BLM Riots Come to Gothenburg

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this report from Fria Tider about yesterday’s events in the Swedish city of Gothenburg:

Violent immigrant chaos in Gothenburg

BLM — riots against police

June 7, 2020

The “peaceful” BLM— demonstration in Gothenburg degenerated during the afternoon, with immigrant mobs attacking and throwing stones at police.

The demonstration in Gothenburg today consisted of about 3,000 participants.

After 4pm a violent group collected at Avenyn and began throwing stones at and fighting against police, according to Aftonbladet. Demonstrators are also reported to be fighting with one another.

According to the newspaper, violent demonstrators also broke a photographer’s camera.

Police surrounded the area and riot police were deployed. The mob, however, did not disperse but stood eye to eye with the police. They then succeeded in pushing the police back amid great cheering.

Aftonbladet‘s reporter was forced to run from the scene after a firecracker was thrown at him.

Police picket buses appeared to flee around 5pm when the mob threw stones against them and broke the windows.

Photos from the scene show that a large portion of the troublemakers are third-world immigrants.

“These are youths from the suburbs who are taking advantage of the opportunity. And we have had this before; we have been well aware of the situation,” says the police press spokesperson Christer Fuxborg to Aftonbladet.

Several people went into the Arkaden shopping center and smashed windows of several shops there, according to Göteborgs-Posten.

Several people have been arrested, but it is as yet unclear how many.

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    • Multicultural trashing our countries just is not worth it. Screw suffering these alien dominos. I love our European ancestors ten thousand times MORE than anything oozing out of the pc drainage. Maybe these feminists are going to have to experience a massive change in white baby production heart.

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        • Why don’t the Swedes commit acts of diversity in multicultural neighborhoods?
          Everyone knows the time when they stand in their favorite positions on Fridays in mosques. At these moments, you can quite safely move in restricted areas, accidentally spill combustible substances, accidentally lose a burning cigarette butt ….

          • These are barracks. Barracks have guards. Muslims are always watching you. YOU are the enemy being slowly but surely driven under. Like the capitalists say, “It’s a numbers game”.

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