Jizya From the Kuffar on the Bus in Nijmegen

I’ve posted several times in the past about troubles with culture enrichers on a bus line in the Dutch town of Nijmegen. In a new twist, asylum seekers on the bus have been demanding that native Dutch passengers pay their fares for them — and raising a ruckus if their demands aren’t met.

Many thanks to C for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:01   What’s going on with Line 99 in Nijmegen?
00:04   We’re having some trouble with a group of 25 asylum seekers, in Grave,
00:08   and that leads to discussions on the bus about the fare, refusing to pay,
00:12   wanting to pay less, aggression towards the staff, intimidation,
00:16   which prompted us to bring in extra security on that line.
00:20   So extra security is needed on the bus because otherwise the situation is not sustainable?
00:25   Then our drivers can do their work safely, and if something happens,
00:28   our people will be on the scene immediately. —What kind of incidents are these?
00:31   Mainly verbal aggression towards the driver. Cursing, shouting,
00:36   which creates a very unpleasant atmosphere. The bus is halted, passengers arrive late,
00:41   may miss a connection. All undesirable consequences.
00:44   How often do you ride line 99? —I have an internship every Wednesday and Thursday,
00:49   so, twice a week. —Do you think extra security on this line is a good idea?
00:54   Yes, I approve. Because it’s better for the drivers if it’s safe, they’re just doing their job.
01:01   Yes. Because you wouldn’t want an accident to happen in this bus, and you don’t want to take risks,
01:07   so I approve. —Have you personally had trouble with this group of asylum seekers?
01:11   Not trouble, really, but if I tell them, “Sorry, I prefer not to pay for other people,”
01:18   They say, “Yes, but you students have money”. And I tell them, “Sorry,
01:22   find another person. I can’t do that, unfortunately.”
01:26   So you’re saying the real reason they’re getting mad is that they don’t have enough money
01:30   to buy a bus ticket. —I think so, yes. That’s the reason.
01:35   And if you know who they are, isn’t it possible to just ban this group from the bus?
01:40   That’s possible. We do that, in the form of transportation bans. We contact police if necessary.
01:46   But a ban must be enforceable. A driver can’t tell if somebody has a ban just by looking.
01:52   So that’s why it’s important for security to be present, and perform regular checks.
01:57   But the reality is, you can remove somebody from the bus, and he can return the next day.

8 thoughts on “Jizya From the Kuffar on the Bus in Nijmegen

  1. …”But a ban must be enforceable. A driver can’t tell if somebody has a ban just by looking.”

    Sure you can. Tattoo ‘MUSLIM’ across their foreheads. Then put them on a plane.
    Fly them back to Durkastan. Put them off the plane. At 30,000 ft. Don’t stop, because that increases the fuel burn, which is bad for the environment.
    Above all, we must appease Greta, who might lapse into selective mutism.

    • All that work and expense for a 22 cent round and trip to the coal fired plant, you know, to help the environment. Remember my friend the KISS method.

  2. Just make it clear that anyone boarding is expected to pay, and anyone who causes a fuss is promptly booted out.

    • Yes, the obvious answer seems to be to have bouncers on these buses to boot disruptive passengers and africans who refuse to pay. Higher bus fares to cover the costs of the bouncers should be eagerly embraced by the Dutch. Just part of the cost of living in a multiculti diverse society…

  3. The words out that the Western European has accepted Muslim domination. What would change that perception?? That’s a real toughie. Especially for an all girl and dog team.

  4. Believe it or not, they have buses in Muslim countries too… And we can probably guess, how the driver and/or other passengers would react over there, to such demands?

    So, are these fake refugees really so short of money, or is this yet another way in which they assert their right to disrespect the Kuffar, in a way that they would never accept if it were done to them?

    • It most certainly isn’t about the money; asserting dominance over febrile european societies and their milquetoast males is the name of the game. Although some of the savages are likely just truly low IQ, and not far removed from their ancestors who descended from trees to walk upright on the savanna eons ago.

      In an alternate universe, such anti-social behavior would result in the miscreant being summarily shot by passers-by with little ceremony or importance attached to the act, and disposal of the remains and cleaning up the mess being the biggest difficulty encountered. Of course law enforcement could lend a hand and helpfully radio waste disposal units to remove the offending corpse. Heinlein’s novels which were set in space habitats envisioned the miscreant being spaced through the nearest airlock; certainly less mess to deal with, but a 150lb freeze dried african corpse bouncing around the exterior of a space habitat at orbital speeds might present more of a challenge, and certainly would represent a navigation hazard to spacecraft and the habitat itself. Regardless, antisocial behavior and bad manners should have consequences, preferrably physical ones, since those are usually the only lessons which are easily remembered by tribal savages who perpetrate such behavior.

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