We’re Only Trying to Get a Little Peace

The following report has more details on the historic peace agreement between the Chechens and the North Africans of Dijon, which was arrived at after intense negotiations by imams at a mosque in Quétigny.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   It was here, under this tent, that the decision was made to end the fighting.
00:05   Around 10:30 p.m. last night, after four days of high tension, representatives
00:10   from the Chechen and North African communities met at this mosque in Quétigny near Dijon.
00:15   Imam Mohamed Ateb welcomes these discussions.
00:19   We said to them that this isn’t a community matter, and is not connected to,
00:27   not aimed at a particular community, and that the incident itself involves ten of their children.
00:33   The problem has been resolved and they are calling for peace.
00:37   This imam is not the only one calling for calm. The starting point for these tensions is said
00:42   to have been the attack on a young Chechen last week. His father wants reconciliation too.
00:47   We came to France for our safety and to live in a normal country.
00:53   In peace, in calm, but no war. No nothing.
00:59   But will they be listened to? Will we see those scenes return that were here
01:04   in downtown Dijon or there in the Grésillés neighborhood?
01:10   Tonight, in any case, there were no incidents. No burning cars, no clashes,
01:16   and a strong police presence. For this police union leader
01:20   the situation is under control , but he wants
01:23   to remain cautious. —We have no crystal ball. We are making sure that it stops
01:27   and that it calms down quickly. Quickly doing what needs to be done so that the situation stops
01:31   and returns to normal; we are using all the means at our disposal. On the other hand,
01:35   to tell you that it won’t happen again is an affirmation that I can’t make, that’s all we want.
01:39   In the Grésillés district this morning, calm has returned. Following the events
01:43   of the last few days, the investigations are continuing.
01:46   Four people have been questioned by investigators.