German Fire Aimed at Central Europe

The following article from the Hungarian Tuti blog concerns the “climate change” policies of the German-led European Union, and how they will be applied and enforced in Central Europe.

CrossWare, who translated the piece, includes this background information:

The Tuti blog (Tuti is Hungarian slang for “Total”) is an offshoot from, a right-wing conservative portal.

Its language and tone are more adjusted for the younger generation (Generation Z), who do not like to mince words nor speak overly diplomatically.

The German word Energiewunderwaffe (a compound word that seems to have been coined by the Tuti blog, building on Wunderwaffe) used in the title means, roughly, “energy miracle-weapon”. The illustration shows Greek fire being employed by a Byzantine vessel.

Energiewunderwaffe in a climate championship

January 21, 2020
by Piréz Róbert [Pirate Robert — alias]

According to rumors, the more developed countries of the European core, the German-led Axis, have found, in addition to the Article 7 procedure, another way of robbing the more recently arrived Central European countries: some of their cohesion and agricultural resources will be spent on climate protection — and because they are the biggest polluters on the continent — dedicated to themselves.

In addition to a single country, Poland, only the Western core states are expected to benefit from the so-called ‘one-size-fits-all’ EU climate money. The rest will get some small change from the $10,000 billion program. The proposed mechanism for distributing money is ridiculously one-sided both in terms of population and in areas targeted for improvement. It is as if the cumulated emissions of a country depend only on the mode of energy production and on the industrial segment, and the transportation and less environmentally friendly heating technologies would not cause serious ecological problems that can be redeemed only by huge investments.

The program includes a grant of €7.5 billion (i.e. free cash), which will be allocated according to the following criteria, according to the article:

  • The so-called greenhouse gas emissions from industrial installations in high-carbon regions
  • The number of people employed in industry in high-carbon regions
  • Employment related to coal and lignite mining
  • Peat moss production
  • Sand oil production

Among the less environmentally friendly industrial segments, they have apparently looked to European public finances to tackle the main challenges facing their own economies. They have chosen those who are affected by the increasingly uncompetitive economy of the self-destructing Germans, wanting to pour money in so that the newcomer Central and Eastern European states will not be able to take advantage of the stupidity of the Germans and be able to bring in some of the backlog. After World War 2, they were sewn with barbed wire.

The Germans calculated how to convert to green energy without affecting their competitiveness, but with the precision of world wars, so again they left a variable out of the equation. However, the Green Third Reich will not last for a thousand years — they are in trouble on the climate front, so they are forcing the minions to take their share of the major air strike; they send divisions and free supplies, and then they will have the final climate victory.

If the Germans f***ed it up, then it would be nice if everyone else gets f***ed too, because that’s fair — so says Germanic logic in a reflexive way.

If we are not prepared to replace our nuclear energy, which guarantees our competitiveness with ridiculously inefficient technologies, then the first step is to launch an infringement procedure (in 1944 this was called “occupation”) for failing to meet their fabricated emission allowances, and in the second round they can continue to finance — from the Cohesion Fund — their dead-end energy policies.

How interesting is this European rule of law, right? If we do not meet the quotas, we will be penalized; if the Germans do not comply, free money will be withdrawn for them.

And they do all this completely shamelessly. For years German energy policy reform, Energiewende, was celebrated, and every day in a production report was written (and written with the help of the loyalist propagandists who serve foreign interests for money) the brilliant idea of shutting down nuclear power plants because wind and sun are free, elegantly silencing the ecological footprint of wind and solar power plants; in addition, they denied burning lignite (mined under from temples and villages today) and are quietly buying French nuclear power.

Up until now the preaching has been that the Germans won the 21st century because they were the fastest to switch. Now it has turned out that, unfortunately, they had just won the same way they calculated their victories in the 20th century, and now they are forced to rob our region again. (Oh, it comes to mind: when are they going to pay us for all the food, raw materials, and war supplies we shipped to them during the war? That one billion German imperial brand? These pretty cabbage-stuffers owe us billions of euros for over seventy years.)

Instead of Lebensraum, Energieraum is the new slogan, and it would be our role in a unifying, increasingly imperial Europe to serve German interests.

Did we learn anything from the 20th century?

14 thoughts on “German Fire Aimed at Central Europe

  1. Are people in Central Europe really complaining about richer EU countries spending their money on themselves?

    Is not like countries that joined the EU recently pay in more than they receive, the opposite is true.

  2. Not just French nuclear power. Germany (and Austria) uses lots of Czech nuclear and coal power as well. And Hungary may have supplied them with materials during the wars, but they were allies. They’re hardly going to get anything before we or Poland, having been an occupied state, are given reparations. Realistically, none of that is going to happen, of course.

