Another Somali Success Story From Sweden

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Nyheter Idag:

Tried to rape 11-year-old boy — Detained by victim’s parents

July 11, 2020

Two parents in Upplands Väsby detained a 16-year-old who is suspected of the attempted rape of their 11-year-old son. The 16-year-old, who is a Somali citizen, is also suspected of raping a 12-year-old and was earlier sentenced to juvenile custody for other crimes.

Last November a 16-year-old of Somali citizenship was detained by an 11-year-old boy’s parents after a rape attempt on the boy in Upplands Väsby, Expressen reports.

A month before the assault on the 11-year-old, the 16-year-old is suspected of raping a 12-year-old boy during a similar assault, which he broke off when the boy offered him his weekly allowance to let him go.

That consisted of a pair of hundred-kronor notes, and the perpetrator took the money to let the child go, Östling says.

The 16-year-old is earlier suspected of committing 35 crimes during the past year, including beating, unlawful threat, harassment, and burglary. At the time of the assault, he was taken into custody after having been sentenced to juvenile custody.

The mother of the 11-year-old boy told Expressen that her son had come home and said that he had been threatened with a knife and subjected to an attempted rape.

She and her husband decided to look for the attacker even though the son warned them that he was armed.

“My son cried; he was hysterical, and said that the boy had a knife. My son was terrified that he would hurt us. I said that we had to find him so that he can’t do this to another child,” the mother told Expressen.

They found the 16-year-old, and the mother was able to hold him until police came to the scene.

“I shouted to the boy that I would never let him go. And I shouted at him, ‘How in the hell can you do such a thing to a child?’,” said the mother.

The trial of the 16-year-old has begun, and it has been decided that he will be subjected to a forensic psychiatric examination before the trial continues.

He denies the rape of the 12-year-old, but admits parts of the events surrounding the assault on the 11-year-old.

“I sat and looked at him in the eye during the entire trial. I wanted to see if he was sorry, but he didn’t dare meet my gaze. I think he is like a ticking bomb, and I hope he gets locked up so he cannot commit many crimes,” the mother says to Expressen.

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  1. Why waste the money on a psychiatric evaluation; the young orc is a Somali so everyone knows he will be found to have diminished mental capacity. Also, since it is a muslim orc, that will be found to be an extenuating circumstance and clearly the accuser is a rascist islamophobe who by not freely offering the use of his backside has caused physical and psychological distress to the young orc.

    • ROFL. Diminished capacity from a continent where the Chimpanzees average 2 IQ points higher than the local ‘human’ IQ…
      Diminished capacity in a somali suggests that divine intervention is required to prevent skulls collapsing under Standard Day air pressure.
      So. One wonders what the Swedes excuse is?

    • Deport? Really!?? To live to fight and rape another day, Really?!!! Bullets and rope are the only sure fire way to make sure it never ever happens again. But if it were up to me, I would make ole Saint Vlad the Impaler Tepes blush with envy myself.

      • G, I am a Native NewYorker living here with my Swedish wife. This stuff is close by but not in my neighborhood. The Ruling Elite in Stockholm are at best the same as the Ruling Elite in Brussels that every Social Democrat aspires. I do not know what can be done to prevent further destruction to Swedish society. When it comes to my community and it is in front of me I will deal with it as any red blooded American would. I fear this will be my demise. At this point I cannot even hope for a Pyrrhic Victory.
        -Paul in Sweden

        • Paul, Start forming like minded individuals such as yourself, arm up, train and start putting the living bloody fear of God into these 3rd worlders, when they finally fear you, they will leave by however many it takes to make Europe and Sweden for that matter native once again. As for your demise, you are already dead, so go forth and act like these is no tomorrow, because without direct action, there won’t be, for there is nowhere else a white native can flee too. So be the sheep? Or be the Wolf?

  2. Its insane, that somali should be lynched by a patriot swedish mob,

    But no, hell be given community service, then freed to kill, rapecand maim some other swedish kids.

    The swedish judiciar are all communist marxist pc traitors.

    Swedes rise up! And take back your country or be genocided by the kalergi pland and die.

    Sweden is cess pit, of feminazis and commie socialist traitors.

  3. diversity is our strength lol
    import the 3rd world become the 3rd world, sadly i believe crimes like this need to continue, for every crime like this, it redpills a few brainwashed idiots at a time

    • Nothing will change until the economy that makes westerners fat, dumb, and happy has been destroyed. Prosperous, peaceful societies don’t have ethnic conflicts or civil wars.

      The Swedes seem to be particularly lacking in the common sense department compared to other European nations but they still clamor for more orcs and tolerate the same prime minister who was defeated in their election to continue running the country off the rails. A modern day Eloi-Stan… The best that can be done with them at this point is to extract a few of the prettiest blondes for a selective breeding program to preserve the natural blonde genes but this can only occur in a country that has repealed the right to vote for women to prevent another Sweden from ever occurring.

      • Excuse me, Moon, but your proposal seems to dismiss the movement for women’s suffrage a century ago. I can’t believe I still have to make the point, but they were correct (or am I missing something?) Women do think differently from men, but this doesn’t mean their perspective carries less legitmacy.

        • I don’t believe women’s suffrage has contributed very much if anything positive to elections in any country in which it has been done. To be fair, I don’t believe most men should have the vote either, and that age as a prime requirement is one of the dumbest methods to determine who gets to vote and who does not. After all, is a 40 yr old moron superior to a 15 yr old prodigy in determining who would be a superior president or simply a superior dog catcher?

          My specific issue with female voting is the role it has played in the dumbing down and blatant appeal to emotion instead of logic in almost every arena of society. The entire Great Society and indeed the welfare state would not exist were it not for the complicity of the female vote. Granted, a great many males also voted for such stupidity but in general males are less prone to such emotional appeals. Were it up to me I would extremely limit the franchise to both men and women, and require extraordinary qualifications in order to exercise it. My beef with Sweden is that it is a particularly egregious example of what happens when women run roughshod over society via the ballot box.

          • I would even go further, only allow those men with military service to be citizens with a right to vote and keep the women home making babies.

          • Indeed, I plunged into this matter and researched womens vote in the Weimar Republic, when their right to vote had just been established.
            Women voted more for Hitler than men, if so in a very small majority.
            But don’t rumors have it that in the days of olde ,women always voted like told by their husbands? Go,think about it.

    • Redpill? Does it though? Or does it desensitize the population, when people simply become emotionally fatigued? By dint of constant repetition, do these crimes then become incorporated as the new normal?

      Proliferation of such crimes represent a sort of loss of culture and values to the native population. The four stages of grief and loss, according to Kubler-Ross, are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally, acceptance.

      Where are we in this process?

  4. The Viking Legendary spirit is long dead in the Scandinavian
    Countries I am afraid to say.
    Where are the warriors and shield maidens when you need

  5. Considering the current state of affairs in Sweden, it’s only a matter of time, before those parents will be accused of racism for having detained that poor misguided somali child.
    Imprisonement would follow in a sane society, though these day in Sweden, that unhappy kid is more likely to get a pat on the head and psychological help and subsequently full access to the swedish social smorgasbord…

  6. jUST CUT his fingers on one hand, then say the police the did it himself.
    Problem solved.

  7. Rape by Muslims is punishable by free coffee with sugar. Tough as hell. Just the way Sweden is going.

  8. If I caught someone trying to rape my kid, there wouldn’t be any police involved. But I guess that kind of thinking scares the living hell out of your average Swede these days. They don’t even love their own flesh & blood enough to stop the orcs.

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