An Islamic Exegesis on Jesus

I’m not certain, but I think the esteemed Islamic scholar in the following video is speaking from Pakistan.

Many thanks to Janya for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Friends, this Jesus,
00:05   Jesus is a bastard… Jesus and his mother.
00:10   Any pimp will not call his mother a prostitute.
00:15   He will say that she is a holy woman.
00:20   A pimp will think like that about his mother.
00:25   Christians also say the same thing, but
00:30   the Bible says Marium (Mary) has relations with five men.
00:35   She might has same contact with Jesus.
00:40   Jesus was young, he might have…
00:45   slept with his mother.
00:50   He might have had physical relations with her
00:55   So how we can say her mother…

19 thoughts on “An Islamic Exegesis on Jesus

  1. Muslim are satans children. All of them follow the very same book that teaches them to murder Jews and Christian. They say that Jesus Christ was NOT born of a Virgin, that he was NOT the Son of God. They also say that When Jesus Christ returns he will tell Jews and Christians that they should have been Muslim. Meanwhile they have mosque on Temple Mount in Jerusalem but there is NO mention of Jerusalem in their evil Quran. Their prophet Jesus,, or Isa, is the Christian anti-Christ.

    • 1. It is standard dawah to tell the naive infidel how much Jesus is revered in Islam…but, if pressed, only as an ordinary man and a junior prophet to Mohammed. What really annoys Allah about Christianity is not Jesus but Christians believing he was divine. That means they commit shirk, ie “associating others with Allah”, which is the one sin Allah will never forgive. He makes that clear in Koran 4.48:

      “Surely Allah does not forgive that anything should be associated with Him, and forgives what is besides that to whomsoever He pleases; and whoever associates anything with Allah, he devises indeed a great sin.”

      I regret never having had the opportunity for a one to one conversation with a Christian interfaith enthusiast. I would like to understand how they square their positive feeling toward Muslims with Allah’s very unnuanced attitude towards Christians. The nearest I ever got was an internet exchange with a CofE vicar who made clear his particular loathing for Islamophobes. When I raised the question of shirk and its implications for him he just waffled a bit then disappeared without making his excuses. I suspect that he had never come across that verse and was unaware what lies in store when Allah gets his hands on him. Even polytheists may escape with a warning but Christians are for the high jump with no chance of reprieve. It hardly seems fair, does it?

      2. If there is or was an anti-Christ wouldn’t that be Mohammed rather than his pocket Jesus, Isa? That’s what some people thought at the time. This is the Doctrina Jacobi:

      According to Patricia Crone and Michael Cook it was written shortly after 634 AD. Here is the relevant passage:

      ”…they said that a prophet appeared, coming with the Saracens and he is proclaiming the arrival of the coming Anointed One and Christ. And when I went out into Sykamina I communicated it to a certain very scriptural old man and I said to him: ‘What do you say to me about this prophet who is appearing with the Saracens?’ And with a great groan he said: ‘He is a deceiver. Do prophets come with swords and chariots? Really these are works of disorder set in motion today, and I fear that the Christ who came earlier, whom the Christians worship, was the one sent by God and instead of him we shall accept Hermolaos [ie the anti-Christ].”

      The identification of Hermolaos as the anti-Christ is made on p4 and p81.

    • The scripture of the times of Revelation in Islam and Christianity are in almost exact counterpoint to each other. Most curious!

  2. Blasphemous Islamist scum! Unlike them I do not threaten to kill them for abusing the name of God’s Son. Nevertheless Damn him to Hell! Their ignorance is off the wall.

    Time to run these oiks out of town with a bullwhip.

    IN compensation I attach this beautiful song to Mary.

    How does this savage thing even begin to compare with such poetry. Suck it up Gpd haters. Drink deep of the Holy Spirit.

  3. After watching this, I can’t help but compare the intelligence on display here with that of the Arab world’s “golden age” I’m always hearing about. According to current historical revisionists, Europe owes EVERYTHING to the Islamic world, its Renaissance and its Enlightenment. Appearently in the middle ages, Islamic cities were glittering lights of learning.
    How? If so, what happened? Why is there absolutely no evidence of it now?

    • Actually there was an Arabic Golden age, which had great progress in Astronomy, Mathematics, and Literature. It ended about 900 AD, about the same time that you started to see Islam firmly take root in the area. You could make a reasonable claim that Islam ended it’s own Golden Age.

