It’s Poppy Time

It’s Poppy Time

by MC

“Religion is the opiate of the people,” said a man who was busy creating his own political religion.

Opioids are very dangerous and powerful drugs. They sit in the bodies’ pain receptors and calm them, but at the same time they distort those receptors so that that the bodies’ own natural painkillers no longer work. This is why ‘cold turkey’ is very painful.

Karl Marx was building a religion, a religion aimed at bringing down Judeo-Christianity and free market capitalism and replacing it with a revised form of secular feudalism and an associated cartelism.

He identified an enemy: the ‘class’ enemy, consisting of any nebulous personage who disagreed with his doctrine or offered a threat to it.

He also discarded conventional morality, a morality based upon the journey, not the destination. His doctrine held that the desirability of the destination justifies any immoral action required to get there.

In this, he, Marx, whether knowingly or unknowingly, was following the same path as his predecessor, Mohammed, over a thousand years earlier.

We do not have much actual history about Mohammed, but we can see the results of his religion. It, too, was primarily a political religion, and it, too, expanded massively and violently and without mercy. Convert, be enslaved or die.

And the ‘cold turkey’ of political religion is also very painful.

We are looking here at the highly intoxicating effects of the same, but deeper problem of humanity — the innate desire to be part of something, to enslave and maybe to be enslaved by a ‘good’ cause; to be part of something exciting.

Historians tend not to use the word ‘slave’. It is too emotive, so they use euphemisms: vassals, serfs, workers, peons, the proletariat, indentured servants, and the like. We reserve the word ‘slave’ for use when we want to emphasize a negative cause.

But slavery is the normal state of mankind, and what was so exceptional about the Bible was that it described the way Yahovah took His people out of slavery. That was the real revolution. It was that revolution that inspired Protestant Christianity in the West, along with the translation/printing of the bible in the common languages — the real revolutionaries being the likes of Luther, Tyndale, Cranmer, Latimer and Ridley, whose ideas led King James to authorise a public version of the Bible in English.

So the great British anti-slavery movement had its roots in the Exodus of the King James Bible, and likewise in the USA.

The Bible defines slavery as wrong, so when we want to justify or ignore slavery, we change the language in grand Marxian style. The USSR was a slave state, as was National Socialist Germany.

To enslave a population, you must first render them unable to defend themselves. This can be achieved either by removing the proto-slave’s weaponry, or by removing their will to resist (or both).

I note with interest that the Church of England, itself set up by those same Latimer, Ridley and Cranmer and who, incidentally, gave their lives for it, now advocates the ‘banning’ of pointy knives in order to “stop” criminal violence. So, do they somehow believe that criminals are going to obey the law? Or do they just want to make the good men of England even more vulnerable (or maybe they are just stupid or drugged up to the eyeballs on political-religious opiates)?

An insanity rears its ugly head when one loses sight of the morality required for the journey and look only at the need to reach the destination, especially if that destination has an element of phantasy about it. On the whole, a large segment of the CofE has moved on from God and is now trying its hardest to build heaven on earth. That is, it has become utopian.

The journey to Utopia, requires one to forcibly herd the people into following a specific (politically religious) pathway (or to remove them from the picture). All must heed the call, or die. Sound familiar?

The utopian insanity crops up throughout history. It is behind most of the really nasty mass genocides of humanity. It is what prompted the Young Turks to massacre the Armenian Christians. It prompted Ante Pavelić and his Ustasha to set up their extermination camps at Jasenovac and other places in order to wipe out Serbian Orthodox Christians (and any handy Jews or Roma).

We see this same insanity at work all around us now, striving to bring us into line with the “all you need is lurve” brigade who want to channel our perspectives into their non-hatey worldview, whilst cleverly disguising their true aim of enslaving us as their dream of Utopia where a compliant people voluntarily eat seaweed in order to reduce methane output.

To rebel is to be destroyed (or banned from Facebook — just as bad for some).

Our Judeo-Christian revolution is failing, Yes, the real revolution, the one that put the Ten Commandments at the centre of our lives, the Ten Commandments that made the journey more important than the destination. Those Ten Commandments are out, despised and rejected as the white man’s legacy, all for a mess of sloppy moral relativity — and the maniacal chaos of the ends justifying the means.

