The Mosque Shooter of Bayonne

Last Monday an 84-year-old man named Claude Sinké allegedly shot two Muslims outside a mosque in the French city of Bayonne. Mr. Sinké reportedly did not intend to become a mosque shooter, but rather a mosque torcher — he went to the mosque carrying a can of gasoline, and was interrupted before being able to take incendiary action. The gunshot victims had surprised him in the act.

Interestingly enough, Mr. Sinké is being celebrated as a hero in any number of online forums, including some in countries where expressing such opinions can result in prosecution and imprisonment. It seems that some people feel so strongly about the issue of Islam in Europe that they are willing to take the risk, even knowing that their governments are usually able to track their identities online.

The first video shows one of the early TV reports about Mr. Sinké’s attack. Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

In the second video the identity of the alleged perpetrator is revealed, and more details are provided about the attack. Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The third video puts forward a tentative motive for the attack: revenge for the burning of the Notre Dame cathedral. The suspect is being evaluated for possible mental illness. Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript #1:

00:00   Two people were seriously wounded by bullets in front of the Bayonne mosque
00:04   on Monday afternoon. According to the police prefecture, a man attempted to set the temple on fire
00:08   before being surprised by two people and shooting them.
00:12   The shooter also set fire to a vehicle before running away.
00:16   Karim Essamah, the vice-president of the Bayonne mosque, reports:
00:20   The attacker came with a petrol can to set fire to the mosque,
00:24   and was armed as well, so he shot at two people who
00:29   were there, and he set fire to a car,
00:33   so he burned a car, and one person who was wounded hid under the car,
00:37   but luckily there were people to get him out of there, or he would have burned with the car.
00:41   The suspected shooter was arrested in his home in Saint-Martin-de-Seignanx,
00:45   16km [10 miles] from Bayonne. According to police, he is an 84-year-old man.
00:49   He ran for office for the National Rally [Marine Le Pen’s party] in 2015
00:53   in the local elections. The perimeter of the mosque was secured
00:57   by the national police.

Video transcript #2:

00:03   The victims, a 74-year-old and 78-year-old. Both were faithful members
00:07   of the Bayonne mosque and were seriously wounded by gunfire.
00:11   At 3:25pm, just before the afternoon prayer, the two men saw a person
00:15   with a can of gasoline in his hand who wanted
00:19   to set fire to the door of the religious building. They tried to stop him,
00:23   but the man retaliated with shots and then set fire to a nearby car.
00:28   The individual fled, but his vehicle was identified by witnesses.
00:32   He was stopped in front of his home by the team of
00:36   the Bayonne anti-crime brigade, who immediately rushed to the scene.
00:40   Barely five minutes later, forcible arrest came,
00:43   but the man resisted. He said he possessed weapons and grenades.
00:46   To secure the area, the mine clearance team was sent to the scene.
00:50   The alleged shooter is an 84-year-old man, Mr. Claude Sinké. He was taken
00:54   into police custody. He acknowledges what he did,
00:57   but his motives are not yet known. According to our colleagues in the southwest,
01:01   he sent a raging letter a few days ago
01:05   to the newspaper and the prosecutor of Dax that
01:09   he intended to file a complaint against Emmanuel Macron.
01:13   It can quite easily be considered that it was an attack, since of course,
01:16   the person who committed this act did so in a way
01:19   that wasn’t completely neutral. He did so in front of a religious building
01:23   and definitely wanted this act to have a certain meaning.
01:28   Unknown to police, Claude Sinké had a reputation in his neighbourhood
01:32   for his racist and xenophobic comments.
01:36   In 2015, he ran in the local elections on the National Rally ticket.
01:41   In a statement, the National Rally party explained that
01:46   it had excluded Claude Sinké and his federation for making comments
01:49   that were deemed contrary to the spirit of the party.
01:52   A statement that doesn’t convince this representative of the Muslim faith.
01:57   We have repeatedly expressed the great concern for Muslims in France
02:01   who were stigmatised for their religious practice.
02:05   We see each time that these provocations, these attacks come from the extremes,
02:09   and there is an exploitation of the fear of Islam
02:13   in relation to our compatriots and this makes some resort to irreversible acts.
02:20   The attack on the Bayonne Mosque transpires in the midst of the debate on the Islamic veil.
02:25   Earlier today Emmanuel Macron received representatives of the French Muslim Council at the Élysée.