      The final burning of the Library of Alexandria was done under supervision of the Muslims with the thought that if the material was in the Quran, it was superficial, and if it was not in the Quran, it was unnecessary. The books were used to fuel the local saunas and the party went on for days.

      • Yes, read about Avicenna, Averroes and al-Ghazali.

        First two discovered the ancient Greeks and went on from there.

        The last won by saying the only thing a Muslim needs are Islamic Texts and everything else is against Islam or non-essential. Hence, The closing of the Muslim mind

        • I agree John. I had the displeasure of reading one of Avecenna’s books. It was in the essence of Aristotle. He didn’t seem to bother explaining things to reader, he was talking with ghost of Aristotle. I believe Muslims only adopted the most useless parts of Greek writings. They never touched the brilliancy. They were far from understanding it.

          But not everything came from Greek. It was from Other places too. For example “transfer of learning from India to Islam” by Barmakids, of Budhist heritage. You can find a quote in this wiki page:

          Basically Caliphate was a vampire who sucked on the wealth and heritage of other nations till everything went dry. The barren lands and empty minds you see today.

        • Avicenna and al-Ghazali were Persian, so of Zoroastrian heritage; most of the original thinkers, when Islam permitted such, were Persian or Jewish, eg Maimonedes in Cordoba.

          The few arab “scholars”, such as Averroes, cribbed from the ancients, as Rec fron Iran points out.

      • There was never an Arabic Golden Age. It’s a deceit. Texts were being translated from other languages to Arabic and Caliphate paid for it, most often. With a few exceptions these translators were not Arabs either, just selling heritage of their own nations to Arabs.

        • Yes, as far as I can find none of those advances in scholarship emanated from Arabia, and therefore the Arabs, but from conquered civilisations which still produced something of worth before Islam managed to snuff out their spirit of inquiry over the course of a few hundred years.

          Naturally Muslim propagandists claim these achievements as their own even though Islamic obscurantism actually put an end to them.

          Islam is entirely predatory and destructive of other peoples’ efforts. It is a curious parallel that locust swarms habitually form in Saudi Arabia and then spread out to ravage the Middle East and Africa. When Wilfred Thesiger travelled to Arabia 70 years ago the purpose of the expedition (though not his) was to study these swarming events on behalf of a scientific organisation in Britain whose name I forget.

          Now the same is happening again, producing the worst swarms for 17 years (I think I read).

          How odd. Those who see the hand of God behind natural events might well see a connection.

      • This quote from the burning of the library at Alexandria seems to be one of those myths that get repeated around the internet with never a source. There was a time when I was interested enough to go looking and found my way to a group of amateur historians discussing it on the internet. As I remember they could find no primary source and some indications that the quote was actually false.

        If someone knows of a real source I would be grateful to hear of it but I hold out little hope.

        • As far as I know, there are no reliable sources for it. It has been an unsourced rumor for more than a thousand years.

  4. Well, so much for their lies about “honoring Jesus as a prophet” and “we worship Jesus, too” (which we all knew was taquiyya)

  5. This video does not present a Muslim view of Jesus. Islamic Christology is not high enough, of course, but Jesus is believed by Muslims to have been born of the virgin Mary, which this ‘Muslim’ speaker contradicts. This video might have been made to trick ‘infidels’ into making false statements about what Muslims think of Jesus.

    Jeffery Hodges

    * * *

  6. What muslims “think” about Our Lord ,King and Savior , Jesus Christ is one think..
    When it come to “push” and shove” another…
    They haven’t learn anything from History..because are incapable to learn anything ,particularly about Christians from “Eastern” Europe.. :-))
    They think about themselves as being one,big,crazy hogs..Theirs Big mouth are maybe enough for “western man” ( sound like oxymoron ) equipped and armed by their Liberties, Rights ,Democracy name it :-))
    Satan worshipers know where we Poles ,Russians,Romanians,Hungarians,Ukrainians ,Balts ,South Slavs are..last 2000 years.. and we have no intention to move anywhere else :-)) Bad news for them is that Christianity and our Faith for Only God in Holly Trinity suit as very well..and no one in the World will deprive Us what we like ,cherish and Love :-))
    Let them come :-)) and there will be no Islam anymore in the World..The biggest, filthy disease in Mankind History will disappear forever with followers..Deus Vult !!..

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