Ever driven a car in the Middle East? Muslims believe that they can drive like lunatics because Allah decides whether they have an accident or not, so there is no point in driving in a civilized fashion. One can just indulge one’s animalism and put every other road user at risk; It is Allah’s responsibility, not the driver’s.

The people of the UK voted to leave the tyrannical EU, but the elite don’t like that, so they are using any means, fair or foul, to deny the people their Brexit and enslave them to an occult dictatorship, all smiles and lurve up front, but oh so dirty inside.

In the USA the duly elected President is being threatened with impeachment — for doing what it is the duty of a President to do. If Obama’s vice president was dirty, and is running for president, then he needs his day in court to clear his name (assuming that he is innocent, he has nothing to fear). To try and claim that President Trump is guilty of “high crimes and misdemeanours” is a huge threat to all that makes America great, and it is nothing less than a coup d’état. But to the insane, the ends justify the means and the American Christian establishment must be brought down before Americans can be shackled in slavery. In the journey to socialism (communism) all is fair.

France sees the Yellow Vests, a true grassroots movement, being slowly strangled. In Germany, Holland and Sweden, valid political parties are being denied their rightful place in their legislative assemblies by unconstitutional manipulations

And everywhere that bringer of civilization, the white male, is being denigrated for his huge achievements.

Utopian insanity requires collectivism; it requires that the individual be erased as an entity, and absorbed into the collective, or eliminated. The white male is almost unique as an individualist, not necessarily because of his gender or skin colour, but because he has a thousand-year tradition of inventiveness and acumen which the likes of Marx and Mohammed despised.

So what happens when we eliminate whitey?

Did the USSR innovate, or did they have to steal technology? Is China innovating, or spying? Is Venezuela prospering from its oil wealth. Is the economy of South Africa booming?

If the president is impeached, what will be the unintended consequences? A wannabe-Cherokee fraudster, a nepotist, or a murdering harridan? Will Gaza get all the American money it needs to perpetuate its war crimes against Jews?

And on top of it all is Islam. To me, Islam is the satanic icing on the cake of human folly. The Islamic world is a desert wasteland. Here in Israel we bring the desert to life, and we are happy to share the knowhow. But does Islam want to learn? Or would it rather kill the golden goose in the name of continuing utopian insanity?

What is it about the human condition that makes us unable to recognise a gift from God because God chooses to deliver it in an unexpected form? “For we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of Yah and not of us.” (2 Cor 4 v 7)

When Adam was booted out of Eden, he had to effectively create his own world out of the cast-offs from Creation. As Paul indicates, this was a world of sin and death, but also illuminated by the spirit of life.

Science has not yet mastered ‘life’, but it is expert at death. A few years ago the concept of irreducible complexity was pointed out by Michael Behe, and the controversy still rages. The Wikipedia article is hostile as one would expect, but the Nobel Prize committee is less so.

I look at Utopian insanity and the Lysenkoisms inherent in utopian insanity — which are currently preached as scientific ‘truth’ by teenage wunderkinder and ex-barmaids — and I wonder exactly where all this leads. My tertiary education was as a chemical engineer, and we were taught at length to discern between fact and theory, opinion and truth, and not to make assumptions, nor state them for peer review.

It is horribly dangerous to make assumptions in engineering. The Bhopal and Tay Bridge disasters both had false (in hindsight) assumptions as the basis of their failures. In Bhopal, the supervisors assumed that instruments were misreading. At Tay Bridge, it was assumed that the horizontal force of a high wind would never be enough to blow a wagon off the rails.

Of course they don’t call the ‘climate change’ hoax Lysenkoism, because they need to massage it into a human perception of the wisdom of our betters, so they use miseducated teenage stooges and talk of a Green New Deal, which picks up echoes of Rooseveltian social engineering attempts that most people believe were beneficial.

The Green New Deal is a short and dirty path to feudalism and yes, slavery. Worse, it will mean that a huge percentage of the public will starve to death; utopian insanity at its worst. But it does give an ecstatic (opioid) high to those who need to identify with a cause.

It is such a pity that right-minded people cannot agree on a united strategy to advance the opposition to utopian insanity. Unfortunately, it is in the nature of conservatives to be individualistic, so they arrive at the battlefront piecemeal and against a well-organised and well-funded enemy. In this case ‘truth’ is not marching on. President Trump, like him or not, is the best we have at the moment. The world needs him, so America: don’t blow it. We, the rest of the world, rely on you, even if it does not always feel like it.

