Yet Another Increase in Rapes and Sexual Assaults in Sweden

The rapid approach of the Swedish Bögalö is heralded by yet another increase in the number of rapes and sexual assaults against women.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Nyheter Idag. I was surprised to see an MSM site like this one mention the culture-enriching aspect of these crimes:

Reported cases of sexual molestation against women and girls have increased sharply since 2015

On Thursday the Crime Prevention Council’s preliminary statistics for reported crime during 2019 were released. The statistics show that the number of sexual molestations against women and girls has increased sharply since 2015. The number of reported sexual molestations in the group of girls 15-17 has increased by 51%.

The number of reported rapes increased during 2019 by 6%, rising to 8,350 reported crimes compared to the previous year. Something that Nyheter Idag earlier reported on.

The total number of reported cases of sexual molestation remained at the same level as the previous year — 9,730. However, among women 18 or older, an increase of 5% was reported, to 5,294 reports.

Now Nyheter Idag has reviewed the number of reports of sexual molestation against women since 2015, five years back in time.

  • Women age 18 or older: From 4,173 to 5,294. An increase of 27%.
  • Girls 15-17. From 718 to 1,084. An increase of 51%.
  • Girls up to 15 years of age: From 2,072 to 2,304. An increase of 11%. However, 2014, the first year with complete statistics from BRÅ, is extremely high — 3,000.

In total, the number of reported cases of sexual molestation has more than doubled in 20 years. From 4,963 total reported cases of sexual molestation in 1999 to 10,310 cases in 2019— an increase of 108%.

There are different theories as to why the number of reports has increased. The criminologist Nina Rung has previously said that she believes that the tendency to file a report has increased.

After a large number of cases of sexual molestation against especially young girls were reported, the police compiled a report in 2016 in which, among other things, stated that cases were found in which groups of men surrounded girls who were alone and then abused them.

In at least ten cases, a lone girl was surrounded by several men (from 5-6 to a larger number) who are sometimes estimated to be 14-16 years of age. On these occasions, some held the girl down while others touched her breasts and body, and in one case, some photographed the abuse.

In some cases, the perpetrators have unbuttoned the girl’s pants and attempted — and in certain cases also succeeded — in pulling them down before rescue arrived. Similarly, it has occurred that several girls in a peer group have been exposed at the same time by a large gang. A few suspected offenders have been identified.

Those identified are citizens of Afghanistan, Eritrea and Somalia. All of the investigations in Stockholm and Kalmar from 2014-2015 have been closed due to the difficulty in identification or for lack of evidence.

23 thoughts on “Yet Another Increase in Rapes and Sexual Assaults in Sweden

  1. .
    8,350 reported rapes in 2019

    LATEST UPDATE: 18 / 1-20

    1975: 421 Swedish rapes

    2019: 8,350

    Rape is warfare, and it is almost exclusively immigrated.

    • A few years ago I raised the question of immigrant rapes with a Swedish woman with whom I was discussing the Koran. She was adamant that Sven and Olaf had been doing the same forever and were now merely blaming Achmed and Said.

      It was an eye opener!

      There was a time when I hoped that Sweden could save itself. Now I see the loss of Sweden as the least bad option available since it might give the rest of Europe pause for thought (although probably not).

      • I had this talk a year ago with a very devoted Christian girl. She had the same argument: “rape has always been a thing.” I argued “Yes, but not gang rapes.” Her reply was that she didn’t know what a “gang rape” was. When I explained it to her (in fairly mild words, mind you), the conversation was over. She replied with “You know, I don’t wanna talk about this anymore…” and that was it.

  2. blame the politicians. this is how they repay our trust. last year in Britain there were 19000 victims of Pakistani rape gangs.

    • No, I blame ourselves for not putting a stop to it. Where are the men standing up and saying enough is enough and start hunting expeditions against this scourge? Why aren’t there lamp posts with these vermin made to be wind chimes? Or why haven’t they been systematically hunted down along with those that defend them and made examples of?? Where are the men that our fathers and grandfathers used to be? Blame the politicians all you like, but look in the mirror and ask yourself, why didn’t I do something to stop it?

      • Hear! Hear!

        The politicians didn’t just magically appear in office, a lot of someones voted them there. I believe a large part of the problem is the generations-long effort to destroy masculinity, which to a large extent has been successful. That is a much bigger nut to crack, and probably cannot be fixed without major widespread conflict and social upheaval where masculine attributes will be necessary and desirable, and the weaklings and feminists are culled.

