The Boogaloo, Swedish Style

I’m not sure how “Boogaloo” would be spelled in Swedish — perhaps bögalö — but in any case the article below from Samhällsnytt discusses the Swedish government’s plans to use the military against the Swedish people when the Nordic Boogaloo finally kicks off.

Many thanks to LN for the translation:

The authorities plan to deploy the military against the Swedish people — the government is cheering

January 17, 2020

In the media shadow on February 1, 2018, the same day that it was announced that Dan Eliasson would leave his post as national police chief and take over as director general of the Swedish Social Protection and Emergency Preparedness Agency (MSB), a fifth so-called case of “gray zone” was presented: Extracts and escalating gray zone problems. Something that can be used arbitrarily by the holders of power to ensure continued power, and that citizens with the “wrong” views on social development are silenced.

According to the Swedish Defense Research Institute, FOI, it is believed that “the threat that exists today against Sweden is more complex and diffuse than before” and that “the boundary between peace and war is not as clear, and this unclear state is often called the ‘gray zone’.”

Among the tools that one fears might be used in the gray zone are, among other things, “dissemination of disinformation” and “impact operations”. The new Typfall 5 [Scenario 5] will give “authorities and other actors in crisis preparedness and civil defense better opportunities to plan and practice gray zone problems.”

Recently Police Chief Anders Thornberg wrote to the government requesting increased support from the Swedish Armed Forces in a gray zone situation, which means that police and military can be deployed against the population in a case where the country is deemed to be in a state of quasi-war. The pastor and writer Helena Edlund has been looking more closely at the government’s new opportunities to push hard against the population.

But when ministers start talking about the gray zone situation, the Swede should take his earplugs out and wonder why the same government that has done its utmost so far to procrastinate and delay effective measures against terrorists and organized crime is suddenly very quick on the ball when it comes to the possibility of deploying military units against the civilian population?

Edlund believes that the same ministers and directors-general who say they cannot understand what the increase in violence is due to certainly know that everything is going according to plan. Typfall 5 is based on a course of events that reflects an escalating gray zone problem with considerable societal impact but where neither heightened readiness prevails nor are visible military means of force used. In such a gray zone situation, the Swedish Armed Forces are supported by civil defense, which is represented by the MSB in crisis situations.

Alternative media a threat

FOI Memo 6338 describes the situation, among other things, as follows:

The dissemination of propaganda by internet activists and alternative media, which is then sometimes reflexively spread further in traditional Swedish media, conveys a distorted picture of Sweden. The Swedish public is exposed to ambiguous facts and sometimes pure disinformation on issues that concern, among other things, order and security, migration and integration, traditional values, crisis preparedness and defense, and foreign and security policy. These information operations, which primarily utilize our open society’s information infrastructure in terms of the Internet’s social media and blogs, as well as indirect TV, radio and newspapers, have a certain negative impact on public confidence in government and politicians.

The documents dealing with how to eliminate the “threat” from alternative media are classified, according to Edlund. Memo 6338 addresses the crisis in health care and energy supplies. It also predicts widespread food shortages, failed payment systems and an flow of people escaping from cities to rural areas, but also from Sweden to other countries.

Sweden today is in a situation similar to the introduction to that described in Typfall 5, but despite this we must ask whether a formal call for a gray zone situation is the right way to go. Although a gray zone situation, according to the regulations, is to be handled within the framework of ordinary legislation, in practice it is possible to severely restrict democracy. A gray zone situation indirectly affirms that the population does not have access to correct information, which gives more leeway to the MSB in particular, under Director General Dan Eliasson, and the Ministry of Justice under the head of department Morgan Johansson. Since January 1, 2015, Säpo [the security police] has been directly under the Ministry of Justice, which is also responsible for Sweden’s emergency preparedness issues (with Minister of the Interior Mikael Damberg, who now supports the idea of a gray zone situation, as responsible minister).

Furthermore, Helena Edlund speculates that it is not inconceivable that the announcement of a gray zone situation could be the rescuer in the need for S / MP / C / L [Socialdemokratiska arbetarparti = Social Democrats / Miljöpartiet de Gröna = Greens / Centerpartiet = Center Party / Liberalerna Liberals] to eliminate the threat of a possible SD / M / KD [Sverigedemokraterna = Sweden Democrats / Moderaterna = Moderates / Kristdemokraterna = Christian Democrats] constellation in the parliamentary election of 2022.

Set parliamentary elections and “responsibility”

In a situation where Sweden is in a state of quasi-war, with continued daily explosions and acts of violence, the election can be set with reference to the security situation and the pretext that one is “taking responsibility” while silencing critical voices.