The world owes a huge debt to the Christian societies of the West. The technology we all love so much comes from just a few sources. The hated morality comes from just a few sources. And the civilization only comes from a single source. If we allow this legacy of goodness to be destroyed, then it is gone for ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren, and the warlords will dance on our (and their) mass graves with glee once more.

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

28 thoughts on “It’s Poppy Time

  1. Stay tuned MC, the warlords will get their seven (the number of completion) years which will end upon the return of Yah Shua who will reclaim and sit upon the Throne of His father David.

    • Yes, but will Jesus (the same Yesterday, Today and Forever) still be a Jew? Will he keep Torah? If so, will it be the Torah of Moses, the Torah of Abraham or the Torah of the Rabbis?

      • Yes, He wrote the Torah of Moses and dictated it to Moses. I liked the part in Deuteronomy in which Moses speaks of the Prophet to come. I don’t know about the Torah of Abraham or the Rabbis. I only have a Bible in the New King James version which I have been studying on a daily basis for the past 12 years in my One Year Bible, (which as a result I have read through 12 times). Jesus must be a Jew to be able to sit on the throne of His father David, which is His by virtue of his mother Mary who was descended from Nathan,one of David’s sons who wasn’t under the blood curse of Solomon’s line that Joseph was descended from, as per the daughters of Zeolaphahad. All that I can do is take the Lord’s Word for things, now and in the future.

        • Abraham kept Torah before, the rejection of a personal relationship at Horeb by the Elders of the Children of Israel, so it is the Abrahamic Torah Paul refers to in Galatians.

          The Mosaic Torah revolved around the physical manifestations of Tabernacle/Temple worship, this all changed in the “3 days and 3 nights”

          The Abrahamic Torah was the Torah of a “man of Faith” without all the trappings and rituals required of someone who needs a physical not a spiritual relationship.

          see Genesis 26 v 5 or

  2. BTW, music is the opiate of the people, not religion. And for my first witness, Rock ‘n Roll. Any questions?

  3. ‘ It was that revolution that inspired Protestant Christianity in the West’ . This line ended your essay, because it is a false premise. That revolt against Christian unity brought back slavery by the west. That revolt changed ‘property’ in the constitution to ‘pursuit of happiness’. ‘Luther, Tyndale, Cranmer, Latimer and Ridley, ‘, these fascists lead to removal of 7 books of the first kjv bible to the calvinist edition of it today. This ‘revolution’ lead to a secular dysphoria that just changed the name of the slave owners. Recall that the Catholics of Poland came in 1683 to save Europe, but alas, only for a delay of 500 yrs. The facts you present in regard to falling into slavery again, are the out come of that revolt. The wars with the islamic ideology of slavery and submission, most likely that largest cause of death until ww1/2, will be eclipsed soon by the rest of your essay’s conclusions.

    • As a Jew, I don’t see it quite the same way, but lets not let ourselves get sidetracked by sectarian strife, the problem here is that the sacred value system is under dire threat, for in the now, the destination is all that matters, and if the legitimate President of the USA is impeached using ‘lawfare’ then the world has a huge problem, for it means the end of democracy as we know it.

      In a coutroom, all the evidnce should be examined for truth and relevance, this is the journey, and if the job is done correctly, then the conclusion is honest, if however the journey is compromised in the endeavour to pervert the outcome, then the final decision is compromised too.

      Attempting to impeach the head of state for doing his job well and to the best of his ability is not acceptable and may well constitute TREASON!

      • So frustrated with people who call America a Democracy, it’s a Representative Republic. Democracy is the last political step before a Dictatorship. People never learn from history.

        • It was a Representative Republic, the morphing to a Democracy happened over 150 years ago, or do you think the war between the states was an abberation?

    • Those books in the Catholic Bible were left out of the KJV because they were NOT God inspired. The were silly books like Bel and the Dragon which teaching NOTHING about being a Christian. You;re just [ad hominem characterization redacted].

  4. The ultimate sign of the end times is “deception”. How fitting then, that the european police forces are starting to use more and more umarked vehicles, secret surveilance is running wild, and the media is pushing their half naked beauties, gossip, and cars and sports – especially on days when important issues are being discussed in halls of power. The ultimate war machine is the “Stealth Fighter”, the secret services kill by “apparent suicides” and “heart attacks” – and the Public Relations and Media people congratulate themselves on their ability to “lead people in the direction of the desired public opinion.”