        Many things could be done that don’t actually involve violence but nevertheless send clear and unambiguous messages to the politicians, judges, lawyers, mayors, community organizers, NGOs, and organizers of mass invasion that they will no longer be tolerated, and if they do not cease and desist, the next escalation will involve violence. Those “leaders” seem to not understand Kennedy’s maxim that “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

      • Like Tommy Robinson, those who stand get thrown in jail. It may take 1000 concurrent Tommys to change things.

    • At least you call them what they are, Pakistani rapists instead of gangs of “asian” men.

    • “last year in Britain there were 19000 victims of Pakistani rape gangs.”

      I won’t even bother asking for your source because there won’t be one.

      It is more than irritating to see these sorts of absurd figures being pulled out of the air (and going unchallenged by other commenters).

      Perhaps you don’t realise how stupid you make the anti-Islamisation movement look. Or perhaps you do!

      • If you take the Swedish numbers and calculate them over to Britain’s “per capita”, you’ll find that his estimate is still extremely mild.
        That’s not to say it’s statistical data, but perhaps you shouldn’t be so fast to judge and ridicule someone else either.

        • No, it’s not statistical data, just a very dubious extrapolation from insufficient information.

          If you are basing your comparison on the figures in the article above, there is no way to identify the activities of Swedish rape gangs. In fact they are not mentioned at all. The only acts associated with immigrants in groups are the ten instances of tahharush which is quite different to the activities of Pakistani rape gangs in Britain in both nature and number.

          Therefore we do not even have the Swedish apples to compare with British oranges.

          Let us see whether manatthepub produces a real source. I am sure that he won’t.

  3. Well the Swedes are one lot. When the British police chiefs admit that for the last thirty years Muslim sex abuse gangs were ignored in case it might stoke racial tensions? What about Muslim armies with arms and ammo? Heavy artillery? Are all those government employees with the beards and hijabs preying 25/7 (sic) Of course they are. With the experience of a huge empire where does all the subservience and sell out come from?

  4. Surely men in Western Europe can clearly see? Surely being whipped by women and getting the shaft will not go for too much longer?

  5. One of these days, these 3rd world vermin will rape the wrong mans daughter, and will terrible resolve go about hunting them down making ole Saint Vlad the Impaler Tepes blush with envy. That is when the tipping with be reached and these 3rd worlders will start to know what true fear is.

    • He will discover he is not alone and is backed by an entire population. No confusion about who is who or what or where. I imagine.

      • Naturalherbes, Yes, it will be a bit like deer hunting, if it is brown it is down and no bag limit.

  6. I think of the hackneyed phrase “The barbarians are at the gate” almost always uttered hysterically and too soon, or in panic, and too late. I imagine the indigenous Romans shouting it even as the Ostrogoth Theodoric was taking the throne in Italy to save them from the “other” barbarians.

  7. anybody heard anything from Bernie sanders lately telling us how great Sweden is. rapes and sexual assaults of swedes brought to them by feminist Swedish politicians.

  8. We offer our solidarity, compassion and urge an organized response. At 72, year of age the Workd has witnessed the American reduction of civility; humanity and Justice. As a boy (13 – 17) Wewe’re present as some peer members boasted of their prowess and aggression against our counter parts and colleagues. The girls at that time were considered precious and were to be protected. The noted authors Bell Hooks; Toni Cade Bambarra and others note that America has always been a rape culture. However in some communities that was considered an aggression against all of the community. Now that many Americans have affaires their bestiality by electing a gross misogynist the tone and timber of the conversation has been changed again. More and more communities are organizing, with affirmative actions. Back in the 1970’s we participate in a Women’s self defense course where volunteer men wore protective clothing so as to fully allow Women to viscerally response to attackers. But the idea that “Gangs of Men”, can attack with impunity is not a simple crime of immigrants or emigres. It is a precursor to a diminished protection of ALL rights and a further expansion of Patriachy; Chauvinism and Bigotry. Where are the Swedish Men; the Pakistani Men or others? Any culture that make “normal” the debase treatment of Women has lost its concept of Mother – the Divine Mother or creation. As to the Christian communities chauvinistic response to Islam, in Islsm the Mother is considered the highest vessel of Allah. If an Iman or teaching creates a space for the brutalization of Women as in Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism or any of the now male dominated world religions, it should be challenged.
    I can remember a group of young men and boys traveling to challenge any sanctity claimed by abusers of our Sisters, Neighbors or Children. It does not bode well the there is an assaulter in the White House but Women Worldwide cannot accept brutish mobs or gangs!

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