Throwing the Book at ’em, Swedish Style

Two culture-enriching “Swedish” youngsters have received sentences of three and a half and two years for the robbery and murder of a third culture-enricher. The one who received two years did not participate in the murder, according to the court, and the other one pretended to be 16 at the time of the crime to avoid a stiffer sentence. Which, knowing Sweden, might have been as much as — gasp! — seven years in detention. As it is, he will serve his draconian three-and-a-half-year sentence in juvie.

The case has a Mohammed Coefficient of 100%.

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Murder with 66 knife cuts and robbery brings 3.5 years juvenile custody for immigrant of unknown age

by Av Pettersson

In December of last year, a dead man, Rabeen Zuher Khalid, was found by passersby in Lövgärdet in Gothenburg. He had been beaten and been killed with 66 stab wounds in his head, throat and neck. Today, two young men were sentenced for the act. One for murder and robbery, the other for robbery and protecting a criminal, aggravated crime.

The younger of the two, Ayuub Mahamed Nur, with duel Somali-Swedish citizenship, and possibly 16 years of age at the time of the crime, was sentenced for murder and robbery to three and a half years in juvenile custody. The prosecutor had claimed that he was older than he stated, and that he was 18, not 16, when it happened. Concerning this the district court wrote: “In light of the margin of error regarding the medical age investigation and what else has emerged, the district court considers that the age of 19 does not appear more likely than 17 years. The district court shall thus assume the age which is most favorable to NN, and in this context that is 17 years.”

In the investigation, a letter was found where Ayuub himself wrote that he would soon be 19 years old, yet he is sentenced as a 16-year-old at the time of the murder.


From Migration Court judgment UM 2437-13 dated February 11 2014:

It is the asylum seeker who must prove that he is a minor.

This principle also applies to unaccompanied children.

In the first place, written evidence is relevant.

However, the asylum seeker has the burden of proof concerning his age, and if he cannot prove that he is underage, he will be considered an adult.]

The older of the two, Ibrahim Ali Mohamud, born in 1999, and for some reason a Swedish citizen, was sentenced to two years in prison for robbery and protection of a criminal, aggravated crime. He is freed of any suspicion of murder.

Pettersson wonders why the courts don’t follow the law regarding age; it is the asylum seeker who must prove his age, and if he can’t he is to be considered an adult and sentenced as an adult.

5 thoughts on “Throwing the Book at ’em, Swedish Style

  1. In principle, I don’t have a problem with what one orc does to another. If lying about the age means a lesser sentence then so much the better. The less time the Swedish taxpayer is on the hook for upkeep in a Swedish prison/hotel the better.

    The problem comes when they have completed their short incarceration, at which point they are released back into Swedish society to do more mayhem. Since Swedes don’t want to do what should be done with such troglodytes, deporting them back to festering sores they oozed out of should be automatic upon completion of their vacation. Personally, I would just put such rats in a cage and submerge in the nearest body of water, but that is just my nature. I have no pity or sympathy for such orc scum.

  2. Sweden needs a good Fimbulwinter to clear out the third world [epithets].
    Welfare checks über alles as part of the world wide Great Leap Forward.
    The golden globalist utopia is a big heaping steaming pile of FAIL.
    It’s the same in Amerikwa the Kwanstain, if you defend yourself against culture enrichers you’ll be in trouble while the replacements go free.
    Luckily for the globalists the vibrants aren’t all that bright and can’t figure out that they will be tossed overboard just like the whites when they are no longer politically useful.

    • What is more shocking is a Somali had the mental capacity to know how to use a knife. Maybe his partner taught him. If only he’d married his sister he would be a shoe-in for mayor of Minneapoli-Dishu or congress person from Minnesota-Stan.

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