Many Nights of the Long Knives

It seems that Germany may rival London as the hotspot for knife crime. The following report describes five knife attacks that occurred in Germany on Sunday. However, if you read the second article below, you’ll see that there has recently been far more knife crime than that — an enormous wave of attacks with “pointed weapons”.

Whenever there are any indicators of ethnicity in these reports, the perpetrators turn out to be culture-enrichers.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is the accompanying article from Bild, also translated by MissPiggy:

Bloody Night on Sunday
Five knife attacks in German cities

Although the sun was shining in a spring-like fashion all over Germany this past Sunday, the night before was bloody.

Five cities were shaken by knife attacks during the early hours on Sunday morning. In Cologne, Nuremberg, Lingen (Lower Saxony), Mülheim an der Ruhr and Frankfurt on the Main, police and residents were puzzled by what is going on in the minds of the attackers. The victims received medical care.


The worst-hit was a man in Cologne. At approximately 4.40am an argument in a shisha bar on the Hohenzollernring escalated. A man from Cologne (28) was attacked with a “pointed object” which inflicted severe life-threatening stab wounds on his upper body, according to the police.

Paramedics treated the man at the scene. His condition is now stable after an emergency operation, according to the hospital. The police cordoned off the crime scene and questioned witnesses. The assailant (26), who was temporarily arrested, and his victim were heavily drunk at the time of the crime, the police later reported.


Bewilderment in Emsland, where in the city of Lingen, a 44 year old woman was pulled off her bicycle during the night by two men and wounded with a knife.

The perpetrators “stabbed her several times on different parts of her body”, a spokeswoman for the police said. When the 44-year-old called for help, the men fled.

The woman was able to alert the rescue service herself and was taken to a clinic. She was operated on during the night. Her injuries were not life-threatening, according to the spokeswoman.

Police and the public prosecutor’s office are now investigating an attempted homicide. The motives for the attack are still unclear. The attackers are said to have appeared to be very young, possibly juveniles, and one of the perpetrators was masked, according to authorities.


A woman in Nuremberg was also the victim of a knife attack in the early hours of the morning.

The 21-year-old woman and an acquaintance (18) were walking down Fürther Straße at 5 a.m. when she was attacked and wounded by a man with a knife near the District Court House without any apparent reason.

After a brawl with the companion of the attacked woman, the unknown man managed to escape undetected. However, the young woman was able to hand in a description of the perpetrator to help the police in their search. The attacker also lost a shoe at the scene.

The police used a helicopter and police dogs to hunt for the man. On Sunday afternoon, an Iraqi (25) was arrested as alleged perpetrator. On Monday, a judge will decide whether the man will remain in custody.

Mülheim an der Ruhr

At 10.15 pm on Saturday evening in front of a shopping centre in downtown Mülheim an der Ruhr, a couple encountered a young man (20) bleeding and immediately alerted the police.

The police are now looking for five men who stabbed the victim with knives at a playground at the corner of Parallelstraße and Charlottenstraße.

The 20-year-old was released after a night in hospital. According to the police, this is how he described the crime: An acquaintance had wanted to meet him at the playground. When he arrived there, a total of five men were waiting for him. Suddenly they attacked him and later fled.

The criminal investigation department has a description of the appearance of a suspect: 1.75 meters tall, about 20 years old, short, curly hair, green quilted jacket (could have Arab migration background) — Crime tips phone number (0201 829-0).


The knife attack in Frankfurt am Main is very mysterious. The attacker called the police and asked to be arrested.

Prior to the phone call to the police, there had been a clash in Kaiserhofstraße, in which eight people were involved, according to police reports. A 22-year-old was wounded and taken to a hospital — he quickly discharged himself against the advice of the doctors. The man stated that he could not remember anything.

Soon after, a 19-year-old reported the incident to the police via an emergency call, turning himself in. He was arrested shortly afterwards. The investigation is ongoing.

