A New Nationalist Movement in Italy

The word “fascist” is one of the most abused terms in modern political discourse. It is constantly thrown about with wild abandon, and is frequently applied to anyone who deviates even a nanometer from the progressive agenda of international socialism. Needless to say, I have been designated a fascist on many occasions.

The Italian party Forza Nuova, however, truly is neo-fascist. They are unabashed admirers of Benito Mussolini, and espouse an ideology based on Il Duce’s fascism of the 1920s and ’30s.

In preparing for this post I poked around on Forza Nuova’s websites. The party’s positions are what one would expect, and I found myself agreeing with it on several points, notably its pro-life position and its policies on immigration. Unlike the Nordic versions of National Socialism, there seemed to be little or no Jew-hatred in its online materials.

There has recently been a split in Forza Nuova. The (former) U.S. coordinator, Francesco Dotro, emailed me a few weeks ago and asked for my help notifying the English-speaking world of the formation of a new party, the Rete, out of disaffected portions of Forza Nuova.

We live in a time of unprecedented assault on nationalism, sovereignty, and national identity. I consider it important that nationalists be able to communicate with one another, given that they are cancelled, banned, shunned, shut down, and otherwise inhibited from publicizing their views in most online media.

For that reason I am posting the message below from Francesco Dotro. My willingness to allow him to speak should not be construed to mean that I agree with any or all of the Rete’s positions — far from it. Posting his message should not be taken to mean that I endorse it. I simply assume that readers of Gates of Vienna are intelligent enough to decide for themselves whether the arguments made by the new Italian nationalists have any merit.

“But Baron,” I hear you say, “think of what this will do to your reputation!”

As I have said many times before: I spit on the grave of my reputation. And, in this particular case, I hope to earn a reputation as someone who is willing to let dissident voices be heard. Unlike, say, Facebook and Twitter.

La Rete (The Network)

by Francesco Dotro

As of early May of this year a major split has occurred in Forza Nuova, a nationalist party in Italy which was founded and led by Roberto Fiore. For a period of time now it has been felt that the leadership in Rome has strayed from the beliefs the Party was founded on. Due to political differences, it is believed that 75% of current membership have left, along with two of the three vice secretaries. Supporting groups such as Solidarietà Nazionale, Associazione Evita Peron, and Lega Della Terra have also joined in the exodus. The choice was not an easy one, as many members have been involved since the beginning. They all have weathered the battles together and have held the torch of Nationalism through the years.

Out of this the membership has decided not to end the battle for freedom, and to continue to fight for the preservation of the culture and future of Italy. It has formed and given birth to the Rete Delle Comunita Forzanoviste. This is a temporary — or rather, interim — organization being utilized to bring Nationalists throughout Italy together in a common cause. A new party will be formed on the Fall of this year. Already there have been discussions, with new groups joining along as well as old members returning. There is a feeling of great enthusiasm and hope that the Rete (Network) will forge ahead and provide solutions for today’s problems in Italy and Europe as a whole.

What is the Rete?

The Rete is a network of militant communities active all over Italy. These communities have decided to form a new nationalist movement with a common organization and style of action. The old nationalist associations seem to be outdated and unable to solve new problems. On the other end, the social situation is changing dramatically in our country. The majority of people are angry with the globalists, and they have increased in number, but they are ideologically confused. They understand — or better yet — feel the system is totally wrong, but they have no idea of how to change it, let alone what to build upon its ashes. This means that the Rete will have to find new methods and elaborate a modern strategy, at the cultural level as well as in the streets. The Rete will work for the birth of a Nationalist Bloc together with other patriotic groups.

When did it start, and what are its goals?

It started on May 8th, a day dedicated to St. Michael the Archangel, chosen as the protector of all militant patriots. The Rete is formed by hundreds of activists with good discipline and experience. The first step was to give the Rete a solid organization: a centralized leadership — the Segreteria Nazionale — consisting of a team of both young and old people. It will also incorporate a number of political “commissions” to analyze specific aspects of the struggle (students, foreign policy, ideology, etc.) and technical “offices” with specific tasks (graphic, legal, media, social and recruiting).

The Rete has several so called “satellites” or parallel organizations. Solidarietà Nazionale is active in collecting food and helping poor Italians with food distribution (in contrast with the privileges accorded to immigrants). The Evita Peron Association is the women’s front, active against gender propaganda; it also takes care of a Summer camp for children and might soon start homeschooling, (quite uncommon in Italy, so far). The Lega Della Terra is for the peasants and farmers, and our young activists are forming a Rete Studentesca in the schools. We plan to form specific social cells in different categories, such as truck drivers, teachers, etc.

