When Was the Last Free Election in Germany?

The following essay refers to the brief and temporary break in the cordon sanitaire against the AfD that occurred recently in Thuringia, as reported here on Thursday.

Many thanks to CrossWare for translating this piece from the Hungarian Tuti Blog:

When was the last free election in Germany?

by Paranoid Android
February 7, 2020

With an embarrassed smile we can say that it was a long time ago.

German Communists who welcome the Nazi-Liberal coalition in Hungary as an anti-dictatorial opposition coalition are in effect dismantling a provincial government because someone has received the wrong majority of the vote. By the way, this state was formerly governed by a triple coalition of communists (German Socialist Unity Party, alias Die Linke), stupid liberals (formerly SPD) and angry Greens. This did not offend anyone’s taste, because the Communists committed massacres not out of malice, but of humanism, and the intention was important, not the deed.

To avoid any doubt, we do not like the Alternative for Germany [AfD, Alternative für Deutschland] either, because they are also filled with stupid Germans, but at least they show some basic instincts for life. That is why a bare quarter of voters are already voting for them, because beating people to death in the streets and using German national income to Islamize Europe is not logical. The party press in Germany is trying very hard to explain to them the usefulness of these two things. However, something may have gone awry, because there are some who do not want more Muslims and do not want to learn Arabic.

Good governance is the best tool against the rise of extremist Nazi, fascist, communist, liberal parties.

In Hungary, the establishment of Jobbik was also due to the “unprecedented successful governance” (sarcasm) of Ferenc Gyurcsány [socialist prime minister from 2004 to 2009]. Germany’s extremism is also due to a politician, Merkel, who, for whatever reason she knows, worships ideological decisions that lower Germans’ standard of living and portend, in the medium term, the total collapse of the German nation and Germany.

But the destruction of the German energy system and a few million Muslims were not enough: Merkel also has ideas for killing democracy. A now completely insignificant and sick chancellor, as usual, using the custom of stupid people trying to create a picture of an enemy (the AfD) to gain some attention for her farewell tour. We must note that the views of AfD, with the exception of the mentally ill in all parties, would not only have fit in well with the CDU 25 years ago, but might even have been considered a leftist point of view.

The AfD is a representation of a realization without ideology that current German policies necessarily create a dysfunctional society. It is so obvious that some German law professors have been pondering for a few years how the proliferation of people who do not accept German culture and rules could lead to the end of current German statehood as a result of the disappearance of constitutional values. This was found to be legal nonsense and unconstitutional and illegal. The beauty of liberal thinking is that they are not whining about the real consequences, but only the legal implications.

So Merkel sent a message about how the vote should have turned out.

And our Liberals immediately rushed to execute the command of the Chancellor and Führerin Merkel, not wanting to wait for the commandos to arrive. Am I the only one whom Merkel reminds of the trembling Hitler’s medical condition of 1945? Merkel has anyway been in power for a longer time than Hitler, and she has done more damage, though the dying and bombing will only come later.

So in German democracy, if a candidate wins, but the AfD vote is also needed for his success, that legislative body will be dissolved. This is the hallmark of where the AfD gets too many votes: statutory governance is introduced, or a directorate of democratic politicians takes over. Then they will also stop holding elections, citing that the AfD would get too many votes and that is simply undesirable.

For those who grew up in the GDR, this is not unusual at all, and they were able to arrange elections there without worrying about the final outcome. Germany, by the way, is not really being Weimarized, since there were center parties surrounded by the Communists on the left and the Nazis on the other left [in the 1920s and 1930s]. In today’s Germany there are no center parties, only different versions of the far-left ultra-liberal cocktail confronted with the single unfortunate AfD, which has no unified ideology or unified agenda. They just want to continue to speak German, live well and get home from the pub alive in the evening.

Today, this is the definition of fascism, according to liberals.

In Germany, democracy has ceased. If you vote for the wrong party, your vote is worth nothing. Even our opposition is different: they have at least embraced the Nazi politicians and their voters.

