see what’s happening. I make reports to the Guardia di Finanza,
00:05   the mayor, the assessor, and the director of the center. You tell me if I
00:09   can’t be the owner of my land?
00:13   [unintelligible] my father was going to finish down there.
00:17   Tell me what I have to do. Look. —There are mattresses, everywhere, covers…
00:22   have eaten everything… [unintelligible]
00:26   Come. I’ll show you all the bottles of alcohol here.
00:30   [unintelligible] that many Arabs drink alcohol.
00:36   Look. Look [unintelligible] Look. Look. —Excrement everywhere.
00:41   Look. Look. Look.
00:46   Private property. They enter and leave it like this. —Look. Come.
00:51   Look. You can’t breathe, boys.
00:54   You cannot breathe! —An incredible odor of excrement.
00:58   The stink kills you. I go to the Guardia di Finanza and report.
01:02   The mayor, the assessor and the director of the center. Because the last time
01:06   the Carabinieri came up here, they promised me they would come and clean it up. Instead,
01:10   [unintelligible] passed and nobody comes.
01:13   Tell me… —Tell me one thing. They have eaten goats… —So, they have eaten chickens,
01:17   the goats, the dogs. I can’t have any more animals. I only have pigs.
01:22   [unintelligible] only the pigs. Look.
01:26   Look here. Look. Look.
01:30   [Reporters speaking unintelligibly]
01:34   Look how many bottles there are. Look.
01:38   An open air dump
01:42   An open air dump. So, I’m going to do this,
01:46   if they don’t listen to me, I’ve reached the point I’ll have to carry out justice myself.
01:50   As soon as somebody comes, I’ll shoot him,
01:53   because they always tell me they are being cared for. Who the hell takes care of me?
01:56   Who takes care of me? Who pays me for these damages?
02:00   They even eat doggies. This is shameful. This is shameful!
02:04   We are Italians, yes or no? —The remains of a dog?
02:08   Yes, [unintelligible] all this, remains, hair,
02:12   the covers, a small grill. — So they killed the dog.
02:16   Even the dogs, three dogs, yes… —They skinned it? —Yes, they skinned it.

8 thoughts on “Doggone!

  1. Unimaginable what this EU. Doing to Europeans, it’s a insanity, insult!!, it’s a discrimination for Italians, I feel sick in my stomach what is happening in front of our eyes..

  2. In a sane world, this lady and everyone else threatened by these invaders would be able to shoot trespassers without fear of prosecution.

    • That is why you practice the shoot, shovel and shut up method of dealing with these bloody savages. It says the lady farmer has pigs, well they gotta eat too.

  3. On eating dog meat: At least 40 years ago, relevant German law still stated explicitly |that slaughtered dogs must be checked for trichinella, just like pigs. Ulrich Scherping (look up the name in case you care for hunting in Germany) who was a forester in Silesia in the 1920-ties was baffled when he found the three big dogs he had shot when chasing roes were not buried, as he had told the worker, but eaten. Myself, from the fifties and NE-Bavaria, never heard of dog meat being eaten in the region (which has been rather poor up to the thirties).

    • Reminds of hussein, (aka obummer) eating dog meat in his youthful years in Indonesia, attending mosks (intentional sic), just sayin’ as a FYI PSA, …… from his “biographies”, which I didn’t waste time reading, I listened to the totally free CD’s which were provided to many in swing states, as public PSA’s, and read many excerpts on dependable web sources, even his own interview on free on You Tube, about his being islam….

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