A Bun-Grabber in a Man-Bun on the Jan Evertsenstraat

In the following video you’ll see an appeal by the Amsterdam police for help identifying a culture-enriching man in a man-bun who grabbed a woman’s bun on the street before punching her in the face. The incident occurred last summer, but the police have only recently released an unpixelated version of the video showing the bun-grabber’s face.

Many thanks to C for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:04   He had the chance to turn himself in with police, but he didn’t.
00:09   The man who this summer, on the Jan Evertsenstraat, punched a woman, and squeezed her buttocks.
00:15   Because the suspect didn’t turn himself in, he is now shown in a recognizable way.
00:20   The woman is furious, and a bystander films part of the confrontation.
00:26   What preceded this?
00:29   The victim cycled down the Jan Evertsenstraat around 7:30pm August 5.
00:34   At the corner of the Witte de Withstraat, two men are walking in the cycle lane, blocking her path.
00:40   She confronts the men, but before she knows what’s happening,
00:43   one of them suddenly fondles her buttocks. The woman clearly objects,
00:46   and an argument ensues in the street.
00:50   During this confrontation she pushes one of the men away, and is punched in the face.
00:57   So, the last part of the argument was filmed.
01:10   A few weeks ago this suspect was shown with a blurred face,
01:13   but now we see him uncovered and recognizable. —That’s right.
01:17   We’re often criticized, together with the office of the prosecutor, for being reluctant
01:21   to immediately show people in a recognizable way. In this case, too, of course,
01:25   but if you realize the video is of high quality, and is circulating everywhere,
01:31   then I hope people understand this. He hasn’t turned himself in. Of course the next step is always
01:39   to show him in a recognizable way. That’s happened now, and we’d really like to know who this is.
01:43   So that’s the result. Now we’re using recognizable images;
01:46   we can give a better description of this suspect. —Yes.
01:49   We can see him in high resolution, so please have a good look at the images.
01:52   It’s a man with a lightly tinted skin color,
01:55   and what’s especially conspicuous is the bun on his head.
01:59   Well, that day, but this was during the summer, he wore a white T-shirt and sunglasses.
02:02   But pay attention to his face. And let us know if you know who this is.
02:07   Or, if it’s you, turn yourself in. —That probably won’t take long.
02:11   Esther Izaks, thanks for your commentary. This was Bureau020. [website, app]
02:23   Have a nice day.

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  1. Mohammad the hipster is a likely appellation. He probably can be found at an upscale hookah bar that sells avocado toast.

  2. What a poetic post title. How exhilarating is the diverse cultural enrichment!
    If you always wanted to see and smell a world bazaar you can now have it come to your area as part of the enrichment improvementation.

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