“I Hate the Muslim Religion”

The following video shows a television talk show appearance by Yves Threard, the deputy editor of the French newspaper Le Figaro. Mr. Threard had some VERY politically incorrect things to say about Islam. As far as I know, anyone who says such things in France is liable to be prosecuted, as happened to Brigitte Bardot, Marine Le Pen, and most recently Eric Zemmour. Should we expect Mr. Threard to be indicted soon?

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   There is no such thing as Islamophobia. —But you, but you… —I hate the Muslim religion.
00:03   I’ll say it. —You yourself are holding up very well. —I’ve taken the bus sometimes. In France.
00:06   If I took the bus or a boat where there was someone wearing the veil, I got off.
00:13   Well, I will say again, I don’t know, I had to yesterday [take the bus].
00:16   I agree, I don’t want a veil in public places.
00:19   Whether it’s in extracurricular activities at school, in the republican assemblies of the republic.
00:28   Yes, I have difficulty with the burka in public, the full burka on the street.
00:36   It is necessary to say that. So then it’s up to everyone. I’ve taken the bus sometimes. In France.
00:41   If I took the bus or a boat where there was someone wearing the veil, I got off. —Ah, yes? —Yes.
00:46   I refuse. Yes, but it’s the whole outfit with niqab that goes with it…
00:54   I’m going to tell you one thing: Let’s be very clear,
00:57   really very clear once and for all and stop all the hypocrisy.
01:00   We were so weak. At first it started out small and then grew.
01:05   And I would like to know the story of this woman.
01:10   Whether this woman provoked or not, she knew very well what she was doing, this woman.
01:13   Maybe she had hidden intentions. What were those intentions? —I disagree, I am…
01:18   Islamic militancy —It exists, I agree. —It is at the heart of the problem
01:22   in France. —So, François. —There is a great cowardice
01:26   in a portion of the population and a great cowardice in a large portion of the politicians…
01:30   I think… —that they don’t want to take responsibility. —I don’t think so… —who are afraid.
01:34   They’re afraid of being accused of racism, accused of Islamophobia.
01:37   They’re afraid of this, and that is absolutely shameful.
01:40   Look, Yves, right now, listen Yves. —Soon alcohol will be banned.
01:44   No, no, no, no, no. You have entire neighbourhoods…
01:47   I don’t think so. —in some cities where alcohol is prohibited. —So around the Bayard…
01:52   It’s not a slip. Sincerely, there’s a need to protect our way of life and our culture. —You can.
01:57   There is no such thing as Islamophobia. I hate the Muslim religion. I’ll say it.
02:00   You yourself are holding up very well. I’m thrilled with the niqab.
02:03   Be covered at home. They can cover themselves at home.

9 thoughts on ““I Hate the Muslim Religion”

    • I think one can safely say that they hate the religion of Islam and not hate Muslims and get a pass.

      Why? because of the way Europeans and other Westerners coyly say, ” I detest the state of Israel but I don’t hate Jews.”

      If it is OK to say the latter then it is OK to say the former and any push back on it and you immediately bring up the Israel vs Jews argument and shut them up.

      and you can continue with:

      Hating Communism but not the Russian people
      Hating Nazism but not the German, Austrian or German speaking Swiss
      Hating Fascism but not the Italian people.
      …and so on

      • Hate the sin, forgive the sinner.

        That said, it is easy to hate Islam. Look at the failed cultures and societies that it has led to. They speak for themselves.

        What is truly insidious is that the adherents of Islam are so brainwashed, that they think those same broken environments are the optimal state of mankind. Just another aspect of the terrifyingly well-designed mental cage known as Islam.

    • Islam and communists, feminists and marxist socialists, liberals, along with traitors in goverments, councils, policing, are the enemy of all patriots!! Of all indidgenous europeans,
      Mostbof these traitors are turkeys votingbfor xmas.

      [islam] is the ideology of satan 666
      Communists are worse than jihadis, leftists, commies, must be mpthe most harshly dealt with, [intemperate recommendations redacted]

      • @Morpheus
        I agree. Communist are even more irrationally hateful than Muslims. It is just that Islam is more openly hateful.
        While Buddhists and other Orientals tend to hide their hatred for us at this time and age because they do not have that much socalled power as Islam did.
        But most of them had this irrational obsession to spread their socalled superiority, inferior failed decaying Oriental culture, etc to the Western countries.

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