Antifa Goons Attack a Nativity Performance in Toulouse

The following video shows what happened to a Nativity event with live actors in the French city of Toulouse: Antifa thugs interrupted the event, insulted and attacked the participants, and spat on a priest. The incident is an example of the Demonic Convergence between Islam and the Left, with “anti-fascists” doing the dirty work for Islam by attacking the infidels.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below are the notes (also translated by MissPiggy) accompanying the original video:

On Saturday, December 14th, I was at Place Saint-Georges to make a report on the living nativity scene in Toulouse. What was supposed to be a space highlighting the spirit of Christmas and tradition in contradiction with the consumerism of the supermarkets has become a place of tension and intolerance.

It was the fault of about fifty people who disrupted the afternoon, and the situation quickly degenerated from 4pm onwards. A few dozen people found it a good idea to hurl Christianophobic and anticlerical slogans, insulting priests , religious people… Forcing the organisers to evacuate frightened children.

For my part, I was threatened by a hooded man who promised to wait for me outside the square to settle my account. Despite the tension, the situation was still under control.

In the next few minutes, a young demonstrator broke into the square to get closer to the scene. He attacked a priest, filmed him, insulting him and even spitting on him.

After being forced to leave the scene, this individual came back to the square again to attack me and my equipment. He grabbed our camera and threw it to the ground. A stampede ensued and the man was exfiltrated thanks to the professionalism of the security at the event.

I would like to thank the security service who ensured my safety and that of the families present on the square, who defended me and allowed me to recover the camera, despite the fact that it is now non-functional.

Bought the day before, it was intended to enable Infos-Toulouse to guarantee more video reports and exclusive interviews in the coming months. And this, in order to offer you better quality information and original content highlighting our culture, our heritage and reflecting the life of the city of Toulouse as well as possible.

We need your help so that we don’t let a few idiots tarnish our work! I am counting on you to help us buy replacement equipment and allow us to continue our projects, for you, for the freedom to inform the public and against the censorship of well-meaning people.

Video transcript:

00:00   Hello, my name is Etienne Lafage. I’ve been a journalist for Infos Toulouse for the past 3 years.
00:04   On Saturday December 14th, I was here at Saint George’s Square
00:07   to report on the live Nativity scene in Toulouse,
00:10   which was to be a video report highlighting the spirit of Christmas,
00:14   a tradition contrary to the consumerism found everywhere.
00:17   It became a place of tension and intolerance. Some fifty people were infiltrated
00:22   by extreme left-wing idiots who tried to disrupt the afternoon.
00:26   A few dozen people were hurling Christianophobic and anti-clerical slogans,
00:29   insulting the fathers of religious families
00:32   and forcing the organisers to evacuate the frightened children.
00:36   A, Anti, Clerical! A, Anti, Clerical!
00:43   As for me, I was directly threatened by a hooded man who promised to wait for me
00:47   outside the square to teach me a lesson, despite the fact that the situation was still under control.
00:52   Do you want to talk, sir? Do you want to talk, sir? I wish you well.
00:59   In the minutes that followed, another young demonstrator entered the square to get closer
01:03   to the nativity scene. He was filming a father of a family, insulting him, and even spat on him.
01:10   Hey, stop! What’s wrong with you? Unbelievable.
01:15   After being forced to leave the scene, this individual came back to attack me this time.
01:19   Taking advantage of the fact that I was having a discussion with a member of the police force,
01:23   the individual grabbed the camera and then threw it on the ground.
01:32   Following that, there was some wrangling with the man, who was able to escape.
01:36   Not shown in the video is what happened immediately after the area was evacuated. Several Antifa
01:40   came over a wall to fight. They were pushed back by security personnel, resulting in a huge clash.
01:44   I would to thank those who defended me and helped
01:47   to recover my camera, although it cannot be re-used.

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  1. If they can’t stand Christianity, how are they going to deal with Muslims once France goes full-Islam?

  2. They are useful idiots ,they think Islam will tolerate their freedom to do as they please like it is now in modern Europe. They will be the first people to be hanged by construction cranes(like what Iran in the started in late 1070s)or lose their heads at chop chop public square as is done by the Saudis for the last 70 years. They are tools to be drop into the river of forgotten people after their usefulness is no longer needed by the Jihadist .No more important then useless animals or out of date machines of the past to be rendered throw out ,move out of the way forgotten .The progressive useful idiots of 2019 their time in the lime light will expire like milk expiration date if Islam gets the true upper hand in Europe.

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