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  1. “Germany, by the way, is not really being Weimarized, since there were center parties surrounded by the Communists on the left and the Nazis on the other left [in the 1920s and 1930s]. In today’s Germany there are no center parties”
    SPD was never a centrist party

  2. Thank you ! Baron you allowed voice of “other Europe” to be heard on your site..
    Until now, ONLY “western Europe” narrative and perspective were omnipotent in media and public sphere..
    As all of you see “Other Europe” has own Voice..Different Voice and perspective on the future of Europe..The ONLY one President of USA until now is listening what “other Europe” has and want to say..Hi is open for different narratives and view..Donald Trump..
    USA has own problem with SWAMP..so Europe has own SWAMP as well ..Time to clean up European SWAMP..Because there will be not Europe and European people..
    Thank you to our Hungarian and Romanian brothers for such a truthful and honest opinion, on whats REALLY going on right now in Europe.God bless you and your effort !

  3. Merkel in Moscow visiting Komisar and Komarade Putin..On agenda..North Stream 2 and more potential sanctions…hehehe we CEE enjoy that !!. Thank you president Donald Trump !! this alliance from the Hell must be rooted out at any cost !!
    Some more the same s..t talk about how to put down those “dirty and undemocratic Americans ” and theirs crazy President..They also agree that Iran must by saved…whatever this means..They stated obvious that “there is much more commonality between Germany and Russia than differences “..hehehe finally Fuhrer Angela admit that..They also debate how to make more mess in the Middle East..No word about War and annexation of Crimea and Donbas..Fuhrer Angela promise to Putin she will “advocate to end EU sanction on Russia”..So open declaration of War against USA interest in Europe..After all we Poles were 100 % right about Russia and German alliance and danger coming from this to all Europe…1938 deja vu..

    • After Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, Latvia, et al were unleashed, I thought they have learnt a lesson and declare themselves united and neutral: and demilitarized : no foreign alliances neither west or east. Just prosperity to their people.

      For some reason, unbeknownst, (wo) man are unable to think peace. There is something inside that prompts us to be evil.

      Victor Orban, the wisest man to appear over the last 50 years is vilified by eveyone. How come in 600 million Europeans only a dozen ( Orban , Geert, Tommy Robinson, Farage. . . . ) are normal and decent.

      • Adam.You are really taking in others wards about Appeasement and compliance to strategic plans of Germany and Russia..
        The end game of that political “smart” choice will be lost of National identity,Sovereignty and possibility to decide about own future.. ..
        History already answer and show this is rely bad idea..
        Why we have to surrender our political,economical,cultural ambitions,dreams and goals to German and Russian Hegemony ? Because it’s in theirs National interest..But it’s not in ours.. Disregarding that..we Poles still are doing very fine economically and politically..We just shake off Russian political yolks..Now we are making strong attempt to shake off German one..
        We Poles decided to be a Master of own Historical destiny..If others have different idea ..let them choose what suit them..

      • ..”Just prosperity to their people. “..under German,French,Dutch,Austrian Corporations and theirs Banks banners and Logos..:-)) Thank you.. but NO for this kind of “prosperity”..
        You are very naive Adam..

      • ..” I thought they have learnt a lesson ” ..What exactly ” lesson” we supposedly learn Adam ? about what ?

  4. Merkel (Stasi code name ‘Erika’) was never anything but a red hot communist. She is trained in counter-propaganda & subversion.

    When the wall came down in 1989, Merkel hung up her drab East German uniform & joined the Christian Democrat Union, a left-leaning, half-assed conservative party stuffed with political nobodies & party apparatchiks without any real-life experience, other than being swine at the trough.

    13 years later Angela Merkel, this totally unqualified communist with a phoney doctor title, took the crown: chancellor of the republic.

    Since then, she has systematically dismantled the Grundgesetz, (something like a constitution) she has all but abolished freedom of speech, she goes after dissidents with a vengeance and she has appropriated all the courts in the land, who rubberstamp any directives no matter how twisted, unlawful & perverse they are.

    Like in France, many dissidents have gone into hiding and live in fear of their lives. I personally know former Stasi victims who live in fear of being murdered. These people left the country.

    There’s more, much more. But you can’t talk to Germans about that, they blow a gasket and pretend it’s not happening. Just like the French. But that’s a story for another day.