This report from the Upper Austrian weekly Wochenblick (yet again translated by MissPiggy) shows that the five attacks reported by Bild are just the tip of the iceberg:

40 knife-wielding attacks in Germany in one weekend: killings, robberies, conflicts

The Wochenblick editorial team has researched the number of knife-wielding attacks that occurred in Germany on the second weekend of Advent. Since these are only cases that have appeared in police reports and local newspapers, it can be assumed that there are a large number of unreported cases. Shockingly, four deaths have also been reported — in Osnabrück, in Stuttgart, in Lörrach and in Lünen, one woman was stabbed to death. The remaining cases are a diverse mix of raids, disputes, dangerous threats and more.

Given the large number of crimes committed in just one weekend, it is a mockery that the media spread the message that “Germany has become safer year after year”. The “best Germany we have ever had” (quote: Joachim Gauck) seems to sink more and more into the most brutal knife violence every day.

In addition to the knife murders, of which the killing in Osnabrück received hardly any publicity, Germans mourn the death of the firefighter who was slain senselessly in Augsburg. It is still unclear whether the policeman who was stabbed in Munich on Monday morning will survive.

UPDATE — Originally, we reported 26 cases, including two killings. During the day, more and more reports about knife attacks from Germany were received, so that the article could be supplemented accordingly.

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Uncommented, we will then present you with the list of our research with the links to the respective original sources.


  • Pforzheim: 28-year-old Syrian threatens compatriot and police with knife
  • Kiel: Two North African knifemen rob 18-year-old
  • Stuttgart-Obertürkheim: Two men attack and threaten a 36-year-old woman
  • Hage: Supermarket cashier from Southerners threatened with knife in attack
  • Wertheim: 36-year-old threatens his wife and injures police officers with knife
  • Dortmund: A 27-year-old man threatens travellers at Central Station with a knife
  • Bremen: Masked perpetrator raids food discounter scares and threatens employees with a knife
  • Magdeburg: 26-year-old beaten by youths, threatened with knife and robbed


  • Osnabrück: Murder investigation — 27-year-old stabs Syrian ex-girlfriend, leaving behind two children (KILLING)
  • Wiesbaden: 18-year-old seriously injured by 18-year-old with knife in leg
  • Rhineland-Palatinate: 54-year-old bus driver threatens teenage passengers with knife
  • Hannover: Serious injuries after knife attack by 21-year-old
  • Ulm: 25-year-old knife man threatens young girl in the city centre
  • Lichtenfels: 31-year-old stabs 23-year-old in buttocks after brawl
  • Bochum-Weitmar: 18-year-old robbed by four men after being held with a knife
  • Cologne: Threatened and robbed with knife at mobile phone private sale
  • Lünen near Dortmund: Body of stabbed woman found, 21-year-old son is suspected
  • Trittau: Two young men were attacked by two men on their way home from the disco
  • Willows: 36-year-old Iraqi man threatens his wife of the same age with a knife


  • Ulm: Unknown man threatens young woman with knifeBad Wörishofen: Dispute between 52-year-old and 42-year-old ends with dangerous bodily injury by knife
  • Sending: Police find knife and beating ring on 15-year-oldDortmund: Robbery with a knife at a petrol station
  • Rostock: 39-year-old stabbed, another 39-year-old is considered the perpetrator
  • Erfurt: Two men beat each other up and pull knives
  • Duisburg: Mass brawl involving weapons
  • Neu-Eichenberg: Drunk 21-year-old misses 15-year-old’s elbow kick and injures father with machete


  • Speyer: 17-year-old and her boyfriend threatened with knife by 27-year-old ex
  • Crailsheim: Drunk man threatened passers-by and police officers with knives
  • Stuttgart: 77-year-old stabbed to death on open road for no reason (KILLING)
  • High pieces: Couple attack each other with knives
  • Bendorf: Man threatens partner with butterfly knife
  • Siegen-Geisweid: Robbery at Kebob shop with knife
  • Emmendingen: Migrant attacked bakery employee with knife and robbed daily income
  • Bad Oldesloe: 20-year-old injures two people with knife and heavy object
  • Lörrach: 38-year-old man sits dead at the front door of a 37-year-old neighbour. (KILLING)
  • Marl: Attack with a knife
  • Dortmund: ‘Family dispute’ escalates, men run off with knives
  • Rogdau: Teenager is robbed by two young men and threatened with a knife