Please note that I am not saying that it will of necessity be like this; I point out that the opportunity exists — and that an opinion-driven government can have the benefit of declaring a gray-zone position to secure its own place at the dinner table. Hopefully I’m wrong. But as long as the development is the one described in the report the ministers themselves have had access to for two years…

16 thoughts on “The Boogaloo, Swedish Style

  1. The ruling Swedish elites must think that the local equivalent of the storming of the Bastille cannot happen to them. They will only be able to keep their populations suppressed as long as the internet is not blocked and the lights are still on. Eventually, they will find it necessary to kill the internet or cell service to prevent the spread of contrary information from areas adjacent to orc-occupied zones. And by then, it will be impossible to hide the truth any longer from even the densest and most oblivious Swedes.

    • Storming the Bastille will never happen in Sweden. Swedes simply have had their balls removed and their spines replaced with smug jello. Too many years of marxist indoctrination. As the situation devolves into open war, the response from the state will be jack-booted sturmtruppen cleansing non-muslim, caucasian european’s who are already branded ‘nazi’s’.
      This is the EUSSR.
      I have written off swedistan. It’s over, and they’ll never regain control of their own country. Expect to see slums filled with disposed Caucasians all over europe, for this is the future they want.
      Isn’t communism kewl?
      Oh, certainly, we the people can fight back, and win if we want to.
      All it will take is for Us to QUIT BEING NICE.
      Our enemies are stone-age vermin. They are succeeding because we are unwilling to be rude.
      I am not. Around communists and muslims, I am rude. I elbow ribs, tromp insteps, ram with the shopping cart, force them off the road.
      I strike them from behind, push them off sidewalks and elbow their children in the chops.
      If one of them wishes to throw down, I whip out the chainlock and ratchet and engage as if it is a fight to the death, for it is exactly that.
      If they point their phones at me, attempt to photograph me, or to drop a caribou, or whistle up enforcements, I strike the phone from their hands, and beat them down, for that is self defence.
      Above all, I get in their faces and tell them in plain words that they, their politics and religion, are garbage and not welcome.
      Social mobb tactics do not work on me, because I do not care.
      Sending the police does not work, as I resist, and if John Law wishes to escalate, I am perfectly capable and willing of meeting force with force.
      He can’t eat me or kucf me, he can only kill me once, and I am hard to kill simply because I will not sit for it, and laws made to oppress me are gleefully ignored or wilfully broken.
      I invite all Citizens of Western Democracies to do like wise.
      Were we all to do this, none of this would be an existential threat to our existence.
      Fight or go extinct. This is the only truth.

      • This is true: self-defense. But who has the strength and the BALLS to do it?

        1st easier step is to stop or maximally reduce paying taxes, bcs they are used by NGOs to breed our enemies.

        • A general tax revolt would only be effective if you get at least 40% or more to participate, then the man cannot sic the swine on you.
          Next. I am opposed to violence as exercised by Mars.
          Lets be smart, as Minerva, or Athena, and use violence as a means to seize the main chance, not as a lifestyle in the wise of muslims and commies.
          Great strength is not required! Balls are required.
          I’m well up into my sixth decade, active and hale rather than athletic, though I do benefit from three tours with the mob. For anyone, young or old, I strongly recommend the study of Krav Maga. This is a martial art that requires no special strength, or a life time of tedious study. It was designed to be taught quickly and easily to flabby civilians.
          I once even taught my eighth decade granny to disarm a gunman in contact in about 20 minutes. Much to her shock, she could do it, in that specific tactical circumstance, reliably, and disarm a younger opponent with ease.
          Find a dojo that teaches Krav Maga.
          Above all, you must never give a cufk what any one else thinks. Your opinion is just as valid as theirs, and certainly more valid than the spew of commies and muslims.
          A farcebook mob is less than nothing. And if you get a real, hostile mob, know then that your place in Hell is decided by the size of the honour guard you take down with you.
          You can take a pretty good vanguard along armed with a heavy-chain dog lead with a padlock on the end, If you apply your self.

      • GOOD FOR YOU!!!!

        This is EXACTLY what needs to be done – STOP BEING SO DAMN NICE. Our enemy & the 3rd world scum they are importing to replace us, want us dead, gone, replaced.
        There’s a quote I have hanging on my wall; I don’t know where it came from & I can’t find it on a google search;

        “To beat an enemy,
        You have to be just as brutal
        And willing to kill
        As your enemy is.
        A lesson we never
        Seem to learn.”

        We send our finest soldiers in the world – Navy SEALs – into combat against literal pedophiles and rapists who hide behind women and children in combat because they know we are too nice to shoot them, even though they routinely beat & rape these same women and children.

        Oh, and then once we spare the lives of these women & children because we are too nice, what do they do?
        Take up arms against us & use against us the fact that we are too nice & will hesitate to pull that trigger because we have been so conditioned that women & children are untouchable little angels, even when they are holding an RPG & will take out a platoon of men without second thought, then return home to their goat-[loving] husband who will rape them some more.

        We send out finest men into combat and then have the sheer, unmitigated gall to prosecute them for “being mean” to the remains.
        They ought to be [vulgar intensifier] training SEALs and all infantry how to properly douse the corpses in pig blood, bury them in mass graves alongside swine and dogs, filming the whole time, and sending copies to Al Jazeera.