    This world will be able to go on just for so long… The Mystery Babylon will ultimately fall, and woe to everyone who perpetrated the deceptions and thrived on secrets. Just like you say – the badly built bridges will fall, and the chemical factories where the supervisors didn’t believe “the signs”, those factories will blow up.

  5. Iran is about to attack Israel. If it is foolish enough to do so then it is WW3. “Allah” won’t get to blow the radioactivity away or make its evaporate either.

  6. My one nit to pick is that King James’ Authorized Version was authorized because of the publication of the Geneva Bible. The Geneva Bible contained extensive commentary notes that challenged the Divine Right of Kings and supported individual liberty through the biblical texts. Totalitarians of every era have the spirit of the Nicolaitans, which every Christ follower must oppose.

  7. “So, do they somehow believe that criminals are going to obey the law? Or do they just want to make the good men of England even more vulnerable (or maybe they are just stupid or drugged up to the eyeballs on political-religious opiates)?”

    No Sir, they don’t believe that at all and they are not, despite their religious trappings, Christian at all. All Christians recognize that the base, very first thing to know is that we are sinners, and that there are consequences for our sin, those being wrath, death, and hell. Offering salvific government is just one endless work your way into Utopia scheme. All men, all of us, are trying to work our way back to the Garden, it is only by the realization of Christ, as the final work, once for all, that saves a man’s soul and relieves his search for Utopia(s). All good deeds are then become sufficient to please our Heavenly Father and Him alone.

    There is not work that we can do, no way that we can be good enough, our works are as filthy rags to a holy Righteous Christ, our work on our own to be saved from hell, or bring about Utopia on earth is foolishness, for the fool has said in his heart that there is no God.

    The revolution of the Reformation is to know our Saviour personally, directly, as our only High Priest, that we are saved by grace through the realization of Christ’s work on the cross being sufficient to end all work at entering Heaven, and all else, all other attempts of any kind at self-sufficiency for salvation are blaspheme against the resurrected Saviour. Any who think that a thrice holy God, the one who spoke creation into being, needs their ridiculously pitiful efforts to be good enough is lost lost lost. Only Christ can save.

    “We see this same insanity at work all around us now,…”
    And Sir, it is critical to rightly name the problem. Evil is real, and manifest in the hearts of men…because they are trying endlessly to get back to the Garden instead of working to build the civilization that the West became. Claiming that they are insane would potentially begin to absolve them of their evil work when what they need, is God, not “sanity”.

    “To enslave a population, you must first render them unable to defend themselves.”
    And finally Sir, your entire thesis is at risk when you state any support at all whatsoever for Donald “I like taking the guns first” Trump. Trump is a Red Flag gun controller. The exact same techniques were used by the Nazis and the Soviets that you mentioned, that is, turning neighbor, family, co-worker, friend, fellow parishioner, against one another by creating an army of little snitches against those who would be their own master. Pity, the same people who demand to free are falling right into the trap. Nothing happens by accident in American politics, that old understanding is now become delusional belief in a government as some type god, instead of the evil that it is. Same as it ever was. Donald Trump doesn’t know the 10 commandments: he doesn’t even know the first one, he has repeatedly publicly Blasphemed God to throngs of adoring fan boys and girls. Trump will forever be the President that brought unconstitutional weapons seizures into being, he is no better than any, government as a god true believer, as are any that follow after false gods and Trump is of most dangerous type indeed.

    To think that a gun can produce an evil in the heart of a man is voodoo. That’s Trumps religion. Guns have zero control over anything whatsoever, they are hunks of metal and plastic or wood. There is only one reason to want Red Flag laws, that’s to disarm people but then to leave them, having committed no crime, free to go. That’s normal?

    I agree with the underlying premise of your article as to slavery and civilization. Thank You.

    • I am not pro-Trump as much as anti-Communist/Democrat, Trump has done a good job on his election pledges even when blocked and fought all the way, I hate to think what would have happened if Obama MkII (HRC) had won the election.

      As for insanity, I go with Einstein – insanity is doing the same thing time and time again hoping for a different outcome.

      The Tanack (bible) and civilization are indivisiblly linked, throw out Tanack and civilization degrades.