Video transcript #3:

00:00   The suspected perpetrator of the attack spent the day under arrest for an assassination attempt.
00:04   He admitted to part of the deed, and in particular setting fire
00:08   to the door of the mosque and to the car with one of two wounded believers inside.
00:12   This afternoon the state prosecutor for Bayonne gave some details concerning
00:16   the suspect’s motivations: —He explains his act by his desire
00:20   to revenge the destruction of the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris,
00:24   asserting, asserting that
00:28   the fire in this building was caused by members
00:32   of the Muslim community. The entirety of the hearing
00:36   is examining the state of his psychological health,
00:40   so that he is at this moment being seen by a psychiatrist
00:44   in order to determine his legal responsibility.
00:49   Tonight the anti-terrorist Public Ministry [the Attorney General] is waiting for the results of this
00:53   testing, to see whether he will be opening an inquiry. Concerning the two victims:
00:57   their lives aren’t in danger.

12 thoughts on “The Mosque Shooter of Bayonne

  1. Oh yea ??, what about Notre Dame??, who set on fire ha, this savages don’t belong in Europe, period, people are fed up with freighting situation, to the point they start shooting , wake up Europe!! This leaders selling You to Islam , ..

  2. I wonder if the Europeans will ever take back their nations, or if this kind of flash-in-the-pan violence will ever be all there is.

  3. This comment is from France
    Update on the Bayonne shooting.

    84-year-old Claude Sinké ( soon to be 85 ) is now in jail awainting trial. During is questionning by police he indeed repeated several times that his motive was to avenge the burning of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris.

    He attributed this fire to ” Muslim arsonists”. In fact nobody knows what happened at Notre Dame, but the French authorities stated at the time that the fire was accidental, without waiting for an inquest. They decided to launch an official inquiry for ” involontary destruction by fire” soon after the disaster, and before any serious inquiry could be made into the real cause of fire. ” Involontary” was the word too much.

    The testimony by several witnesses that the fire started not in one location but in several almost simulteanously was quickly swept under the rug.

    Naturally this added weigh to the idea that criminal or terrorist action was the cause of the Notre Dame fire.

    And some people remembered an incident several years ago, in Lyon, that raised eyebrows at the time.
    During repairs on the roof of the cathedral a worker noticed a stone cutter ( of foreign background) carving something on a stone in a recess. He went there after work. Some lettering in arabic was carved on the stone. The next day the man came back and took a photo and had the writing translated. What it said, he was told, was ” Allah ou Akbar”!…

    Personally I am so very tired of all these muslim invaders devouring my homeland, and I feel sorry for this very old Frenchman in Bayonne who did what he did because he couldn’t stand any more what was happening to his country.

  4. How about you, are you waiting for old men to risk their lives …shame on you french, shame and disgust.Americans will not save your [fundaments] yet again.
    You have nuclear arsenal, you are [out of luck] if they are placed in wrong hands.
    At that point we are in danger and that is a real problem.
    Up till then you deserve to rot.Idiots.

  5. Claude Sinké is a man of life experiences at almost 85 years old. In 2018 alone, over 875 churches were VANDALIZED in France!

    Let those facts sink in multiculturally brainwashed unbelievers! Let the hundreds of torched cars on New Year’s Eve and in Sweden on a daily basis permeate your coexist minds! Europe is being attacked from within! It will be conquered by the womb & mass migration. Claude Sinké perceived the horrific events unfolding before his eyes while the younger generations are oblivious with no monumental reference points, no real life experiences to scream takeover, invasion!!! To demand Macron & his lying, progressive cronies leave office immediately!

    Yes more vehicles will be torched on NYE 2020 if last year was any indication:

    Too bad Claude didn’t burn down French government buildings. Macron, Merkel & other leftist political leaders are the ones solely responsible for European population replacement & destruction of French culture!

  6. Interesting that the Notre Dame cathedral fire investigation report seems to be missing. Or, more significantly, there is no report and never will be.

    • World Heritage master piece , destroyed by Macron islamists , how easy and fast he sold own country and Europe in the same time to islamic hoarders its just outrages …

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