        But no….we’re “better than that”….and so we are on the brink of being relegated to the dustbin of history.

        But at least we weren’t rude….

      • U have got it 100% right!

        PC is marxist trick thats keeping people from speaking up, in case they offend the herd around them.

        Once u out uself, the herd around u then ostracise you, start chinese wispers campaign behind u back.
        Then u notice people dont want know u anymore,
        U r shut out, banned, looked at as a NaZi, when it is in fact the herd that are the NaZis, they are the brownshirts, its sickening!!!

        This pc marxism spreading and poisoning people to attack others with different views breeds violence, hate and soon war.

        I live portugal, this sunny cesspit in algarve,mis choc full of commie brown rice grave yard hippy types, they [devastated] there own countrys, now they sit in algarve sunshine, spreading the marxist pc poison here, portugal itself is run by communists who openly use the hammer and sickle logo as there party logo. The pcp, “portuguese communist party”

        Best to speak up, speak u mind, and rock the boat at every chance around these lieing traitor commie marxist nazi femi socialist turkeys,
        The war has already begun!

      • I respectfully disagree good Sir. The Swedes are certainly behaving like cuckolds, aren’t they? However I feel there will come a point (just as in this country), where the sleeping bear is awakened, and he will not go back to sleep until he is done (just as in this country).

      • I don’t know what society you live in. If a police comes to arrest you, do you shoot him, even if the arrest is over an unpaid parking ticket? If a police stops you for a traffic ticket, do you shoot him (or her)?

        Maybe you can get away with bullying Muslim out-of-shape men, women and children. I see plenty of Muslims around who are fat, flabby, often misshapen, and can easily be bullied. I have been in anti-Muslim demonstrations with a heavy contingent of bikers. The bikers respected the police and the police directions.

        I find it hard to believe you really do the things you say you do in any kind of western society. If you force a car off the road, and they get your license number, you will be visited by the police. Will you shoot your way out? Ridiculous.

        The most outstanding feature of your braggadocio is that you describe yourself as acting completely alone. Just a force of nature willing and able to kill anyone who looks cross-eyed at him. People acting alone have absolutely no impact. Nothing.

        If anything is to change, the first principle is to get together with others to act in concert. That’s very difficult with spies and sophisticated listening devices. The Afrikaners were as tough a people as you’d find anywhere on earth. They fought off massive British armies until the British resorted to genocide against the Afrikaner civilians. The Afrikaners fought off the combined forces of the Communists invading through Namibia, at the same time enduring a worldwide boycott because of their very functional system of apartheid.

        But, the Afrikaners let themselves be lulled into surrendering their form of government. It wasn’t because they weren’t tough. They lost the quality of acting together for a common purpose.

  2. No matter the machinations of these drones of the political elite, the military has plans of their own, namely they will side with their own over these politicians and 3rd world pets. Then they will simply take over, democracy be damned and put law and order and security first, 3rd world rights dead last on the list of priorities. Oh this is going to be delicious fun to see these politicians herded out to the courtyard for their just rewards.

  3. This is simply “We must have censorship to ensure freedom.” Orwell indeed. If the Muslims can infiltrate the military quickly while the neutered population remains catatonic then even the Western European militaries will struggle to take over and wage bloody war against Islam.

  4. @ Stewart

    “If the Muslims can infiltrate the military quickly while the neutered population remains catatonic then even the Western European militaries will struggle to take over and wage bloody war against Islam.”

    The possibility of native European military forces siding with their own indigenous populations against the EU – is why Brussels has been making noises about having “its own military force.” Stripped of all of the PC-double-speak, it is not hard to see such a force would be used,Gestapo-like, to oppress native populations who dare to rebel against their new masters.

    • You’re absolutely correct.

      Traditionally, indigenous militias are as likely to side with the population as with the ruler. The original US Constitution forbade standing professional armies for exactly that reason. The Chinese had to bring in troops from outside the region before they could move against the Tianamen Square protesters because the local army had gotten to know the people and were of doubtful reliability.

      My own opinion is that the EU commissars saw NATO as a multinational enforcement military, but didn’t anticipate Trump being elected. Hillary, or Jeb Bush, two peas in a pod, would have been fine with it, but Trump was quite likely to be unwilling to use NATO to suppress native Europeans. Hence, the emphasis on an EU military is an attempt to work around the delay on their plans.

  5. The tribe in action, yet again! Why pretend to be surprised? After all, they yearn for the “good old days” of their Messiahs – Lenin and Stalin. They insist that those gulags “paid a living wage!”

  6. Boogaloo? Loogaboo. That’s wayciss wrongthink thoughtcrime comrade.
    We’ll all hold hands and ride out on our unicorns to pick up cargo cult goodies as we sing hymns of praise to our overlords. Forward!

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