A Tale of Two Enrichments

The two videos below represent two apparently different facets of cultural enrichment in Europe; one is from Austria, the other from Bosnia. However, those two places are not all that far apart — Bosnia is just a little ways to the southeast of Vienna, and was a part of the Austrian Empire until the Great War.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

The first report concerns an Afghan immigrant in Austria who went on a rampage with a knife, as Afghans are wont to do these days:

In the second video, ISIS comes to Bosnia. Military-age males, no females — you all know the drill:

Video transcript #1:

00:00   A deadly knife attack occurred on Monday in Wullowitz district of Freistadt.
00:05   A 33-year-old Afghan is said to have critically injured
00:09   a refugee shelter care worker with a knife, and while on the run
00:14   stabbed a car owner to death. Late on Monday evening,
00:17   the suspect was caught in the greater Linz area,
00:20   and is now in custody. —This afternoon, a 33-year-old man
00:25   in the district of Freistadt in Wullowitz is said to have attacked
00:31   a Red Cross employee with a knife. Apparently the man killed
00:36   another person while he was on the run. Around 2.30 p.m.
00:40   the man is said to have attacked a Red Cross employee, then fled the scene.
00:46   While on the run the man attacked another person and stole
00:51   the person’s car. This person was fatally wounded.
00:57   The investigation reveals that the man apparently used a knife,
01:01   but for the second crime we don’t know.
01:05   That is still part of the investigation. The first victim
01:10   is said to have been an acquaintance, a Red Cross caregiver
01:15   who worked there. A connection to the second victim cannot be established
01:18   at the moment — we consider it to be
01:21   a coincidence. —Nothing is known about the motive for the attack
01:25   in the refugee shelter in Wullowitz.
01:29   The man didn’t live there. He lived in a private apartment
01:33   together with his partner and two children.
01:37   It’s still unclear why he was in the shelter on Monday
01:42   and critically injured the 32-year-old caregiver with a knife.
01:47   Only about 300 meters from the first crime scene,
01:51   he is said to have escaped by bicycle, then stabbed a farmer
01:56   near his car in the garage on his farm, and then driven off in the farmer’s vehicle.
02:03   The murder weapon has not yet been recovered.
02:06   With the stolen car the suspect then continued his escape.
02:10   The manhunt successfully captured him at 21:30 P.M.
02:14   The 33-year-old was detained and arrested by the police.
02:19   FPÖ National Party Chairman and Deputy State Governor Manfred Haimbuchner called for the
02:26   State Security Council be convened immediately after the incident. A committee should discuss how
02:33   we can guarantee security and prevent such knife attacks with measurable force,
02:36   he said in a released statement.

Video transcript #2:

00:44   DasOrakel Haris from Switzerland sent me a video from my homeland,
00:48   Bosnia, in the small city of Bihać.
00:55   This small city of approximately ten thousand residents now has 5,000 refugees, if not more.
01:01   On the video it is clear to see this hoard marching in the street, screaming “Allahu Akhbar”.
01:06   I only see men of fighting age. Not a single woman, not a single child. It is awful, a catastrophe.
01:17   I’m Muslim myself, but this kind of thing has no place in Europe. It has to go, it has to go.
01:23   I look around. I’m very often in Bosnia. I never saw one of these a******s in a mosque.
01:29   and it’s better that way. I’m pretty sure that among them are spawn of ISIS.
01:33   ISIS fighters who are on their way to Europe.
01:38   Please share this video and you can share this voicemail. I can also write it down.

4 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Enrichments

  1. I’ve talked to and heard about Bosnian muslims refusing Middle East and African muslim immigration. Long story short: Bosnians are white Europeans and have that particular mindset, so even though muslim, they are pretty tame and cooperative, willing to go the humanitarian way instead of fighting. At the same time they see just how problematic the immigrants are.

    Btw recently I’ve been told a group within the sjw madness considers Slavs to be POC, calling us “pink” and claiming are also being opressed. Russians are kind of borderline, but the rest of us is ok aparently. It’s laughable, of course. Personally I think someone within the SJW group realized Slavs aren’t going to bend over like Americans or Germans (the whole issue is mostly a source of joking over here, aside from a few and far between activists), so they’re trying to get us involved as an opressed group, so that they won’t have to face us.

  2. At the beginning of the second video (from Bosnia) there is a sentence (subtitle) that reads: “For all those who think these are harmless children.” Good luck, my poor, invaded Europe!”

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