Viktor Orbán: Grappling With the Soros Network in the European Parliament

Below is an excerpt from a weekly radio interview with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. The radio station’s format involves a still photo over an audio track, so there is no actual video of him speaking.

Many thanks to CrossWare for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

05:30   About the connection between Eastern and Western Europe:
05:34   the vote that took place yesterday in the European Parliament —
05:38   What was surprising is that now there was a greater proportion
05:42   of representatives who voted that Hungary and Poland
05:46   should be punished because of “issues with the rule of law”,
05:50   which is not perfect in these countries.
05:54   It was also an important day yesterday for the European’s People Party [EPP],
05:58   because the migration-supporting
06:02   people have a majority in the European Parliament,
06:06   where the Hungarian opposition also belongs. Socialists, Liberals, Greens:
06:10   they vote against us, they hate us, because
06:14   of our viewpoint on migration. So they not only oppose us,
06:18   but also hate us and look down on us,
06:22   and see us as backward,
06:26   in an state of arrested development, we who can’t see
06:30   how much benefit comes from letting large masses of Muslims into our world,
06:34   and from these two things — the mix of Christian and Muslim world —
06:38   what a fantastic future would unfold. They see it that way,
06:42   and they look on us as backwards, we who can’t feel the greatness
06:46   and beauty of such ideas. I admit: I can’t see the beauty of it, but am rather afraid of it,
06:50   and because of that, they do not
06:54   use common sense and have an emotional
06:58   reaction to the Hungarian viewpoint. That’s OK,
07:02   I mean, it is not OK, but no surprise there. In the European People’s Party [EPP]
07:06   we had to have a huge debate; that was much more unpleasant.
07:10   We were an inch away from leaving the EPP
07:14   yesterday. The only reason we haven’t done this
07:18   is because the French, the Spanish and
07:22   the Italians were clearly with us,
07:26   and they stated in the debate that the EPP must stand with Hungary.
07:30   Now I look at the whole EPP issue
07:34   using national glasses. We as a governing party belong to
07:38   a family of parties so that if our homeland — this case Hungary —
07:42   ever needs support in Europe,
07:46   then we shall have allies there. But if our allies betray us,
07:50   like the majority of EPP did yesterday, then we have no place there.
07:54   But because three serious countries —
07:58   the Italians, the French and the Spanish, they are not nobodies — said
08:02   that the Hungarians are right and we must stand with Hungary, that gives us a little hope
08:06   that we may realize some changes there. A dwindling hope, but still something, a
08:10   little hope. Otherwise, by this morning we would not have been members of it.
08:14   Behind the whole thing, in addition to differences of
08:18   opinion about pro-migration stands,
08:22   the Soros network is very active
08:26   in the European Parliament and European politics.
08:30   Let’s not forget that in the election they were
08:34   able to get many of their representatives into the Parliament and on the Commission.
08:38   There are countries where they are capable of seriously influencing governments, too,
08:42   so they are in the Council of Europe as well. I have to tell you honestly,
08:46   I have always found it strange, that we never spoke openly about this there [in the EU institutions].
08:50   Behind such organizations
08:54   the Soros network can always be found. The political handbook writes:
08:58   if there is someone who is rich — that’s what we’re talking about here —
09:02   not incidentally, he gained this wealth by ruining many people’s lives.
09:06   He did that through financial speculation.
09:10   So there is a rich person, who buys political influence, because that’s what we’re talking about.
09:14   He buys representatives, supports them, finances them.
09:18   He operates networks and buys influence in political life.
09:22   In our profession we call that an OLIGARCH.
09:26   And the world’s number one oligarch is George Soros. Who
09:30   through a partially concealed mafia-like network
09:34   directs political activities and practices influence
09:38   over European politics. And here Hungary and this network collide,
09:42   because this network also wants
09:46   mixed Christian-Muslim components in a new
09:50   modern Europe, which transcends Christianity and national
09:54   emotions. And Hungary states that although we have demographic
09:58   problems, we do not want migrants, but rather want Hungarian children.
