Matteo Salvini: “In Government We Have People With Blood on Their Hands”

The following video contains excerpts from a speech given recently in Rome by former Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, at the same venue where Giorgia Meloni spoke.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

01:00   …and I tell you that I am happy to have had a year of experience
01:04   in government, because I have demonstrated to the Italian people the difference
01:08   between the talkers and the doers.
01:12   They have explained to us for years that on immigration,
01:16   nothing could be done. For a year
01:20   the ports were closed in Italy. And for one year
01:24   only those arrived who had permission to arrive.
01:36   In government we have people with blood on their hands:
01:40   more departures, more problems, more deaths.
02:05   I want to live in a free country. In a country
02:09   governed without waiting for a call from Merkel or Macron.
02:16   Italy for the Italians. Italy governed by Italians for Italians
02:30   And if Europe had dignity, tomorrow morning it would cancel
02:34   the process for the grand desire of Turkey to enter Europe.
02:38   It is a simple folly to think that Turkey
02:42   could join Europe. I prefer to negotiate with Russia
02:48   or Israel. Never with Turkey! Never with an Islamic regime!

7 thoughts on “Matteo Salvini: “In Government We Have People With Blood on Their Hands”

    • I believe Madam LePen and Mr Orban would also fall into that category. But as a generalization, kinetic removal from office of most politicians and the scum that funds them could only improve the prospects for Europe turning back the invasion.

  1. This comment is from France.

    I hope Matteo Salvini is soon back in power. And to answer a great comment above, he isn’t the only politician in Europe who should not be shot when the long awaited war of liberation begins.

    In Holland there is Geert Wilders, in Spain Mr Abascal and his VOX party. In Hungary the great Victor Orban, in Germany the leaders of the AfD, some others in Austria ( whose namesI forgot) and in Great Britain the fantastic Tommy Robinson.

    The sleepy French are also waking up ( very slowly).
    We have the courageous Nadine Morano ( see an qrticle here today ), Marine Le Pen of course, her niece Marion Maréchal and the writer and essayist Eric Zemmour, who is entering politics…. I may have forgotten quite a few…

    • But it’s too late, for France is too late.You have already 20% of them and they are separating in regions.There is even talk of giving some of the land of your ancestors to this animals .What are you talking about waking up?
      How much damn time do you need. Bataclan ,when [graphic details redacted],…after that you people of France allow a music with Muslim connotations to be played three…
      Nice, when 80 people died , you did nothing…
      Better wake the hell faster, I despise you already .
      I would be ashamed.

      • @ JAN

        You are right Jan. It makes me sick as well to see the submissive posture my compatriots have adopted towards this dangerous and conquering Islam

        Every day the news tell us of a new defeat, and of a new victory for the invaders. We patriots are just a handfull and the gullible masses are millions. We are governed by cowards and traitors. They have control of everything; the Media, the educational system, the government, the Parliament the Judiciary; everything.

        Patriots are hounded by the police, punished by the courts, forbidden to speak in the media. Even the current Pope is pro-Muslim. … I keep hoping against hope.

  2. Jan…your anger is justified but somewhat misdirected. Many in the “Yellow Vest” movement (which started in France) are outraged over unvetted, illegal migration, and rising fuel & living costs. Indigenous French citizens took to the city streets in 2018 to protest Macron’s corrupt government and false campaign promises. Indigenous French citizens have also protested Muslims taking over the city streets of Paris for Friday prayers. Around 5 years ago, young French youth started the “Generation Identitaire” movement in France which has now spread to other countries in Europe. They do publicity stunts and are repeatedly arrested & prosecuted by French & European governments:

    The average European citizen cannot afford to continuously protest, and be arrested & incarcerated like Tommy Robinson of the UK and lose freedoms & livelihood! Citizens of Chemnitz in Eastern Germany have successfully demonstrated the only feasible solution short of civil war…flash mob protests & marches of mass numbers over 1,000 strong! Flash mob organization prevents riot police from receiving notice or forewarning of the street protests.

    “Yellow Vest” marches have taken place non-stop for over 50 consecutive weeks since October 2018. Some concessions have been made like capping fuel costs after the first major increase. Unfortunately these protests will have to turn more violent to gain political attention and/or better economic conditions. All protests can quickly backfire into government police attacks & violent arrests. It might take another French Revolution, since once again, their elite rulers & leaders have utterly betrayed them!

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