Our militants are also busy with operation “Quartieri Sicuri” (Safe Neighborhoods), walking the streets in dangerous urban areas. The Rete has just opened a website www.la-rete.it, but we are going to open more, for the satellite organizations and for cultural articles.

What are the “8 Points” and what type of society do they aim to create?

The “8 Points” have contributed to form a whole generation of militants in Italy. Synthetically, they are:

1.   Pro-life;
2.   Pro-natural family;
3.   Stop immigration, start repatriation;
4.   Ban freemasonry and other similar sects;
5.   Ban usury; print only “people’s money”;
6.   Restore the 1929 State/Church agreement;
7.   Cancel all anti-patriotic laws;
8.   Create workers’ corporations to protect the people from the globalists.

The Rete has produced a Political Manifesto that derives directly from these principles and applies them to the new social situation regarding the State, the concept of National Identity and Italian/European Fatherland, the need for demographic growth, the economy, the judicial system, education, and the military. The Political Manifesto has been conceived as dynamic, as every part can be developed into a larger specific political document, and we welcome contributions from experts in the specific fields, inside or outside the Rete. We believe that experts and intellectuals should not confine themselves to pure theory; they must produce cultural weapons and ammunition for the political soldiers working in the streets.

As for the society we want to build: it is a society based on natural law. You might call it a “New Order”, as it will be totally different from the present, corrupt system but you might also call it an “Ancient Order” based on the values and teachings of our European forefathers. So the right definition is probably an “Eternal Order”, because the values of God, Fatherland and Family are always the pillars of our civilization. In our era the globalist agenda threatens our national identity in every aspect of life: cultural, political, religious, ethnic, economic, etc. It is a totalitarian threat, and therefore the defense must also be totalitarian. We cannot afford to underestimate even just one of the tentacles of the globalist monster.

How did you get involved, and what is your role?

I have been involved in militant activities all my life, just like my father before me and my sons today… At the moment, I am a member of the Segreteria Nazionale and of the commission for developing the Political Manifesto. I am also active in building a cultural front for the Rete. In October the roles will be better defined in a Congress, but on the whole, we wish to work as a team, and hope to see as many new young leaders as possible at all levels of the movement.

What will it do in the USA?

The branch in the U.S.A will act as a support group for the Party in Italy. We will attempt to attract members here who have a love of either their Italian or European background. The hope will be by attracting attention to the Party we can help with the needed causes in Italy. Some of the planned activities are to spread awareness for the Party, write articles, and develop podcasts discussing issues in Italy as well as throughout Europe in the hope of awakening a nationalist spirit. We will reach out to nationalist websites and podcast hosts in an effort to help us promote and spread our message. In return we offer full solidarity, and hope to reciprocate any needed help. We also wish to develop a network with other nationalists here in the United States and to work together wherever possible. Our goal is similar to any other true nationalist group, which is to preserve the culture and land of our family and forefathers.

What do you hope to achieve in Italy?

First of all, we have to contact other patriots and explain our strategy. Many of them have formed small local groups or do not belong to any association at all. However, by joining the Rete they can make a valid contribution to the cause. Local activities have already started, but as soon as the “virus laws” relax, the Rete will organize larger events. On September 29th (Saint Michael’s Day) all sections will renew the traditional “Solemn Promise” to St. Michael the Archangel, and in October the Rete will hold a National Congress. Strategically, we hope to show our people the way towards a nationalist reaction against globalism.

For those English-speaking nationalists interested in more information or how they may help, please email Retecomunitafn@gmail.com.

— Francesco Dotro

18 thoughts on “A New Nationalist Movement in Italy

  1. I don’t see anything wrong with their program; I guess I must be a fascist too…

    Worker’s corporations sounds intriguing, but like unions the vultures and rats will inevitably be attracted to the leadership positions. There are many people who are unhappy with the present situation but no way to unite or a cause to unite under to hack away at the foundations of globalist elite power. They have done their job well in dumbing down and dividing the masses against one another while they laugh all the way to the bank.

  2. About that, “God, Fatherland and Family” and why is that word the first one out of the most important principles of civilization… Our European forefathers did have a culture which was thoroughly destroyed and whatever memory is left of it is defamed to this day. If “Natural Law” and “Ancient Order” are only used to refer to the principles first introduced with a certain religion from the Middle East, the terms are as arbitrary as any later, new-fangled ones. If Italians as inheritants of the Roman Empire where this happened can’t wrap their minds around this rupture, and no other European nation can, we’ll all be stuck forever in a loop unable to find the way to our roots.

  3. interesting developement. we will see if this new rete party will get more attention than the neo-fascists.

  4. Interesting stuff. I agree with their views as expressed here except for point 8. There should be no need for a “workers’ corporation” if the previous 7 points are fulfilled. By the time you reach the lowest priority item, your nation should be fully sovereign and detached from globalism anyway, so point 8 becomes moot.