  • Munich: Policeman stabbed in the neck from behind

Video transcript:

00:01   Five German cities were shaken by five knife attacks
00:04   in the early hours of Sunday morning this past weekend. Similar to scenes here in Nuremberg,
00:07   in other cities, including Cologne, Lingen in Lower Saxony, Mülheim an der Ruhr
00:11   and Frankfurt/Main, police were busy with knife attacks.
00:15   In Nuremberg, on Sunday morning at approximately 5am a 21-year-old was attacked with a knife
00:20   near the District Court, for no apparent reason.
00:23   The man used a knife to stab a woman and she was wounded.
00:27   She is now being treated for her injuries by doctors in a hospital. —The police investigation
00:31   is underway using numerous police officers. Police are combing the area
00:34   surrounding the crime scene. The targeted search was supported by
00:37   a helicopter among other measures. In the meantime, several police departments are participating
00:42   in the investigation to find the perpetrator.
00:45   At this time we have a description of the perpetrator.
00:49   He is approximately 1.6m-1.7 tall. (5’3″-5’7″) He is bald.
00:54   During the crime he wore a red sweatshirt with a hood,
00:59   blue jeans and grey sport shoes. —A hot lead could be the shoe left behind at the scene
01:04   by the perpetrator during the physical struggle at the time of the crime.
01:09   A man was severely injured in Cologne, after a dispute escalated
01:13   in a shisha bar on the Hohenzollernring at 4:30am.
01:17   According to police, a 28-year-old was attacked
01:20   with a sharp pointed object. He suffered severe puncture wounds
01:23   in his upper torso. His injuries were life-threatening,
01:27   but after an emergency operation his condition has stabilized.
01:31   At the time of the crime, both victim and perpetrator were excessively
01:34   inebriated, the police reported later.
01:37   The community of Emsland is stunned. In the city of Lingen
01:41   a 44-year-old woman was pulled off her bike by two men
01:44   and wounded with a knife. According to the police,
01:47   the perpetrators stabbed her in several different places on her body.
01:50   When the 44-year-old victim began screaming for help,
01:53   the men fled. The motive for the crime is unclear.
01:56   In two further attacks in the cities of Mülheim an der Ruhr
01:59   and Frankfurt am Main more people were wounded.

18 thoughts on “Many Nights of the Long Knives

  1. “police and residents were puzzled by what is going on in the minds of the attackers”,
    “The motives for the attack are still unclear”,
    ” she was attacked …without any apparent reason”,
    “The motive for the crime is unclear”,
    and so on.
    Maybe, just maybe, it is
    “Kill the wherever you find them”, or
    “Lay ambushes for them and go after them in every stratagem of war”.
    It is worth consideration.

  2. The Munich policeman was stabbed in the neck. I believe the recent London stabbing of the 2 Gutmenschen by the attacker then shot dead by police on London Bridge also involved the neck.

    The stab vests worn by civilians or police do not have the neck and throat protection that fencers have from a gorget. So the carotid is exposed and the jugular too.

    It seems that quotidian stab vests have to be redesigned, without making it apparent to an attacker that they now have inbuilt gorgets.

    This in turn implies a new fashion for high-neck outer clothing for concealment, such as rollneck jumpers, round-collar sleeveless vests, etc.

    Also new breathable materials, as such items are traditionally hot to wear in spring/summer.

    So we see how immi-vaders enhance GDP by stimulating economic growth (design, manufacture, retail sales) in the clothing sector, to take just one example.

    • not to forget the impact on cutlery sales, but more important with regard to GDP will be the revenues in the medical trade. A couple of days in hospital with surgery will easily generate a few thousand € growth, as do car accidents btw, if only they restore the state of matters the objects had before.

  3. Brilliant, that’s the new normal, Merkel’s Germany is getting better and better, keep your children and wife’s locked, or fight if You have balls, but I doubt something changed soon with this mood in Germany…

  4. I am German (currently living in nicer, safer Iceland) and can vouch for what this entry says, it’s undeniable by now the problem is germans went from total denial to “it happens everywhere” I was once discussing this with some friends when the mother in law of one of them told us how she was attacked by a african man with a knife and showed us the scares on her hands ,told us that she grabbed the knife by the blade with her hands to avoid getting killed, I was horrified but real horror came when she said that the nationality of he man had nothing to do with the attack “he could have been a German too” she added, sadly germans are now accepting violent crime as normal part of life. I am glad to be in Iceland.

