Interview With a Hefty Bag

In the following video from the Netherlands, a “Dutch” woman is interviewed about her determination to wear her burka at all times when in public. She affirms that Shariah overrides Dutch values, customs, and law — a low-key example of Islamic sedition, which Michael Copeland discussed a couple of days ago.

Many thanks to C for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   …then it’s not a big deal to show your face, when the law demands this, from August 1.
00:05   Then I’ll have to show my face to everybody in school,
00:08   to both the men and women who are present there. —And you really don’t want to do that.
00:11   No, I really don’t want that. —Still, I think that people don’t understand that.
00:15   You’re supposed to set an example, especially for children. —Again, I teach my children
00:21   that Allah, that our creator is more important than Dutch rules.
00:25   And that we don’t have to adapt to Dutch society.
00:30   That’s a bold statement, that Allah’s rules are more important than Dutch law.
00:35   Yes, that’s true. But that is my religious conviction. And Allah and our creator is more important.
00:40   Even more important than ourselves. —But you live in the Netherlands,
00:43   so you have to follow the local rules. —Correct.
00:46   And so if I were to follow the rules, I’d have to take it off, and I don’t want to take it off.
00:50   So that means I can’t go beyond the gate.

7 thoughts on “Interview With a Hefty Bag

  1. We are in deep do do. Our ancestors did not ride free and neither will we. If we can’t handle an invasion and occupation by Muslims and other scrounges then how can we survive? Right now we have un-learnt and or perverted anything we might have
    learned from history or ww1 and ww2. We dropped the ball – big time.

  2. I think it was Mark Twain who said that clothing define the man. How you present yourself in public how you are seen dressed in public says a lot who you are. So if you dress in a Nazi uniform ,you are projecting a Nazi image for the public to see you. If you are dressed like a clown you projecting clown. If you are hidden from view in a bag like common garbage you are projecting your worthless as a human being ,you are less then human ,no opinion to take seriously , no worth .The problem is these bags of garbage want other women to join them in being just bag of garbage and in the end all Moslems males want all females to be non-human beings.

  3. If you work in an office you wear a suit and tie as a uniform according to your work status. If you are in the arm service you wear a uniform according to your service .If you go to school ,schools have dress codes some require a uniform some require less ,but all have some standards. Going to school as an anonymous garbage does fall below all excepted standards in my opinion.

  4. As a Western female, I am offended at seeing another woman, mother, human being reduced to a covered piece of meat! A hefty garbage bag! Somehow her feminine face, hands, and body are so provocative she can cause males to lust after her or even take physical & sexual advantage if she has no protector, adult male chaperone nearby. How absurd! Evil to its core.

    Please return to whatever “Stan” you came from namely Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc. There are over 50 countries in the world that are predominantly Muslim. Western countries and its indigenous citizens don’t want to see misogynistic, second class humans living amongst us! Adapt to our culture and dress standards or go back to seventh century servitude & enslavement!

    Globalists & traitor politicians need to be held accountable for allowing alien, Islamic populations to enter our towns & cities. We didn’t get to vote on their forced arrival. So perhaps we will one day, collectively decide to send them packing along with their local enablers! Western women cannot do it alone. We need our indigenous men & sons to form militias and protect our lands, culture, customs, languages, and history for future generations! Or we all perish together after being forced to integrate with Islamic, third world inhabitants. I’d rather die fighting!

  5. Good for you Molly Brown
    The trouble is the SJW both male and female do not believe in western culture and have deep self hate of who they are.

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