Just Lie Back and Think of the Multiculture

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this Dutch article from De Dagelijkse Standaard:

Refugee Commission advice on immigration policy: “Nothing can be done, and it is far too expensive”!

by Wout Willemsen
July 5, 2020

Can anything be done with the immigration policy? The answer to the question is to be found in the advice that was sent on July 3 from the ministry to the Tweede Kamer, and is written in response to the investigation into the revision of the UN refugee treaty. July 3 is the day the summer recess begins… Not so surprising, because the conclusions are sad: “We can’t do anything, or it is too expensive.”

Dr Jan van de Beek has a nice Twitter thread set up where he manages to expose the core of the document (and its problems).

Tweet: [Inset]

1/6. It is noteworthy that this investigation into the revision of the UN refugee treaty, announced in the 2017 coalition agreement, will be sent to Parliament on July 3— the day the summer recess begins

In the document, numerous fallacies are found, mixed with half-truths. The conclusions drawn are the following: “To adjust immigration policy costs a lot of money and is not worth it. Adjusting the UN refugee treaty costs too much diplomatic effort, so you also should not want to. And actually, we are all delivered to our fate, and migration is a kind of natural force that we can’t do anything against.”

This is outright nonsense, naturally, but the idea of border controls is bombarded with images of North Korea, military zones, and the Iron Curtain. And later there is suddenly talk as if they will now be “permanently closed borders”. It makes no sense, of course, but the message is clear: Very scary! So we have to continue to try to make agreements with untrustworthy countries then everything will be fine (perhaps, over time).

The cabinet will not do anything about it and also doesn’t want to do anything. They just follow this advice. It is so simple.

4 thoughts on “Just Lie Back and Think of the Multiculture

  1. The controllers want the replacements because they like mommygov and were born to be slaves.
    The unelected rulers of the earth need the imminent chaos so they can have the ordo ab chao.
    Hopefully the chaos genie takes a big dump on the best laid plans of mice and men.

  2. I didn’t see any women in the photograph, just a bunch of menacing and obscenely ugly arab men.

  3. At least they are acting as though mass immigration is undesirable, instead of just blathering about how wonderful it is. Keep up the effort and maybe they can be convinced to actually do something.

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