    The militant aspect of the group is something for Italians to think about, not me. I don’t know enough of what’s happening in Italy to have an opinion on that. But I do hope all of Europe can rid itself of globalists and their orcs.

  5. Well done Baron, I support you 100%. You allow me to read this and come to my own conclusion.

    • I too applaud the Baron for providing a platform for a censored voice, and letting us make up our own minds. We all know the Baron and Gates are not about telling us what to think …

  6. This was interesting to read. Thank you for posting it.

    The immigration madness must end at some point.

  7. A problem with points (6) and (8).

    I have no idea what the 1929 State/Church agreement is about. If the corrupt Roman Catholic Church is involved then that’s something to be very concerned about.

    “workers’ corporations to protect the people from the globalists.” Any time a group says they are going to “protect” you is a red flag for me.

  8. Posted at the (clunky) new home for WRSA:


    Three cheers also for the Baron’s “I spit on the grave of my reputation”.

    The people concerned about their reputation can vote for GP Bush in ’24.

    The smart folks who don’t care about their reps are the ones stockpiling water, food, ammo, and hard-hearted friends right now.

    The Reds are winning right now.

    The anti-Reds are going to have to get their hands dirty to have even a chance.

    • Per usual, I consider myself already todt, and my hands filthy. Noted is that the Austrian Corporal came to power you-know-where, because people did feel the ground coming out from under them due to the Communists agitation. Anybody that owned anything were stampeded into his kamph by that fear, and a longing for a little pride in themselves and their country. Gee, not the situation here, eh wot? Wonder what we’ll get for a Fuhrer. When pushed too far, even a rat will turn and bite.

  9. Good Job. We need to be able to discuss things to understand them.

  10. I’m “cautiously optimistic.” Being firmly anti-globalist is about half the battle, and they seem to have a handle on that. But getting all the different groups together can be as difficult as herding cats.

    And they must be very cautious about involvement with the Catholic Church. Ronald Reagan often said “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party. The party left me.” A great many of us feel the same about Holy Mother Church, especially with an Argentine Jesuit Marxist at the helm. “Pope Bergoglio” would gladly request a “hit” from George Soros’s henchmen, without batting an eyelash.

    (How Italy Found Her Soul)
    The True Story of the Fascisti Movement
    Sir Percival Phillips, K.B.E.
    (Special Correspondent of “The Daily Mail.”)
    In their war against Bolshevism the Crusaders of the Black
    Shirt used many weapons. One of the most effective was castor
    As one youthful leader explained to me, it was not so much a
    weapon as a remedy. The Fascisti were constantly encountering
    acts of disloyalty which deserved punishment on the lower
    scale, and Signor Italo Balbo, who looks like a militant poet, but
    is nevertheless one of the veterans of Fascismo despite his 27
    years, conceived the idea of purging society in this simple way.
    He had to deal with the case of a man of nearly 60, who was guilty of
    propaganda against the State. The culprit was too old to be beaten.
    Signor Balbo had him forcibly fortified with a pint of castor oil,
    administered in two large tumblers by simply stopping his breath
    until he had to swallow or die. He was kept under restrains until the
    remedy had taken a firm hold on him and then sent back to his family.
    Thereafter castor oil became a sovereign remedy for “Red madness.” It
    was given to all breeds of Bolsheviks, from desperadoes recruited from
    the criminal classes to schoolmasters and “intellectuals ” higher up
    in the movement to overthrow the kingdom.

    The effect was unfailing. I am told that a “patient” never rendered
    himself liable to a second dose. When he emerged from his retirement,
    pale and haggard, he found himself an object of ridicule instead of a
    martyr. He was never quite the same man again. Fascisti would pass him
    by with an ironic inquiry as to the state of his health, and Communist
    accomplices had difficulty expressing sympathy which did not betray a
    suggestion of amusement.
    Ridicule thus became a powerful ally of the Crusaders of the Black Shirt.
    The psychologists at the head of the movement gauged exactly the mentality
    of their opponents, and where less subtle leaders might have relied
    mistakenly on brute force alone, they waged war with fine discrimination…………………….”

    • I guess this is the same Italo Balbo (1896-1940) who was Marshal of the Italian Air Force; he led large formations of flying-boats on long-distance “goodwill” jouneys between the World Wars. Even today, when an airshow (eg “Flying Legends” at Duxford, near Cambridge) concludes with a mass flypast, it’s called a “Balbo”.

  12. Thanks for the post. Didn’t change me, I’m already a knuckle head. But I like the free expression of ideas, even if I don’t like them. When I don’t like them, I stop reading them and read something else.The Communists begin shrieking when they hear a point come across that is not their narrative, because that’s the way they work, exclusive of all other points of view.

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