DHS Willfully Blind to Islamic Threats to the Homeland

This report on our Homeland Insecurity was posted today at the Sharia TipSheet in a slightly different form.

DHS Willfully Blind to Islamic Threats to the Homeland

October 16, 2019

The Department of Homeland Security is to be commended for expressly naming what it calls the “Radical Islamist Terrorist Threat” in its new Strategic Framework for Countering Terrorism and Targeted Violence. However, once again, DHS comes up woefully short in recognizing significant aspects of the threat.

The Framework discusses the threat at length (pp. 9-10), but confines its discussion to foreign groups such as the Islamic State (IS), Al Qaeda, and Hezbollah, their internationally mobile returning fighters, and the ‘homegrown violent extremists’ (HVEs) these groups inspire domestically.

No mention is made of the threat posed by Islam’s core doctrine of jihad or of the fact that many mosques in America have been rated Dangerous, Very Dangerous, or Extremely Dangerous by Dave Gaubatz, a well-known author and analyst with national security credentials. Apparently, in DHS’ view, a threat is not a threat if it’s a political hot potato. (The Justice Department and FBI so far refuse to cough up any records regarding their view of mosques in a pending FOIA case.)

Instead of parsing the threats posed by Islamic core doctrine and sharia (Islamic law), the DHS Framework descends into more of the same homogenized CVE (Countering Violent Extremism) mush it spouted during the Obama administration. DHS began to move away from CVE and return to reality-based counterterrorism analysis and training early in the Trump administration. Unfortunately, the Department halted that work and reversed course once again towards CVE under former DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen. The Framework is replete with CVE concepts and terminology such as, for example, when it discusses “a more holistic approach to preventing terrorism.” (p.1) CVE has been heavily criticized elsewhere for years, but one problem with treating all terrorist threats — from animal rights activists to jihadis — as the same is that it leaves counterterrorism personnel ill-equipped to deal with the specific means and methods employed by each discrete group of terrorists.

Finally, no mention at all is made of the Muslim Brotherhood or its U.S. front groups. Any Framework that fails to address this unsurpassed threat to the homeland is doomed from the outset. The Brotherhood’s main front group in the U.S. is CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations). CAIR poses as a civil rights group but its true nature is indicated by its status as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism-financing trial.

According to a recently published report on CAIR:

  • a “number of individuals associated with CAIR have been convicted of terrorism-related charges over the years”
  • “CAIR’s [Nihad] Awad has publicly allied himself with both the PLO and HAMAS terrorist groups in the past, and CAIR refuses to denounce HAMAS.”
  • “As urgent as international threats undeniably are and will continue to be, top level U.S. national security leadership attention must be turned to the domestic insurgency threat posed by the subversive, jihadist agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood and the rest of the Islamic Movement in this country. CAIR is undoubtedly the lead Brotherhood front group driving this threat, but its top position within the U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO) and, in turn, its close working relationship with the pro-Muslim Brotherhood, HAMAS-supporting regime of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, add a further and foreign dimension to the threat that must not be ignored.”
  • “The Trump administration must confront the Muslim Brotherhood’s many tentacles in the U.S. Federal law enforcement should begin a renewed effort to investigate Brotherhood groups in the U.S. and at the very least, revoke CAIR’s tax exempt status. It is plain from this report that CAIR is not a “civil rights” organization, but one intent on imposing the Muslim Brotherhood’s malevolent ‘… grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers…’”

DHS and the entire U.S. government need to go beyond merely naming the “Radical Islamist Terrorist Threat” and deal with the multi-faceted dimensions of the threat, starting with bringing back fact-based training that educates counterterrorism personnel on the specifics they need in order to counter the threat. Until that happens, DHS and the federal government are dismally failing at job one — keeping the U.S. homeland safe.

DHS, go back to the drawing board and get real.

8 thoughts on “DHS Willfully Blind to Islamic Threats to the Homeland

  1. Ending islam begins with turning our backs on saudi arabia and the rest of the jihadi states. All of them. If your state religion is islam, your nation and peoples are an existential threat to the entire human race.
    Go back to the gold standard, toss the petro-buck into the ashcan of history.
    We may have to reign in bankers with capital sanctions…
    Call out these egregious regimes for what they are.
    Sanction and boycott organizations that osculate islams holiest orifice.
    Withdraw from, and eject the UN from American shores.
    Freeze and seize all muslim monies and assets.
    Imprison muslim elected officials in accordance with extant sedition statues.
    Quarantine all muslim states.
    Remove muslims influence, money, enablers and protectors by outlawing communism in all forms.
    We can only achieve humanities full potential in a world free of islam.
    A world with islam is a death sentence.

