Giorgia Meloni: “Italian Citizenship is Not to be Given Away”

Giorgia Meloni is the leader of the anti-immigration party Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy) and a member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies. The following video contains excerpts from a speech given by Ms. Meloni addressing the surge of illegal immigration into Italy that has resumed since Matteo Salvini was forced to resign the office of interior minister.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

01:03   The first measure these gentlemen have scheduled in Parliament
01:08   is the Boldrini Law to give automatic citizenship to immigrants.
01:17   They tell you…They tell you that
01:22   they want to give citizenship to foreign boys who study together
01:26   with our children in our schools. But it’s not true.
01:31   The truth is that they use children as human shields
01:35   to give citizenship to everyone, because this is what the Boldrini proposal calls for.
01:41   And we say “No”, and we have already gathered 100,000 signatures against it,
01:46   because Italian citizenship is not to be given away.
01:58   If you feel offended by the Cross or the Manger, then it’s not here you should live.
02:07   The world is large, and is full of Islamic nations
02:11   where you won’t find the Cross
02:15   because Christians are persecuted and their churches razed to the ground,
02:21   but here we will defend those symbols. We will defend those churches.
02:26   We will defend our identity. We will defend God, country and family,
02:30   and make a reason…
02:42   In practice, if it has been decided that Italy should be the refugee camp of Europe,
02:47   well then, that’s fine. Instead, I dream of a government,
02:51   and one day, we will build a government that says clearly,
02:56   that you cannot illegally immigrate to Italy.
03:02   In Italy, you enter legally — you don’t enter illegally
03:06   There are no excuses…
03:10   And on this we don’t back down.
03:16   If walls are needed, build them. If naval blockades are needed, do naval blockades,
03:20   as we should have already done. We do what needs to be done to stop illegal immigration.

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  1. It is encouraging to see that not every european country is full of cheese-eating surrender monkeys.

    • um… let’s be honest.

      Europe is toast.

      The U.S. and Russia destroyed Europe in 1947.

      The creation of Israel in 1948 solidified that.

      The rest is ancient history.

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