    • Thank you ! I like to add to your comment that Merkel was creation of Kohl..Kohl was a creation of Konrad Adenauer..Those who knows a seat power and political structure in Germany knows all mentioned are just simply patsy..
      Merkel personally know and work with Putin ,during his KGB assignment in Berlin and Dresden DDR..
      Aim and purposes of Merkel-Putin political ties are going far in the historical German-Russia past..Booth are appointed to theirs political position by financial,economical political power circles in Germany and Russia to serve geopolitical targets ..Which is last 300 years the same..Hegemony over Central and Eastern Europe..as a step to hegemony over all Europe..Only USA is able successfully to stop this alliance and doing so..Other-ways we in Europe are cooked !! ‘So let pray USA is Strong and Might and our most important political imperative is to support US ..
      We have to destroy and rotted out ,direction of most disastrous Historical Geo-political axes.. West-East..Berlin-Moscow..
      God help ..one day old Historical axes North-South (Baltic See-Black See) with help of USA will be restored..That will secure Future ,Peace and Prosperity for All Europe !!

        • Why is that so ? and who is speaking ?
          Do you think USA will allow German-Russian alliance conspired against own World Geo-political interest and position build since 1945 ? Conspiracy which is aim DIRECTLY against USA very political survivor on the World stage ? You are naive !!
          Donald Trump just announce hi will majorly enlarge USA nuclear program..
          Germany and Russia will play their ranks according to the tune and orders coming from White House or else..No place anymore for ambiguity and monkey business.Time to take seriously what President Trump is saying !! MAGA and Peace and Order or else..We in CEE & EE supporting return old, good traditional USA politics and US leading role in restoring Democratic Order and political balance ..Enough of this Communist-Globalist and Deep States.. bu…it !

  5. Wow. These are the zingers I took from this:

    “Germany’s extremism is also due to a politician, Merkel, who, for whatever reason she knows, worships ideological decisions that lower Germans’ standard of living and portend, in the medium term, the total collapse of the German nation and Germany.”

    “In today’s Germany there are no center parties, only different versions of the far-left ultra-liberal cocktail confronted with the single unfortunate AfD, which has no unified ideology or unified agenda. They just want to continue to speak German, live well and get home from the pub alive in the evening.”

    Someone gets it!

  6. There hasn’t been a free election in Germany (France, Holland, Britain, Austria) since migrants were given the vote.

    • Interesting point, manatthepub. However, if migrants qualify as citizens (which should include understanding the language), is it reasonable to prevent those who integrate reasonably well, and make an economic contribution, from helping to elect our politicians? And how to distinguish those who don’t?

      • No worries, Mark. FYI they already form political parties based on ethnicity – e.g. the Turks in NL, D and BG. And, being guided, they’ll reach 20% in the next 5-7 years (and 30% in 15 yrs). Paradise, for some.
        Our role will not change- working and paying for them.

      • I
        MarkH, I really hate to rain on your wishful thinking parade but, when the push comes to shove, nobody is going to care who is good or bad where 3rd worlders are concerned, they will all be Purged without question nor mercy. Reasonable isn’t the words or actions that will be used when the Great Purge kicks off.

    • Not necessary..But there was not until today willingness in Germany to reflect and compensate victims.. for what they have done to Europe..Herrenvolk mentality still in full swing..and political bullying prominent there..( first hand experience) ..
      Räche for lost War ,and IV Reich Germans geo-polital ambitions and targets..as always..For that reason they need Russia..
      Thanks we have USA holding in checks this unhealthy ambitions..Other ways we would have a Hell in Europe again..

        • We prefer being “rump state” whatever this mean ,than be Holocaust and erased from the surface and History of the Earth ..what Germany and Russia trying to do since last Partition of Poland. in 18 Century…250 years continuous fight to survive as a National ethnicity and race..

      • Maria, Since we are talking compensation and reparations, I want my family lands and estates in East Prussia back then. I really hate to break this to you my friend, but, we are all in this together, all Europeans and even those pesky bloody Russians. So get it through your pretty little Polish head that when the time comes of the Great Purge, we will need one another.

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