Geert Wilders on “Racism” in the Netherlands

In the wake of the Black Lives Matter crisis, there has been a debate in the Dutch parliament about racism in the Netherlands. The two videos below from the floor of the Tweede Kamer show excerpts from Geert Wilders’ remarks on the issue.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

Video #1:

Video #2:

The following article from De Dagelijkse Standaard (also translated by FouseSquawk) accompanied the videos:

Geert Wilders on racism: “80,000 social rental homes to asylum-seekers while native Dutch have to wait”

by Bart Reijmerink
July 1, 2020

Geert Wilders cannot tolerate that politicians believe that the Netherlands is racist to the bone. Asscher, in particular, must suffer in the debate on racism. The Netherlands is one of the most tolerant countries in Europe, so many provisions have been made for migrants, but it is still thought that the Netherlands is racist. Wilders can no longer entertain this nonsense, and he is ranting in the Tweede Kamer.

In recent weeks, people have liked to throw out terms such as “systemic racism”. For Wilders, this is incomprehensible because if the Netherlands is so institutionally racist, why do we in the Netherlands do such much for asylum seekers? According to Wilders, it is specifically the native Dutch who are discriminated against and not the foreigners. He cites here the example that foreigners should be given priority in rental housing.

Wilders on Twitter:

80,000 social rental homes went to asylum-seekers while natives on are a waiting list for years.

Don’t make the racism problem bigger than it is. And think, finally, of all the natives who are discriminated against!

Wilders also criticizes the fact that Lodewijk Asscher pictures the Netherlands as some kind of banana republic. This is simply a big lie according to Wilders. The Netherlands is far away one of the most tolerant countries in Europe. If we look at our legislation, Wilders is certainly right. There are a number of countries that sometimes act like barbarians with migrants, or countries that maintain naturalization and integration policies that are many times stricter.

Wilders on Twitter:

The Netherlands is one of the most tolerant lands in Europe, where racism is the least common.

What Asscher outlines is an insult for all Dutch people.

The debate in Parliament is rather black and white. Either you hear that the Netherlands is racist through and through — filled with anecdotal evidence — or you hear that nothing is wrong.

In other words, not a very constructive debate.

Video transcript #1:

00:00   Madam President, I do not contribute to the climate, I cite facts
00:05   and of course, there isn’t enough building in the Netherlands.
00:08   The truth is that from 2013-14 to 2017-18, 80,000
00:11   social rental homes went to asylum-seekers.
00:15   80,000 social rental homes. That is about
00:19   the same as the number of new homes that have been built over those years.
00:23   They have all gone — the new homes — all gone to people
00:27   who were asylum-seekers, status [residence permit] holders we call them,
00:31   but they were asylum-seekers. That is pure discrimination against the Dutch.
00:35   Your mailbox should also be full of messages from people who say, “Yes, I myself,
00:40   or my daughter have been on the waiting list five years, and we have as yet gotten nothing.”
00:43   And the asylum-seekers come first. That is not creating a climate,
00:48   that is a fact, and with that you undermine the support
00:52   for exactly what you want. My statement is not that you are insincere
00:56   when it comes to fighting racism, but please,
01:00   first, don’t make the problem bigger than it is, and second,
01:04   care as much for the Dutch and the PvdA voters, who have been subordinated
01:07   and discriminated against as natives in favor of the others.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   Yes, Chairwoman, what a terrible story from the chairman of the PvdA [Labour party]
00:05   He pretends that it is very bad in the Netherlands vis-à-vis racism and discrimination.
00:12   He acts as if it is so bad in the Netherlands with its racism and discrimination.
00:17   And I have news for him. This is not the case. This is not the case, and naturally every incident
00:22   when anyone who experiences something [bad] is one too many, but the picture from you,
00:25   what you lay out, more like a father, Madame Chairwoman, is an insult to all Dutch people.
00:28   It is an insult to all Dutch people, the picture you outline,
00:32   that the Netherlands is a racist country,
00:36   that it is really bad in the Netherlands. I have news for you, Colleague Asscher.
00:41   The Netherlands is one of the most tolerant countries in Europe.
00:44   The Netherlands is one of the countries where racism, for example by color,
00:49   occurs the least. So stop
00:52   making things bigger than they are.

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