    • Don’t worry, Islam will have its Jihad handed to it on the hills of Judea. Just read Ezekiel, Chapters 37 through 39. The Lord God will take care of them in His own inestimable way.

      • Maybe.

        Supernatural justice is all well and good, but I will settle for the temporal kind that originated from the minds of jewish physicists such as Einstein, Oppenheimer, Teller, Szilard, etc.

        There is a poetic symmetry to the Jews being responsible for creating the means to smite their mortal enemies.

        • Difficult; Israel and some of its enemies are very close geographically, which might be a good thing to the Shia fundamentalists who run Iran (return of the “Hidden Imam” and all that ordure), but the Israelis are not going to sacrifice themselves by using nukes.

          • Israel will use nukes if they know the muslims will soon send a couple their way, it’s called the Samson Option, and it is very real.

    • Elena-

      No, they most certainly have not abandoned the idea of warlike-jihad.

      In the meantime, our pals have plenty of ‘peaceful’ forms of jihad, including:

      dawah – jihad via the word (preaching) and,
      hijra – jihad via migration

  2. “DHS and the entire U.S. government need to go beyond merely naming the ‘Radical Islamist Terrorist Threat’ and deal with the multi-faceted dimensions of the threat, starting with bringing back fact-based training that educates counter-terrorism personnel on the specifics they need in order to counter the threat. Until that happens, DHS and the federal government are dismally failing at job one — keeping the U.S. homeland safe.”

    The situation at DHS ought to be placed in the larger context of the U.S. federal government itself.

    There has been much talk since 2016 of the so-called “deep state,” a term which refers to the permanent bureaucracy of the government, and the complex but largely informal network it has formed with other large organizations and entities in the private, for profit sector and the non-profit sector.

    The deep state is significant not so much because it exists; informal networks and back-channels have always existed in large, complex bureaucracies – it is that the deep state largely runs the country and much of the West as well. Much of our representative government therefore exists as a facade – one allowed to persist because it reinforces the illusion that the American people at large actually have a say in how the nation is run.

    A few years ago, during Obama’s second term, a distinguished group of Ivy League historians and political scientists did an exhaustive study of how our society is run. They concluded that the people do not govern and run this country; the elites – the oligarchs – do. This small, yet enormously wealthy and powerful group of people, wield the power to get things done in this country.

    Dr. Angelo Codevella termed them “the ruling class,” which is as-good a term as any, but you will also hear them described variously as the oligarchs, the elites, the American aristocracy, and the powers-that-be. This elite is internationalist in scope; its members have no particular loyalty to the U.S., its history, its people or institutions. Many of its members are globalists. The dominant ideology and world view of these people is Cultural Marxism, which is to say communism, and their religion of choice is Islam.

    It should be understood that the “cold civil war” now occurring between the different factions of the U.S. government is drawn partly along these lines, i.e., between those loyal to the U.S. and the vision of the Founders, and those whose only loyalty is to themselves and their (dystopian) globalist agenda.

    Circling back around to the Department of Homeland Security, reforming it will prove to be a very difficult, tough job – thanks to the fact that it is firmly within the hands of the deep-state, people who do not see themselves as working for the American people.

    Add to it the fact that DHS, like so many institutions of the federal government, is now thoroughly compromised, having been penetrated at all levels by agents of the Muslim Brotherhood and the like, not just during the eight years of Obama, but going back to the Bill Clinton years.

    In microcosm, the firing of Major Stephen Coughlin (U.S. Army, ret.), one of the foremost subject-matter experts on Islam in the armed forces, represents what the public is up against. Between the seeding of Ihkwan agents and moles everywhere, and the large amounts of petrodollars the Arabs have spread around town, buying influence and loyalty, there are a great many people who do not want the status quo upended.

    Perhaps the closest U.S. historical analogy to the present dilemma, at least in somewhat recent decades, is the 1950s era Cold War, and the so-called “Red Scare” years. We now know that, if anything, the extent of communist subversion during that time was under-estimated considerably. It took the House Un-American Acitivities Committee and much else besides, to clean up that mess. And that was when the U.S. was a much more homogeneous and unified nation.

    If President Trump and his people mean to clean up this mess, they’d better have a very big broom indeed. And the determination to use it.

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