Ayaan Hirsi Ali on Black Lives Matter

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from today’s De Telegraaf:

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Society is far from racist

June 10, 2020

Washington: Ayaan Hirsi Ali, has spoken out from America about the Black Lives Matter protests. The opinion-maker argues that American society offers people the possibility to be themselves.

Hirsi Ali speaks out against the media. She is bothered by the fact that journalists draw a difference in skin color when it concerns the behavior of police officers towards black or white people, but not when it concerns criminality. “Then you don’t get the whole story,” says Hirsi Ali.

According to her, America is the best place on earth for blacks, women, homosexuals, transgender, or what have you, to be. “We have our problems, and so we must continue to address them. But our society and systems are far from racist.”

Black Lives Matter Protest

In recent weeks there have been large protests in the US after the death of the black arrestee George Floyd. Originally the protests were anarchist, with police cars set on fire and shops plundered. Over time, the protests have seemed to become more peaceful and more political.

The protests have also spread to Europe. Here they are, in the most cases, pleasant, with incidents and unrest here and there, but there is fear it can turn around.

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  1. ‘The protests have also spread to Europe. Here they are, in the most cases, pleasant, with incidents and unrest here and there, but there is fear it can turn around.’

    Try looking at the news coming out of the UK, Ayaan. I think “in the most cases, pleasant” isn’t accurate at all.

    • Without blacks there cannot be violent protests and looting. Lots of anti-racism protests in eastern Europe and Russia, no?

      I am fortunate enough to live in an American state that has not had the experience of being blessed with hordes of orcs. No protests to speak of whatsoever. I am sure if all the blacks were gone then we would probably fight over something else, but with a fraction of the criminality and dysfunction that the black community has become known for. If pointing out the obvious makes me a racist then I confess that I am one.

      • Nearly half of black people in the US are descended from slaves, ie they had no choice in the matter. And whatever choices they have made, for better or worse, they also, often, start from a position of disadvantage, whether caused by their parent(s) or the wider society (I recall Dymphna writing about the negative effects of welfare legislation under LBJ, which incentivised mothers not to live with the fathers of their children).

        By the way, people have been dehumanising those they dislike by calling them by non-human names for many years: pigs, dogs, and indeed orcs. It’s a cheap shot, if I may say so.

        • Orc is a term used to best describe the set of characteristics that destructive and malevolent individuals of every group of outsiders to Western society exhibit when living amongst Westerners whether in Europe or the US. As in Tolkien’s books, the term is not intended as racist but descriptive.

          I used to use the appellation savages to describe those who invaded Western countries and proceeded to maintain the same abhorrent cultural practices as the cesspools they slithered out of, but I find orc works better as a descriptive because it denotes one who defiles and destroys everything that is good in this world without contributing whatsoever anything of beauty or joy. No great buildings or monuments ever arise from those hands, but they are quite adept at tearing down and destroying the works of generations of Westerners (the burning of the Cathedral of Notre Dame). No books, poems, works of art, songs, or anything else which would positively define a culture come from the orc. Orc is an equal opportunity and all encompassing descriptive that perfectly describes the hordes of Somalis infesting many western lands, as well as those of Afghani, Pakistani, Iraqi, Moroccan, or Congolese extraction. Not all of these places are uncivilized; Iraq in particular was fairly well educated and literate with a history going back thousands of years, and not all Iraqis who have taken up residence in western lands deserve the appellation “orc”. But to those who come here with no skills and no interest in doing anything other than being a malevolent parasite and raping and destroying, the descriptive of orc is applied.

        • MarkK, These orcs dehumanize themselves by their 3rd world behavior and pathologies. Ecerywhere these bloody orcs congregate, 3rd world sub human behaviors always follows, without exception. Sooner or later they will force the Great Purge upon themselves, for Europeans patience with them and Islamic 3rd worlders is rapidly running out, so side with them if you must, no matter, it always comes down to them, or us.

      • I love the last phrase.i could not have said it better.
        Nigros are orbs and I am blessed as well with living far from areas populated by them
        That why I will never go to New York or Chicago or Baltimore

  2. Renee,

    Please re-read the article. Ayaan’s words are in quotes. The other translation is the words of the newspaper article writer. Ayaan did not say that the European protests are pleasant. The De Telegraaaf writer did.

  3. According to De Telegraaf I would assume doesn’t agree with Hirsi’s assertion that America’s society isn’t racist. The De Telegraaf then goes on to prove it doesn’t understand that the huge contrived protests being used to loot, riot, burn minority businesses as well as churches and synagogue down to the ground isn’t organic to the society itself states it is at war against. These inorganic protestations are seeking the overthrow of the society known as the number one arbiter of freedoms and human rights by far above any other nation.

    I say inorganic in that this current phase of politically induced resistance is organically connected to the CCP virus sent to preclude the latest insurgent operations being waged by ANTIFA and BLM. Most everyone can agree with this latest orientation too.

    Interestingly too what most have failed to associate to these latest insurgent operations in America in Europe is the decidedly CCP flavor of tactics being employed. What we are all witness to is the tactic of the “Struggle Session” that was as a form of public humiliation and torture used by the Chinese Communist Party during the terror reign of dictator Mao. Older pictures of Chinese being made to bow is a parallel to the coercive public shaming of taking a knee and kneeling before their terrorist captors today. Along with the destruction of historic relics and religious institutions is another paralleled aspect to Mao’s Cultural War by the social warriors in ANTIFA and the BLM whose ideology and goals are one and the same despite the different melanin content of their members.

    These organizations who push divisive racism aren’t concerned about ethnic minorities but are instead pushing the agenda of the CCP in order to weaken and divide the societies of America and Europe as a prelude to their being crushed by the CCP. This is the best orientation of the current strategy being used by these groups. In fact there are two other nations invested with the CCP who are said to be planning an invasion force against America which will also be tied into a concerted invasion of Taiwan. All of which is a reasonable natural progression of possible events. Several other essential elements of information suggesting this is a viable plan to further a new world order under the leadership of the CCP.

    Oh and look up “Struggle Sessions”. This is where these socialist subversive insurgents got it from.

    • “Struggle Sessions” – I agree.

      All this garbage is of Maoist inspiration.

      I think that the CCP realized how destructive it was to their own society… and came up with the idea of weaponizing it.

      Sadly, it works.

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