    • The way his Germans thinks is horrible Alexandra , I think this media and brainwashing by Merkel &CO have something to do with this insanity, very sad ..

  5. The Marines got the nick name “leather” necks from the leather collar around their necks to protect them from getting their throats slashed by pirates off the African coast in 1800s.Will “leather” necks become a new fashion for the urban European to protect them from the “refugee” pirates that roman their city streets in the 21 century?

  6. Angela Merkel is the living proof of a Taoist expression from China: “Men build up the city walls, women tear them down again.” Societies run by women, or feminised societies such those of the West, are on the road to ruin. And it is surely ironic that the very people who welcomed these savages into their countries are very often the first and most grievous victims of them – as for example the two social workers killed in London last week by the jihadi.

    • Actually Merkel proves nothing of the sort, as she has a PhD in Physics and nobody said she is stupid. There is a minute percentage of IQ that can write a Physics PhD.

      Instead, what Merkel and all Western low birthrate white country legislatures are doing is here. For the EU, it happens to be hijra, but Merkel would do the same if it were Buddhists, mortgages, housing start numbers and retail sales know no religion:

  7. I really think it’s about time that the Germans et al start training themselves in the ancient martial art of knife fighting. There are many excellent videos out there on the topic. Maybe not a bad idea to download some of them before they’re taken down.

    • The Germans need to start getting armed up and [intemperate suggestion redacted] and walk away like it never happened. To bloody heck what is legal or not, we are at war, about bloody time to starting fighting like we are.

    • There are enough wise statements on the Net by experienced martial arts and miltary people who imply the opposite, e.g. “the loser in a knife fight dies on the spot, the winner dies in hospital” .

      Those martial arts and military people tend to be horrified by the naive belief that knife fights are winnable; as culture enrichers maraud in squads, there will always be a ceramic knife attached to a wrist behind you, who are the individualist European man with siblings in another city or country, and maybe just your wife along for the evening.

      • There is another aspect: the German fireman in his late 40s killed in front of his wife at a visit to a Xmas market in Augsburg a few days ago was not even knifed.

        It was a one-punch killing by a 17-year old called Halid. The fireman had allowed himself to be encircled, alone, by 7 youths. It seems that he had tried to tell them, by himself, to reduce their noise level, so a dhimmi judge can now rule that he provoked them, we shall see.

        I suspect that his death was not driven by Islam directly but by the breach to West Asian, male, peasant-origin honour caused by him trying to discipline the youths.

        It seems quite common for men to die after one punch only. The conclusion is that one has to keep out of range. That implies a distance weapon i.e. projectile weapon (gun, bow, sling, blowpipe etc.) to enforce the range.

        I estimate that currently in Germany, pulling a legal tear gas pistol, which looks like the lethal equivalent, e.g. Glock 17 on a group of marauders may be enough to enforce the range while escaping.

        This however means carrying it all at all times and staying out of fist range when passing a marauder group so as to be able to pull it out safely. Given the narrowness of the city centres of some German towns, which retain their mediaeval street widths and layout, that is not easy.

        Especially when the old picturesque street was made into a tasteful cobblestone pedestrian mall already before 1980.

        So if you want to cross the road to the other side i.e pavement, there is no other side.

        In addition to dying because your head hits the pavement badly, I suspect fatal head blows go to the thin bone over the temple. Now there are bump caps as used in industry which do not look protective and hence do not arouse marauder attention/mockery.

        However there seem to be few models with temple protection, as such caps are designed to protect the head against knocking into machines and girders etc. while walking along. Still, worth looking into.

  8. The courthouse mentioned in the Nuremberg attack is the site of the Nuremberg trials. It is still Nuremberg’s functioning courthouse. It is located on Fuertherstrasse.

  9. Better start refusing Muslims everywhere. No explaining. Just doing it. Churchill was so right.

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