    As for the topic of “eco-friendly” energy, it’s just another part of the great eco scheme that actually doesn’t care about the environment at all. Even Greta’s sail’s production poluted nature more than had she flied over. Nobody cares what happens to solar panels or electromobile bateries once they’ve been used up. Nuclear waste is enough of a problem for the future, why make tons of other kinds of risky waste? My personal favourite is their whining about soil erosion while simultaneously demanding to lower the numbers of cattle. Anybody mildly educated on the topic will tell you grazing cows (or any large herbivores, for that matter) are the only chance of stopping soil erosion. But then big chem companies won’t be making money from artificial fertilizers and fields would’ve have to be wasted on corn and soy beans and we could actually grow vegetables and healthy types of grains. God forbid the establishment does something for the well-being of the people! Let’s just feed them lies about climate change! LOL

  3. I am pretty sure the translation/transcription is inconsistent with its decimal separation characters. The $10,000 billion program most likely uses the European comma separator, so that the program provides a round 10 billion dollars (rather than ten times the entire, annual budget for the European Union). The later $7.5 billion (sub)grant most likely uses the American period separator to give seven and a half billion.

    I always liked the British use of the middle dot ($10·000 billion and $7·5 billion) which deftly skirts the issue. Sadly it has been falling out of use. My hope is that Brexit will bring it back.

    “If the Germans f***ed it up, then it would be nice if everyone else gets f***ed too, because that’s fair — so says Germanic logic in a reflexive way.”

    That is not how those people see it: they just want everyone to follow the same set of rules, even if the rules are stupid.

  4. It seems the kinder, gentler, modern German who handwrings for the past, while preaching diversity, inclusion and planet saving, is the same German who can’t wiggle out of his SS uniform. Sorry, Frau Merkel, but your shoe fits, and I really think your virtue-guilt is a bad act.

    And I always knew there was something wrong with that old man who came to pick up his grandchild one time at the school. Without prompting, he started to apologize to me in his thick accent. We’d never met. Acting.

    If not for that dark side you’d have nothing to be sorry for, pal. Yet there you go again, second-classing V4 perimeter states to the Green woodshed, while you credit your dirty hands clean. It’s the same trick they tried by extending credit to European perimeter states after the Fall, but reversed. The Germans will credit themselves “Green” by using others’ industrial output. Same trick virtue-signalling billionaires and Dystopian Neo-Marxist leaders now use to excuse their private jets. Plant some trees. Let them eat cake.

    Central Europe was starving for credit after communism. This put them on the hook while simutaneously creating a fantastic market for German-made consumer products. The Greeks made debt slaves out of themselves only because they were lazy pigs, not communist (though this is arguable). Consequently, Greece now serves as a fair-weather EU weigh station for substandard human capital (or an even more cynical appropriation of the term “Easy Meat) before being pumped North. The Hungarians caught on in time, managing to denominate one component of their debt, household mortgages, in forints rather than Swiss francs, before suffering similar enslavement.

    Anyhow, that’s my take. Buyers of Credit Beware, Green or otherwise. And freedom’s just another word for not taking someone else’s carbon credits.

    • Well I’d say the common German has been thoroughly indoctrinated to be sorry for his very existance since WWII and the elites (like Merkel) are making good use of it. An integral part of German mentality is the fact that their leaders always meant well for people. Even someone like Hitler actually stabilized the economy and the people were doing extremely well throughout the 30’s (I know people don’t like to talk about that, but it’s true). In that light, it’s obvious why they keep voting Merkel in. They don’t realize they are voting for a leader that goes against it’s own people.
      There’s a reason the protests started in the East and the AfD is stronger there than in the West: former East Germany is mainly of Slavic heritage! Hence the difference in mentality.
      If you don’t believe me, go check historical regions by ethnicity. The border is pretty much exactly the same as the one between East and West Germany.

    • I wouldn’t say Poland was betrayed, Poland wasn’t exactly democratic at the start of WWII, it just happened to be invaded first. The country that was betrayed was Czechia – not only by it’s allies (France, Britain and Russia), but also by Poland (wanted to divide Carpathian Ruthenia with Romania, but Romania refused to harm it’s ally), and evek it’s closest relative (Slovakia). It was also the ONLY purely democratic (or republican, if you will) country in Central and Eastern Europe at that time. So throwing it overboard was a really stupid idea, but that’s a different story.

      Otherwise I agree with the statement, though it’s important to note that there’s a common denominator: regardless of which state they come from, it’s always the socialists (communists, marxists, leftists, I don’t care what you call them) that do this kind of thing.
      Politics really can be boiled down to:
      right wing = national states (with as little government interference as possible)
      left wing = global superstate (with government surveilance in all aspects of life).

  5. Isn’t the EU one of the biggest natural gas producing and storing regions in the world?
    What will be used in place of this to heat the continent?
    I mean besides the glow coming from Saint Greta’s halo.

    • Nah, I don’t know where you’ve got that idea, but EU countries are nowhere near the biggest producers. The biggest producers is Russia, with the US being a close second. Then there’s Canada and probably Iran, but neither are anywhere near Russia’s or America’s levels.
      The EU consumes a lot of natural gas though. Especially ever since coal got a bad name.

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