10:02   That is why we are against migration and support families. That
10:06   causes a very sharp confrontation. The most exciting and hard debate
10:10   emerges in the European arena, where we seemingly fight with parties,
10:14   but in reality on one side is the Soros-type network and on the other
10:18   Hungary and some other Central European countries,
10:22   for example Poland. —Why can such things not be spoken about in Brussels?
10:26   …Because…
10:30   First we must decipher it. Why does one not like to speak
10:34   about something openly? Everyone’s life there is something
10:38   about which one speaks very carefully. Perhaps because the opposing force seems very strong.
10:42   And we are afraid of it. There are many who are afraid
10:46   of George Soros, who see, in a Western European media environment, when
10:50   he blows his whistle and all the pens start to write,
10:54   and they start to attack a politician in the MSM
10:58   and online media. Whoever can take such pressure,
11:02   that is one hell of a man. But we have already been through that many times.
11:06   I myself was “killed” eight times, by these journalists and fake civilians
11:10   and the Soros network, and I was resurrected eight times, so for me,
11:14   I was rolled in all kinds of juices, so I am not afraid of this, because
11:18   I know them. But someone who has never faced such a foe
11:22   sees only a steamroller, and thinks, “I have no chance at all.”
11:26   And THEY WOULD RATHER KEEP QUIET. —But the situation with the EPP
11:30   cannot be maintained for long. What might we expect?
11:34   Well, we’re making another attempt. I talked about this
11:38   with [Austrian] Chancellor [Sebastian] Kurz — because his party is also a member of the EPP —
11:42   I will have a “date” with the Germans, the leader of the CDU,
11:46   Madame Chancellor. I would like to talk with the EPP President,
11:50   Mr. Tusk — who opposes the Polish government, despite himself being Polish —
11:54   this will make my situation more difficult —
11:58   then we have to make a decision. One thing for sure: things cannot stay as they are right now,
12:02   and if the EPP does not stand up for us, then
12:06   we must start a new European Christian Democratic movement.
12:10   We have enough to do in Hungary, of course,
12:14   but the European front is just as important, so we must
12:18   expend a significant amount of energy to create such a European movement.
12:23   We will have allies in creating it! —Perhaps, but we shouldn’t be afraid of what the DK
12:27   [Democratic Coalition — party of ex-PM Ferenc Gyurcsány, Socialist/Liberal mix, globalists]
12:30   says twice every week,
12:34   if the Fidesz no longer has a connection with the EPP,
12:38   then this will be disadvantageous to our country, because we no longer receive financial support?
12:42   Just the opposite! It will be way more advantageous for us, first of all, because we’ll only make
12:46   decisions based on what is good for the country; second,
12:50   in state-to-state relationships one should never get involved with relations between political parties.
12:54   As Prime Minister I have worked with a German Chancellor who was a Social Democrat.
12:58   I can also have discussions with the French President,
13:02   even though he belongs to a completely different party family.
13:06   I could also mention numerous other examples.
13:10   So it is a poor and shallow approach
13:14   to European politics, in which state-level connections
13:18   get mixed up with the party connections. As for the [EU] budget debate,
13:22   Hungary has allies — not parties but states —
13:26   strong reasons, and in the end, a right to veto.

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  1. Years now, that the EU and their Bolshevik shills are demanding that Hungary and Poland should be punished, because they are a dictatorship (I wish, because we are full of agitators and Soros agents working without any problems) and having trouble with the “rule of law”. So far NOBODY defined what that means, what is MISSING? While this is happening, in France people getting killed and beaten to half dead (in the most democratic way), People blown up in Sweden, knifed in Germany obviously “lawfully” and leaders of Catalonia getting imprisoned to the “betterment of humankind”… The Soros network and their banker mafia bosses adding pressure, I guess a deadline (literally) a DEAD-line is coming…

    • Do not worry, we start to feel that way…
      Primary issue, that western countries are allowing in the migrants and supply them with proper papers. With the papers the invaders then can travel anywhere in the new United European Caliphate.

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