Mocro Mafia Busted in Colombia

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from the Dutch daily De Telegraaf:

Adjutant of Ridouan Taghi held in Colombia

Mocro-Mafia chief Razzouki arrested

By John Van Den Heuvel
February 7, 2020

Amsterdam — The fugitive “Mocro Mafia” chief Saïd Razzouki (47) was arrested Friday by a special police unit in Medellin, Colombia. He was possibly injured during the arrest since he tried to escape through a window.

That is what sources for De Telegraaf in Colombia report. The police unit, an intelligence and investigation unit named Diran, came from the Colombian capital, Bogota.

Razzouki was a fugitive, and was considered as the adjutant of boss Ridouan Taghi, who was arrested in Dubai in December.

According to the sources, Razzouki was arrested in the Copacabana area of northern Medellin in the company of two others. The two are believed to be affiliated with the Clan de Golfo (Gulf Clan), which is counted among the suppliers of the Taghi organization.

The Public Prosecutor confirms the arrest. Razzouki is suspected of involvement in several murders. There were earlier signals that Razzouki was in Colombia. Saïd’s brother, Mo Razzouki, has been held for some time as a suspect in the Marengo murder trial.

With the arrest of Razzouki, now the entire top layer of the Moroccan Mafia is in custody. Earlier, Taghi in Dubai, Rico R. in Chile, and Naoufal in Ireland were arrested.

There was a reward of €100,000 offered by the Public Prosecutor for the golden tip that would lead to their arrests. The same amount was on Taghi’s head.

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