  8. There was one religion that you failed to mention, the religion of the worship of Mammon,otherwise known as making a profit off the labor of oth6while “supplying” their financial needs through lending at interest. Yah declared in His Torah sabbath rests and jubilee years, neither of which have ever been observed bt either Jew or Gentile. Nowadays, the very bankers who would enslave the world, and have nearly succeeded, are themselves slaves to their own sinful lusts and excesses and the financial system that caters to those lusts and excesses. They are, in fact, more demanding than muslims and even more doctrinaire. They are the third front, or actually the third jaw in the drill chuck that holds us working folk captive to the whims of this world as the world is led about by the nose by Satan, and his personal property.
    These “elite” if you will, have brought the muslims to Europe as their enforcers. Just as the relcritants of yore had the dogs set on them by the lords of the estates, so also today the muslims are sicced onto a restive public that is nearly at the point of armed revolt and/or un-civil war.
    There are therefore only two ways out of this present situation, either being called home at the sound of the last trump (no, not the current president) or trial by seven years of fire that is known as the time of Jacob’s trouble.

  9. So many interesting thoughts here; I’ll confine myself to how the Bible treats slavery. In Leviticus, Chapter II I believe, we are told that one may keep bondservants so long as they are from a neighbouring country and not one’s own (I recall a Jewish American writer asking whether she could have slaves only from Mexico, or also Canada).

    In the Gospels, Jesus advises slaves to be faithful to their masters, especially if they are Christian (sorry, I don’t have time to find the reference).

    • Yes, but Torah bars Enforced slavery, as opposed to voluntary slavery (usually done for protection) whereby a person joins the household of a powerful family – see Eliazar in Genesis who was entrusted to find a wife for Issac

      • Please excuse late reply, MC. From your posts and comments here at GoV, it’s apparent that you’ve studied the texts in more depth than many Jews, let alone we Gentiles (especially- or maybe not?- the unbelievers among us).

        I recall that some time back, you explained how you’d left the UK, in whose armed forces you’d served, because of antisemitism, especially involving your family. But I believe you do visit sometimes; next time, I’d love to meet you for a beer and a discussion; I’m sure the Baron would forward any emails. I’m 71, and an unreconstructed “liberal”, but always looking to learn, or I wouldn’t be here among all these “right wing extremists”!

        • I am just a bit younger than you, but have mobility and CVD difficulties, I am not sure when I will be visiting UK again, it is exhausting and expensive. But I fancy a pint of real ale 😉 ( I am not really allowed it however).

          I tried to be liberal but was too skeptical of ‘liberal’ values, then I started reading Salisbury Review in the mid 80’s and was captivated by Roger Scruton’s philosophy and honesty.

          So I becane aware for the first time of the liberal conservative values which were missing from my education; not to e confused with the Liberal and Conservative political parties.

          My family and upbringing were drenched in ILP politics, my paternal Grandfather being a convener in the 20’s and 30’s but by the 50’s they were immersed in bitterness and strife as Labour became occult Stalinist and began to abandon the British ‘workers’ and to take its current ‘globalist’ stance.

          I rebelled….

          (ILP = Independant Labour Party not to be confused with Labour, the ILP was about putting actual working class people into parliament not the privately educated upper middle class twits that comprise(d) the Labour party)

  10. @ To MC in Sderot.
    Greetings from SW France from one of your regular readers. This is a superb essay. Full of great quotes and wit.

    I really like your description of Killary: “a murdering harridan”. I also noted: ” Islam is the satanic icing on the cake of human folly.” and many others.

    I am wondering how you manage to work and write in Sderot, being on the front line, so to speak, and having to watch out for Iran-financed rockets sent from Gaza by adepts of “the Religion of Peace”.

    • The rockets are disruptive, but it is about once a week, and not always aimed at Sderot, often, it is the Kibbutzim and Moshavim further south that get targeted, we have had about a dozen missiles over since Friday, 7 aimed at us the rest at Eshkol region.

      But work goes on, everywhere has a bomb shelter, but I am usually too late, being old and crippled I am usually the last.

      It is the children who really suffer, most sleep in the shelters – they are well trained to ‘scramble’.

      BTW it is mainly Europe that finances the missiles, especially Norway, and Sweden is also hostile. It is a form of indirect antisemitism.

      • Many thanks MC for taking the time to answer my comment.
        My thoughts are always with you guys in so couragerous and valiant Israel, a country I visited several times long ago.

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